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Monday, May 7, 2012

Try Signing Your Name...Coward!

Yeah I'm speaking to the guy who thinks he has my whole life figured out...who likes to leave unsigned comments on my blog. Yeah..I'm reading your comments. Hater. Just so you know...your comments don't really bother me. What I do find sad, you make them with such bravado, and such glaring confidence in yourself...and YET...for some reason, you refuse to sign your name to them. Why?

Why is it the coward who always has the MOST to say, who is always the most critical, the most insulting, and the most creative in ways to try and put people down...but ironically, they will never take personal accountability for their words. This was the same guy in school, who was always talking a tough fight...but when the day finally arrived, where someone actually stood up to him, he always got the shit kicked out of him.

So...yo! Mr. Asshole. Want to talk to me about all the garbage you are tossing out? Shoot me an email. Or perhaps we can meet somewhere for 'lunch.' Or maybe...if you happen to be in New Orleans this next week, you can just come up, tap me on the shoulder and tell me you're the prick who's been leaving the shitty comments about me, my family, and my overall state of being. Then perhaps we can find out just HOW much of a brave guy you are. Or, you could just sign your name to your comments, and I will be happy to publish them. Your 'real' name. 

I now return you other folks to your regularly scheduled daily activities. I'm going to watch the Rangers in Game 5 now!



~Coach said...

I get this at MSN when I play free poker to stay sharp. People can sign in and play as 'guests' if they don't go through the process of getting an account with a screen name, and the 'guests' always have the most to say. You know that these are people who have NEVER said anything to anyone's face in real life... :)

Poker Monkey said...

Thanks Coach. I know I'm not supposed to let 'certain' things people say upset, or affect me...and mostly I don't. But there are some things I hear, and man...I just want to find the guy and kick the shit out of him.


Anonymous said...

NEWS FLASH!!!! Kai is the the anonymous sewage spewer, just for kicks; at least that's what he told me. Says you love it...... Just kidding, Kai.
If someone does tap you on the shoulder in N.O., take it to the street, as you well know, they love the 86 ban hammer over there.

Hang tough,
Mr. T