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Sunday, September 9, 2012


I realize I haven't blogged in about a week. Sorry. I've been busy. Me, Cheryl and Carley packed up and flew to Seattle on Wednesday for a get together with our family. Carley handled the flight pretty well. Thank God.

Couple nights ago I went with my Dad and brother Jimmy to Safeco Field to see Felix Hernandez pitch against Oakland. It was probably his worst outing in two years...and they got crushed 6-1. It was still a good time. Great weather, and not too big a crowd (22,000) so it was easy getting in and out of there.

Spent a fair amount of time working on my pools all week. Got a record number of 245 in my $25 Survivor Pool...fell just short of 100 in the $100 Survivor Pool...and got good numbers in both the Confidence Pool and the NCAA Survivor Pool. Never fails...we end up losing 13 in the first week with upsets of Okla State, Nebraska and Wisconsin...all at the hands of Pac 12 teams!! But my favorite Pac-12 team...the Washington Huskies...went to Baton Rouge and got shit-stomped. 41-3. Ugh. I didn't really expect them to win...but I did think they would compete.

We had a really good show on the Poker Radio show last Sunday...with Mike Matusow, Dennis Phillips and current WSOP Main Event chipleader Jesse Sylvia. Today's show looks pretty good too...with Aaron Massey becoming our first guest to REJOIN us for a Take-2...after he won the Big event up in Oklahoma at Win-Star Casino. Pretty awesome for him!

Poker? I am going to Bossier City two days after I get back from Seattle...and I put together my package for that event about a week or so ago. I gave my 'Monkey's Gang of 30' from this summer first crack at the 25 shares I am I don't want to play that event up there for anything less than 50%. I sold 12 shares of Package 1 and 8 shares of Package 2. Interested? And...please...hold your critiquing of what my markup is. Trust me, I'm well aware. I'm selling my packages amounts to the deal I had with my previous backer...she put up the entire amount..and I played for 60/40 (her way) with no makeup.

PACKAGE 1 - 'The Main Event' package.

They are charging $1675 for that event. You have the option of possibly playing twice. If Session A goes bad. I tend to make it out of Day 1 when I play Main Events...but, just in case...I am selling it twice. Total of $3350 to be raised. But the nice catch? If I do NOT play that Session B? Investors get their money returned. Which would basically amount to half of the price I am charging for Main Event shares...which is $125. That $125 buys 2% of my Main Event action.

PACKAGE 2- 'The Prelim Events' package.

Adding up ALL the possible tourneys I may comes out to just a shade over $6000. Well, anyone who plays poker even a decent amount...knows that there is no way in hell I will play ALL of those...but I will most likely play at least $4000 worth of tourneys...since I have been on the bench since this well rested, and dialed in and ready to play 12 hours a day. Each share...which will also garner 2% of my TOTAL action in those events will cost $150. I will also maintain a daily spreadsheet...which I will attempt to send out to each investor on a daily (late at night) basis. Most of my investors, past and present...follow my Twitter and no one is ever very far out of the loop. 

So far, a lot of people are buying into BOTH packages. Funds from one will NOT be co-mingled with the other. So if you buy into the Main package...and I only play Session A...your refund would NOT go into the Package 2 bankroll. It would be refunded separately.

I will NOT sell more than 25 shares. So I will basically give favor to those who pay first. I will accept checks by mail or PayPal. For more info just hit me at my email address.

The NFL has started today...and whoa...RG3 looks like the real the Redskins just took a 20-14 lead into the first half. Saints got UNlucky to lose a touchdown out of the back of the endzone (and I have Brees as my fantasy QB on one of my teams!) but then LUCKY to get a blocked punt for a lets see how this second half goes!

What else? I'm gonna keep it short. Wanted to get this Bossier City info out there so I can get that wrapped up hopefully before my plane lands back in Biloxi/Gulfport tomorrow!'


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