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Monday, September 20, 2010


Sorry....not a whole lotta time to write this morning, as they make us start at 11am and I had kind of a late one. I posted on my Facebook that I was down at 'B-Bar' with a table and to come meet me for a drink...and whether they showed up as a coincidence or saw that post...we had about 40 of us down there til pretty late! It was really a great night. Got to meet a lot of new really great people/poker players and then caught up with some from up here that I already know but hadnt hung out with in a while.

And guess who showed up? You got it. Tiffany Michelle. And since I was already deep in conversation with E-Tay (Esther Taylor) and Maria Ho, it made it all the more interesting. There are some fun details to follow but I simply do not have the time to elaborate. Remember two summers ago when we had dinner together (in the company of and she wouldn't 'give up' her real name? Well...Borgata simply refuses to place anything but your FIRST name on your damn players yeah, you all get to see the first name I loathe...COREY...on my chip count list. But guess who else's name you get to see? You got it. The princess!

I will give you a little hint....she comes into today with $20,450 chips....see if you can find her! CLICK HERE FOR ALL CHIP COUNTS and TABLE ASSIGNMENTS. I only have one person at my table that I recognize by name...Mike Beasley, who I am pretty friendly with and who is having a damn fine year. I am officially 27th in chips. Not bad...and yes, there are a lot of stories from yesterday...but again, I have to get going. Just wanted to give you all a little something this morning. Okay...I think in writing this I have at least cleared the cobwebs from my brain!

Lets go get this!!!!


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Anonymous said...

My name is Al and I am friends with Rose whom you played against in Biloxi. I was there to sweat the final table, You and Kia played great. To answer to your inquiry of Tiffany Michelle's last name , I think it is GRAHAM. That is the name she is given in the offical Chip count.
Good Luck