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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bossier City.....GOTCHA! Finally!

None of you have to tell me how much I suck this week as a reliable blogger. I know. Bottom line I guess is I have been swamped with my pools...the poker...and trying to sleep in between. My second event up here I final tabled the PLO tourney. Then with 9 left...couldn't have been MORE card dead. Ended up getting it all in fairly decent with A-J-10-10...but ran into a better hand of A-Q-K-K and couldn't improve or outdraw. 9th paid $1077...and got me some National Freeroll points, and my 26th career WSOP circuit cash...which moves me into a 5th place tie all-time.

I spent the next two days pulling my hair out. Got off to a kick ass start two days the $365. Had $30k at the first break (start with 10k) and 54k by second break. Everything came off the tracks when my AA got derailed by a little old lady and her pocket jacks...and just went downhill from there. I busted out 39th out of 242...and 27 getting paid. Sucked. During that dinner break I bought into the Omaha 8orB...using it as an insurance policy. It almost worked. But it didn't. With 22 left...paying 12...I got it all in with AA3J...flopped a set, turned freaking quads...and lost to old man who was chasing a low...who didn't even see that he made a straight flush. I threw up in my mouth. Then went to my hotel. Yeah...that day sucked big huge donkey balls.

Last night...on my second bullet in the nightly shit-show...I somehow managed to have one of those tourneys where almost nothing went wrong. Although when we got to the final table, I had the shortest stack...and my first priority was to get even on the about $575. But then things started rolling. And before I knew it I was chipleader with 4 left. I had already told everyone when I was the shortest stack that there would be NO chop as long as I was still in it. I stayed true to my word. I got heads up with David Fox...a British guy I know really well...who lives in Texas, and who I've played with now for years. Very capable opponent. Nothing really fancy to say about our heads up match. We played for about 30 minutes I think. Not sure because I was pretty heavy into the Red Snappers by then.

See that hat? The night before, while playing cash game...told a kid in a Canada hat, that I also have a Canada hat, and whenever I need a win I wear it. Decided I would wear it yesterday. Pretty!???

It was a win. For $2800. And while that isn't the 'big score' I'm did get me and my Backer Package Posse back into the black for the as long as I'm winning them money...I feel a lot better about things. And just WINNING a tourney always feels good, especially up here. These players are WHACK jobs.  Nice folks...just impossible to play against in the normal sense.

I truly have a LOT to write about and tell y'all...and to all you guys and ladies up here who have introduced yourselves this week and told me you read my blog...thanks! I really appreciate you checking me out! Problem is, I'm late today...and just don't want to be TOO late...but wanted to pass on a little bit of good news coming out of the swamp in Shreveport!!!!



Anonymous said...

Another picture with the chips and cards? For a nightly win? Come on man. You call yourself a pro poker player? What a joke. Grow up, get home to your wife and your baby, who also looks like a monkey and get a real job!

Justin said...

nice job on the win. how are the cash games there? i have some family in biloxi/NOLA and could use extra reason to visit!