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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A "Super" Bowl Indeed...and some more Anonymous rumblings.

Monkey Predictions:

INDY 28- NYJETS 10.  Actual Final Score  INDY 30-17.
NORL 35- MINN 32.  Actual Final Score NORL 31-28.

Pretty close I would say. What a great game. My only regret was that I wasn't there to witness it myself. For those of you who were in the Superdome, or at least in the city and later down on Bourbon Street...I am sure you all had the times of your life! What an amazing Super Bowl this should be. About 7 weeks ago, I asked Squirrel, "if the Saints and Colts play in the Super Bowl, I wonder who Archie Manning roots for?" It's gotta be kind of a tough one. Regardless, he's kind of in a can't lose spot, I'd say, right?

Sitting here in Seattle, just drove my brother, and his ...well, they aren't married...the woman who has given him his 3rd child, and all his the airport. Bird lady left yesterday. There is now peace and quiet in this house. Thursday we are driving over to Wenatchee to see my 96 year old Grandmother, one of the sweetest women I've ever known. Then Friday, we go pick up my brother Jimmy, a year older than me...and who has Down's Syndrome (go ahead with your sick jokes Anonymous Asshole) and go to visit my father, who resides 2 hours south of Seattle, as a guest of the State of Washington. (there ya go, Anonymous Boy...more ammo for you). Saturday I'm hoping to go to a Huskies basketball game if they are in town. And then we fly out Sunday.

Played on Full Tilt last night. For a couple hours. Double guarantees this week. Got deep in several. Cashed in none.

 Talked to Tim Burt this morning, who had a very impressive run this week at the recent event in Biloxi. We are likely to be roomies out in Vegas for the Venetian Deepstacks event next week. Joe Cutler and Kai Landry could be joining us for 1-week mini-stints. A fun little foursome that would play good on any golf course! Got on the phone with one of the poker room managers out there and conferenced with we try very hard to get ourselves a bunch of comped nights there. Their poker rate ends up being about $100 a night...which for 23 nights is a LOT..even with THREE of us to a room. So I'm hoping he can hook us up somehow.

I did manage to catch a free invite to stay with a gal (I wont mention her name just in case) who does the P.R. for Phil Hellmuth and several other poker pros...and would probably take her up on it if everything else falls apart. The only downside is that she lives a good 20-25 minute drive from the Venetian...and I really am trying to avoid a car rental while out there, which usually ends up being around $500-$600. No thanks. Tough times. Cutting costs.

So...I can't help bringing this up. Why? I don't know. Had a good talk with 'Wild Bill' today, regarding strategy on catching this prick, or pricks...who robbed my house. He had a few good ideas. While we were talking, he mentioned that these anonymous comments that come to my blog...the ones that I have to either 'publish' or 'reject' all come to his inbox for him to see as well.

He mentioned that he was 'proud' of me, that I havent reacted the way he thought I might have. Well, I'm not sure what to say to that, other than I think what it boils down to, is if someone is so much of a damn weasel that they can't sign their name to a comment, and then have the audacity to say 'I know you don't have the heart to post this' when they don't, themselves, have the balls to sign their name to a comment, then why would I even give them the time of day? Its like...walking around a crowded room with a sign on you that says, "Hi everyone, I am a total loser. I rape small kids. I kill animals. I have no money. I'm a drug addict, and an alcoholic. I lack self-worth. I might as well have the Black Plague. Anyone care to be my friend? Or listen to anything I have to say?" Yeah...that's YOU Mr. Anonymous. And guess what? Through the magic of IP addresses, I now know who you are. Oh....don't get me wrong...I had a hunch anyway...but now I know for sure.

Your comment today, where you actually named the person in the attack on our Vegas home...which I never, once, did...and your little remarks referring to what I have left as tips to dealers? You have 'outed' yourself you little ferrett. You have mentioned things, and in a tone...that only a very small handful of people would have access to. It's almost like you want me to know its you. I do. And those times when you have passed me in the hallways at the casinos? Like the one you work at? Where you avert your eyes away from me? Why is that? I know why. Because you are a spineless little punk. And you know what? If you ever see me again, you better hope to God that there are people around you, or you are in a public place. Because the things you have said...leave only one option for me to deal with you. And I will, if presented the opportunity. Don't think, for even one second, that I won't.

For those of you who are reading this for reasons other than looking for something to use against me....let me fill you in. Our little anonymous loser has inferred that not only did I 'set up' the robbery at my current home...mmmhmmm...but the one that took place in Las Vegas in the summer of 2008, he mentioned the woman (by name) who was at the home when it occurred. And implied that I, too...somehow, set that one up too. I must have somehow made my $3500 in tourney lammers disappear too.

He then goes on to say that my 'claims' of tipping out 10% to dealers, with additional tips to the floor people is a complete hoax. Hmmm. Interesting. Interesting especially since one guy, a tourney director name Bill Bruce, actually went onto my Facebook and literally posted as much. I would be happy to provide a list of 5 to 10 tourney supervisors and their email addresses for ANYONE to send a message to, asking if I have done what I claim that I do on a regular basis. I will not, obviously post them here...for obvious reasons, but if you want to email me...and request this info, I will give it to you.

He goes on to say, that I only 'tip certain dealers on the side' which only a tourney supervisor would know...well, and a dealer. And what dealer would bitch about that? No, see this little pecker is writing this because, obviously he is bitter that I never tipped HIM out, as I have other floor people. Let me say this. There are certain venues, where I do, absolutely, 100% leave NOTHING in the tip out box at the end of a tourney...and then tip out floor people and dealers on the side. And always around 10%. Why do I do this? Pretty simple. The place I am playing has a system in place where they take the total dealer tips...they sometimes TAX them first...then they split them up...paying out a share to just about everyone involved in ANY way with the poker tourney, right down to the people at the counter when you buy in to the tourney. I regard this as TOTAL BS. And so therefore, I have been known to hand $100 to 3 or 4 floor supervisors, and either $25 or $50 to 8 to 12 dealers. Depending on, of course, the total winnings.

He furthers this by suggesting that I am only writing that I tip like this so that I can create a 'scam' where I rip off my backer. That he would LOVE to have her phone number so he can call her and 'clue her in' on my diabolical scheme. I read that one and started chuckling. Well, and fighting the urge to get on a plane today, fly home...walk into this little peckerhead's office where he works...and start punching him in the face! :)

Well, here you go loser boy. And this will really disappoint you. Over a year ago, I re-did my deal with my backer. Because I felt she was getting a raw deal. We went from 50/50 to 60/40 in her favor. On SNG's, we went from 50/50 to 75/25 in her favor. far I am really fucking her over, eh? Then...I also cut out something else. TIPPING! yeah....from that point on, I would be responsible for ALL TIPS! It would come out of my 40%. And there have been several recent instances where I share this with the person at the payout window. Asking them to give me a number on that I may tip 10% of that number. By the way...just so some of you who were wondering will know, it is widely accepted to tip anywhere from 2% to 5% of your winnings. So my 10% is a bit extreme. But I do have a very deep appreciation for the floor people and the dealers, and I know I sometimes create headaches for them, not as much these days as in the past...but still, I can be a I try to show them my appreciation.

So, you little muskrat, I guess this kind of screws up your plans to 'bust me' doesnt it? But I'm sure you will work out some other scenario, you havent let me or my readers down yet. Oh wait, actually you kind of have, havent you? Because if you would simply sign your name to your comments, we would all give you a shred of credibility. And likely post your stupid ass comments.  Hahahahahah, you little assclown you. How does it feel? Knowing that I know who you are? And since we are and our little way...I am going to go ahead and put an OVER/UNDER on you lasting at your current employer. I'm going to call it....mmmmm...what is this, January 27th? I will predict that you are DONE at your current place of employment by the summer. And if you think ANYONE else is going to hire you? Again, I am chuckling.

The mere suggestion that I would 'stage' a home robbery just makes me one of two things. (a) hostile, and wanting to harm that person in a very violent way, and (b) completely baffled and confused, since I can't for one second figure out what I would stand to gain from that?

Ahhhhhhh....see, that is one of the reasons I write this blog. Therapy. When I first logged on and read our little buddy's comments, I was flipping out. But after writing this, I suddenly feel a whole lot better. Fortunately for you, Mr. Not-So-Anonymous anymore, I will be gone from Biloxi for the next 6 or 7 weeks, so you won't have to worry about me running into you and grabbing you by your scrawny neck and beating the piss out of you. And with all the other tourneys going on until this summer, I won't be around much then either. By summer, when you should be unemployed, and begging someone to hire you...I will have had the last laugh. I will also hopefully be fullly recovered from these recent setbacks. Yep, you can knock me I have been several times in my life. But one thing about me? I always regroup, and get up off the floor, and fight back. So don't worry about me. But please...keep reading my blog...and by all means keep sending me your ridiculous comments you yellow-bellied turdball.




Anonymous said...

nice new color. I like it.
maybe you should put a little
red in it, to flavor mr anon's
blood ... lol
chin up monk!

Ross Leitz said...

"Those who mind don't matter, & those who matter don't mind" Great blog buddy. Good times & big scores to come. Venetian 2010!

Anonymous said...

Wow. The fall of Mr. Anonymous!

A good day for you.

Ferret you say? Frail womanly neck? I'll have to put the ol' brain on that one. Is said described person a dealer? Oooooh the suspense! I think you should have a lot of fun with this.

On a serious note, I don't think some dealers get that when you tip out the dealers out of tournament winnings, you're getting TAXED UP TO 36% on money that was in your possession for maybe 10 seconds.

It's double taxation. Both you and the dealers are getting taxed on the exact same money you tip them.

Is there a solution out there? I like your idea. It benefits the good dealers, floorpeople, and as for the rabble; well, what of them.

Eternal Sexiness

Anonymous said...

Couple quickies Monkey...1) Killer blog. 2) Daniel N. only lasted to day 2 at the BRAND X casino and resort and you were out of town anyway, so Monkey/Daniel update blogs will have to come at another time i suppose. 3) March 22nd-28th is the next 7 Clans series with same set-up, Mega, $200, $300, and $1000 (4-day final). Hope you can make it and gl at DSE!! regards, Lost In Kinder.

Anonymous said...

Just curious how you decide which dealers to tip on the side? I know I have dealt to you several different times at different locations across the country including several times when you cashed or won events. I even made a comment to you at a table that I was always pulling for you, not because of how much you tip (at the time i didn't know you tipped 10% or that you tipped on the side) but because you were at almost every event I dealt. I said it is because players like you who show up and support our tournaments that I and so many others have a job.

My point is that while you may feel every dealer doesn't deserve the same share of the toke pool, and it sucks that the ones who do may be getting taxed, you might be leaving some very deserving dealers out without even realizing it.