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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Reward $5000!

What a long damn, irritating day.

Was awoken this morning at 9am by the guy who came over to install the home security in our house. Our rented house. Great...$500, and a monthly service...and then when we finally buy a house, and move out...the next renter gets a free security system.

Then I went and got the MRI done on my right knee, the one I most concerned about. The I blew up when I kicked the chair in New Orleans last spring. Not even sure what I am rooting for on the results.

Then it was off to see the detectives at Biloxi PD. Not a whole lot came from that visit. A bunch of questions. A lot of the same ones we already answered the other night...from the first two guys who made us feel like we had robbed ourselves. We left feeling pretty bummed out. Especially at the line..."we can pretty much promise you that you'll never see that money again."  Awesome.

My next stop was to my doctor...looking to be prescribed something for the depression that is about to be setting in. They were out for the day.  :(

I did get some GOOD news. More people keep adding to the 'REWARD.' Yeah...I have been ordered by the cops to stop calling it a Bounty. That word suggests I am paying for someone to hunt down and kill or capture (on their own) the person/persons who broke into my house and stole all my money. So...okay, REWARD.

Christian called me last clear something up. He is NOT from Connecticut! He is from New York...just up the river from NYC. hopes that someone out there decides they feel like talking...I am happy to report that the reward is now up to $5000. The donors:

Will Souther (thats me)  $2000
Jason Young (NY)   $500
Christian Iocabellis  $500
Kai Landry  (Biloxi)  $500
James Ray (Mobile)  $500
Bryan Lanoix (Baton Rouge)  $250
Tim Thompson  (Houma)  $250
Joey Gross  (Baton Rouge)  $250
Jessica Barratt  (North and South Mississippi)  $250

Grand Total  $5000

I should set some rules to this reward I suppose. If the person(s) are merely apprehended, and convicted...but no money and/or jewelry is recovered, I will honor the reward by paying 20% of the total pledged. If we recover 30% to 70% of the cash and jewelry taken...I will honor the reward by paying out 75%. If 75% or more is recovered...I will pay out the entire reward.

Thanks to all of you who have pledged your support. Thanks to the rest of you for your very supportive emails, phone calls and text messages. I'm still miserable and depressed, I can't lie...but at least I feel a little better.

Tomorrow or Thursday, I am heading to Pensacola to try and get that miserable chapter of my life finished up. I am really looking forward to a week with my family. Then getting home, getting out to Vegas...and going to work on this recovery.



Anonymous said...

Monk.... I am sorry this has happened. You and I have talked, however I have not chimed in publicly.

My recent divorce has left me in the worst financial position you could ever imagine. I have never had a "backer" in the poker world so every penny I invest in my poker business is my own (Exceptions are the $ I pledged for the ME in Vegas). I understand how it feels to have operating capital stripped/stolen away from you.

I had to basically start all over from square one... Grinding low limit buy-ins, cash games, ect... This has been a most humbling experience for me to say the least but one that I feel made me a better person and gave me a new found respect for $ and humility.

I have been a millionaire on 2 separate occasions in life... and went broke 3 times.

With all that being said... I dont have a HUGE Bankroll by any means... but whatever you need from me, just ask and I will try and help you.

You and I have a strange relationship to say the least, but I just wanted you to know publicly that I will help if I can.

Chalk up $250 in "REWARD" from (LOL) - let me know how you would like the funds!

Cya @ the FINAL TABLE! (lol)

Big L said...

i know how you feel about the Biloxi PD.... my car was damaged in the IP Casino parking garage; Biloxi PD officer and casino security made ME feel like a criminal. They were both incompetent and made me feel like i was wasting their time. Security said video tape was inconclusive.. The cop was rude and insulting. Biloxi PD = worthless.

GeneD said...

Monk...Lock GCP.Net(GeneD and WildBill) in for $300.00 Pledge to the "Reward" also

We are looking for an arrest and conviction...or a 10-15 min video of you putting a beat-down on the culprit LOL

No seriously...were feeling for you...and this is our public show of support that we firmly believe that the accusations of you and Squirrel "Staging" this robbery are absurd...Poker Players are targeted for these types of crimes day in and day out.

Years ago when Harrahs in New Orleans first opened opened in the Municipal Autotorium...Not where it is now...and those of you who dont know where this is...It is located in the Treme neighborhood in Louis Armstrong Park near Congo Square( very rough part of town).

There were numerous cases of Poker Players being robbed but the most notorious one was they busted a group of thieves...2 few lookouts...a few valets...and someone in the NOPD.

The lookouts spotted the bid winners and followed them out...if they valeted their car (which everyone did there)...they signaled the Valet who would take down the license the scumbag cop to run his address...big winner shows up at his house to 2 masked men with guns who relived big winner of his winnings.

Your not the first poker player to be robbed...and you wont be the last.

Also...its a learning experience...a very costly one...but one just the same

Take care...and GL,

Bob Yunger said...

Monkey...add me for $250 towards the "reward".


Ross Leitz said...

Monkey this is Daniel Negreanu's thoughts on the JG's structure. Your not the only one who criticizes him. Thought you would like this.

When I first heard it was a 4-day event, the first thing I did was look at a copy of the structure. I assumed that they'd need to speed up the pace of the event, otherwise they'd never get done in 4 days. I was right, the structure is fast paced. So the event will be grueling in terms of the number of hours you'll have to play leading up to the final table, but there will also be a very different dynamic to the late stages of the event. It is simply impossible for it to be deep stacked poker with say, 27 players left. I predict that from 45 players until the final table, the play will resemble an online tournament in the late stages, where the average stack has no choice but to either re-raise all in before the flop, or fold. It's going to be tough to call raises in position, because the blinds will be so high.

The key missing levels include:


Outside of these levels, the structure is pretty standard with the appropriate ante ratios at all limits. I like all of that. However, taking out 6 levels will have a drastic impact on the structure. That's a full 9 hours of play, or in other words, more than a FULL day of play as compared to most events. A day and a bit has been taken out of the event to accommodate it being a 4-day event.

I assume the casino just didn't think it was feasible to run a 5 day event, and that's their prerogative. I appreciate the fact that I could find the structure online so that I could at least make an informed decision as to whether I'm going to make the trip. Also, at least now I know exactly what I'm in for, so there is no sense complaining when I got there. I got my food, I'm prepared for a marathon, and I'm prepared to play pre-flop poker in the late stages. I don't "like it," but I'm capable of adapting and that's what I plan on doing.