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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Borgata Outcome

Yea...I got busted 63rd, for $9300...and it was a bummer, but I had no regrets. It was a good tourney for me. I had a great time, met some great new players, watched some outstanding poker played at my table...and still have a rooting interest in my friends Christian 'Da Professional' Iacobellis, Dwyte 'the Duke' Pilgrim, and Lee Childs. I will give y'all more details on how yesterday played out in a later post.

For now, I just woke up after a very refreshing 8 hour night of sleep. Carwash caught an early morning flight and is outa here. That is my 3rd excellent roomie experience in a row. Mike is a great guy. I played $1/$2 last night while waiting for Christian to end his night. I thoroughly abused my table...buying in for $300 and cashing out for $1350. Some would think I wouldn't want to leave it, especially since no on on the table had more than $400 when I left...but after a while I get so freaking bored with cash game.

So Christian and I and his friend Mike went to B-Bar and had two drinks, talked about the night...and about today when he goes back, and called it a night.

There is a $230 tourney today that I am going to go down and dabble in while I shuttle back and forth and check on my buddies.

Once the huge number of you who sent along your best wishes to me yesterday during the event, I really really appreciate it. It was a great run, made all the more enjoyable by you readers who 'had my back!'


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