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Sunday, January 17, 2010

W-H-Y ???

I am sitting in my living room.

The police just left.

One of you out there is reading this, having a little laugh with yourself, or maybe even a couple of your friends.

To you I say this: Congratulations. I bet you feel really good about yourself right now. Unable to go out in this world and make a living on your own, you have chosen an easier path. Well...I just hope that when Karma comes to visit you...its a very, very painful experience for you.

That is the only thing I have right now to think about.

My wife is screaming at me. Has been now, for about an hour. Why? She blames this blog. This blog, where I share a lot of myself with a lot of you...mostly strangers. She blames this blog...because unlike me, she is very private. She keeps her personal 'stuff' to herself. Always has.

So when she sees me sharing like I do...and the damage it often times causes, including me getting disallowed from certain makes her furious when something like this happens. Like me making myself too available, has somehow brought this about.

It is 3:28am. At 2:05am, I walked in the door, with her out in her car doing something. I walked into the house. Everything seemed normal. Then I walked into my bedroom. And I dropped to my knees.

The room was in complete disarray. OH MY GOD! No way. This can't be happening. I immediately sprinted to the room and the location where my new christmas present, my safe...USED to be. Thats right. USED to be. My stomach fell out of my body. I started to get dizzy. Squirrel had yet to come into the house. I checked the front door. Unlocked. Odd, since I KNOW I locked it when I left today.

The police just left. My safe is gone. I am not going to put a number on it...but lets just say I won't probably sleep tonight. My backer's money, the football pool money that I am holding...and a good deal of my profits from all of 2009, and our money to hopefully buy a house...just walked out my front door. Yeah...thats how they left. Finally figured out how they got in. That brand new garage door the landlord replaced last week? They simply pulled it out far enough to crawl under it...which is why I figure it must have been two people. So now, once again the garage door is trashed. Like I even care.

So now...on January 17th, 2010, coming off of my best year in poker...I am back to square one. Literally. I would love to provide an answer to the question...."what are you going to do, Monkey?" But honestly, at this moment...I have no clue. I am, as they a state of shock. And...again, I'm being chastised for 'blogging about this' by my loving wife.

But this, I'm sorry, is kind of my way of dealing. Talking about it. Trying to make sense of it by talking about it. Its the only reason I even do this blog a bit of mental therapy. But as the little snyde comments pile up, and my house gets robbed, taking basically everything I have...its occurring to me more and more that it might be time to completely disappear from all of you.

When our house got hit in Las Vegas in the Summer of 2008, it caused a lot of controversy. Lots of fingers were pointed. There were lots of suspects. Nothing was ever proven. But I spent a lot of time looking over my shoulder after that. I spent a lot of time wondering who was my true friend, and who was actually a potential threat to me.

Now...this all returns. Only its worse. Because then, there were 6 of us in the house. And it wasn't really known for sure who the target was. This time...its very clear. I WAS THE TARGET. And I just want to know why?

I really don't think I've done anything to bring this on myself. I think I am a good and generous person. I just get done donating more than I probably could afford to Haiti victims yesterday...and I go out of my way to help people in need, and when I come home...and find just makes my heart hurt. And to add insult to injury, my wife is actually MAD at me. Because why? Because me and my lifestyle have led people to break into my house, to have what I have worked my ass off to get.

So now...whats it going to be like? Every time I sit at a table, every time someone says hi to me...there is going to be this lingering shadow floating over everyone I this the person? Is this the person who invaded my home? Is this a friend? A real friend? Or a person who is trying to get close so he/she can victimize me?

I'm finding that writing this isnt really helping me feel any better. I want to throw up. I think the only thing that is keeping me from completely losing it, is that my dogs are safe. Had they been in the house...I fear that something dreadful would have happened to them. And they are like my children. Whats worse? Losing all your money? Or losing the ones your love the most? I trust my abilities enough that I feel the money can be replaced. Its a setback. Another damn setback. A very, very painful setback...that will most likely result in a major shift in my personality from here on out.

The other thing that is keeping me TRYING to remain thinking that about 1500 miles from here, there are people who are buried under thousands of pounds of debris, unable to move...with no food or water...and probably with broken bones...wondering, as every second ticks by, if they will be rescued. I think of those people, and I can shed a tear for them. Because that is real tragedy.

This isn't a tragedy. This is the act of a scumbag. A loser. A jealous piece of filth who knows no other way to make ends meet than to steal from someone who does. Yeah, I'm talking to you pal...I know you're reading this. And no, I most likely have NO IDEA who you are. And no, you most likely wont get caught. Enjoy that money you piece of shit. One day you will be forced to answer to someone a lot bigger than the police over this. And then....lets see how much you are laughing on that day.



russ said...

That is terrible Monkey! My heart goes out to you and Squirrel this morning. I had the same thing happen at my office in the past year. You are a survivor, and you WILL recover. I know that, you know that and all your true friends know that! Just remember this and learn from it. I for one read your blog as a true friend, but most that read it are not. There are people that follow these things looking for an edge against you. I almost called you after reading your recent blog where you were talking about your MONEY in your SAFE, in your HOME. I wish like hell I had. Learn from this. Keep your money in a safe deposit box at the bank and don't give out personal information again. Again Monkey, I'm sorry that this has happened, but remember material things can be replaced, and I'm thankful that you, Squirrel and the dogs were not in the house at the time that these people did this terrible thing. If I can help in any way, please call.

Cheryl7760 said...

OMG. I don't even know what to say ... Unbelievable.

Garrett J. said...

Tough Break Monkey!

But you will bounce back and actually become stronger because of this. Your "WILL" will be stronger and you resolve to win the Major tournaments that are not around here will be greater.

On a side note, I was sort of suprised to hear that you kept the football pool money at home and not at the bank. I know that it was probably over $10k, but you only needed to visit more than once to make the deposits.

Was anything else really messes up in the house? I am only asking because if they had searched everywhere then maybe some random thief just got lucky.

Also, garage doors are the entry point for a lot of crimes. Really there are only about 3 major companies making the doors and remotes. So one can either buy a universal remote or just have 3 seperate remotes. After that, all they really have to do is to try the 10 combinations or so to unlock the door. ANd USUALLY people are stupid enough to not change the original settings on their remote so that that they leave them in the position that is universal.

On our street all houses are new and are built by the same contractor. Well he used the same doors and for a while when you would open your door as you approach your house, your neighbors door would open as well.

Go get em today chief! I sort of wish that they paid out 20% of the field today since it is a freeroll anyway

PS I met Dan the other day officially. He came in third the night that I won. I think that it was Tuesday. You should be able to make AT LEAST $300 a day profit in all of these cash games around here.

AlBrian said...

I am sorry to hear this! It's good to know that you and your wife are ok! It really speaks to your character when you realize that what happened to you pales in comparison to what some people are going through. Many people may see you for what you present to them in the card rooms, but I hope they can see that you DO know what is most important; your wife, your "kids", and your health and well being. Everything else will fall into place in due time.

Anonymous said...

WHY???? Are we so stupid to think we are all buying into this story of irresponsibility?

WHY??? WHY??? good, make sure you tell us how much you gave to Haiti, and whatever other causes that you contribute to.

Second in-home robbery, you definitiely are the monkey, which one are you? See no evil? Hear no evil? Say no evil? or how about this, Think no evil cause everyone just got off the turnip truck.

Anonymous said...

You have more than one "Mr. Anonymous". I am the one who talks about your poker and stuff. But I would never accuse you of putting on this whole robbery thing. Im just messing with you about poker and other shit. But this is serious business, and I feel bad for you like everyone else. Don't get me confused with "Anonymous2".
I dont mind questioning you on poker stuff. But when it comes to this, leave me out!