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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Amendment to Last Post

As I am trying to verify my facts on the whole 'waitress thing.' (average drinks are actually closer to 11-13. Tip out is 20% not 15%. Waitresses per service bar is lower than 10...closer to 4-6. So I was over on some and under on others)

And she wanted to stress...that she isn't bitching about fact not even MOST. Its that small percentage, that we ALL have to deal with, in EVERY job. The ones who are over-demanding, and then somehow manage to not show you their appreciation when you DO meet their demands. Its the ones who are just rude, and condescending to you...and yet you keep on smiling at them. No...don't be mislead...85% of the people she waits on...a lot of them MY FRIENDS...are wonderful, and tip her great. Its the 15% that make her life miserable...and of course, its ME who gets to hear about it just about every single night when she has left those 4 walls and came home to MY 4 walls.

And not only that...I happen to know a LOT of cocktail waitresses, in Biloxi, and other towns...and what I have shared...a very small percentage of it comes just from what I hear from my wife. Most of it comes from listening to all the other ones.

So thats it, just wanted to make sure my story was as close to right as possible, and that she not come off looking like a mean, spiteful bitch who hates everyone! Not at all! She loves working over there.
Thats all.



Bob Yunger said...

The way I see some of these shitheads in poker rooms all over the US treat people is sad. Many folks (myself included) who worked in the service industry at some point realize how tough of a gig it really is...some forget and turn into assholes, while others remember toiling in hopes of a "great" tip or great night. Now that I have some extra ching in my pocket, I always go out of my way to OVERtip...hell it gets you better service AND you possibly made their day.

And if you're not saying "please" or "thank you" or addressing someone by their name...and instead calling them WAITRESS or COCKTAIL in a stupid loud're a basic shitFERbrains anyhow.

LOSTinKINDER said...

Daniel Negreanu MAY be contacting you regarding places to eat in or near Biloxi when he comes in for the WPT at The Beau for the M.E. I left a reply to his blog saying he should contact "TPM" since you know the best places to eat in South Mississippi. Please blog if y'all go out to eat, i'd like to know where you took him. I mentioned you like sushi places. L8R. L.i.K.