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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Today is the Debut of the Scotty Clark/Poker Monkey Radio Show!!!

At 3:00pm Central time...history will be made! Well, I might be over-dramatizing this a bit. First of all, I thought that today was going to be a clear schedule until 7pm...when I would play the nightly. And since I disappointingly was dumped from the Main Event yesterday in the 5th level of day 2, figured I would sleep in until about 1:30...then do some laps in Barth's wake up and get refreshed...then do our first show.

Whooops. Had no idea, but there is another $355 today. That started at noon. Which I have got to be playing. Don't think this will stop me from doing the radio show. Because it won't. With my BOSE on, I fully intend to do it right from the table. Because if they ask me if I'm on the phone? No...shit, I'm on the  damn radio, dealer!!! Big difference, right?

I'm not sure if Scott has gotten this link worked out...its working one day...then not working right the next day. I don't want y'all to have to go searching high and low for the thing. I want you to just be able to click on this Monkey picture...and're dialed in. Today...for show guests, he has some very interesting guys lined up. Bill Bruce, of Poker Tournament Consultants. Jeff Griffith, who owns Bustout Poker...a clothing line that I used to represent, until they dropped me last summer after a heated exchange/email battle with a guy who is also on the Bustout team, and whom I loathe more than (I think) any poker player on the planet...Matt Stout. I got the shitty end of the stick on that deal, probably because I had just went out in the Main Event on Day 3...and he was still in and getting deep. Whatever. It's in the past. And the last guest is Tim Vance...who won the EPT event in Copenhagen a few years ago. Tim and I used to get along pretty well...then we had a little issue occur. 

I would tell you to CLICK ON THIS LINK...and hopefully it will take you to the radio show direct link. If not...I apologize, but just tinker around with it and you should be able to find it. If you CAN'T tune in at can go there later and listen to the archived show. Which is probably what I will do, to see how much of a spaz I sounded like!!!!

 See, Tim and I made a side bet on who would have the most POY points at the end of the year. I had been having a good year up til that point (May) and had about 800 points if I recall. Unbeknownst to me, he had won EPT Copenhagen for about 1200 points. So I had some catching up to do. But I wasn't deterred. Well...then I got the kibosh from Harrah's for 'THE BS' of the past...which is now, the past. But what it did was cut me off from being able to earn any real POY points. So...accordingly, I cancelled our side bet with him...which I thought was pretty justifiable. Well, he felt otherwise. And proceeded to hound me about it. Even got a phone call, or text actually, from a buddy of mine up in Atlantic City...telling me he was spouting off about me at the table...telling anyone who would listen that I was a few choice names, and that I had welched out on a bet. One thing I never do is welch out on bets. Some of you may see my side of it...and maybe even a few of you think I should have paid him the money. But he has told Scotty he isn't planning on bringing it up...that he has agreed to 'bury the hatchet' so I guess we will assume he keeps his word. If not? It could be an 'interesting' radio show today!!!!

If we have time, I have a few mystery guests lined up in our cue that I might have call in to pick their brains on a few subjects. We will see how the time looks while we are progressing. I'm excited for the show but have NO IDEA what to expect. We didn't rehearse or go over a format or anything, so its pretty much coming from the hip! 

Okay...I have to get the hell out of this bed, get showered and get down to Harrah's...which yesterday was my tomb of doom. No details right now...not enough time. But nightly...flopped straight. Announced check raise. 'Man Boobs' bet anyway...I shoved, he'd flopped a set. Rivered a boat. Ball game. Played 3 SNG's....make that 4. Got 8th...and then 3rd or 4th in ALL the others...losing them in agonizing fashion. I did manage to buy in for $300 in the 1/2 game and cashed out +$350 after a few hours. So absolute disaster was averted.

Okay....lets get this day going...maybe pull a win (finally) or hell, just a nice cash would suffice...out of this horrendous circuit event. It's been nice playing with all of you, and I have to admit its been a really pleasant week, I've had some great conversations with a lot of you, both about poker and about my new addition to the family, Carley Grace. She really does make the bad beats a lot easier to take. And I've appreciated all the kind words about her. 


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