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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wow...two good days in a row? Really? if I could stretch that to THREE and possibly FOUR...we might just have a shot at turning this dreary 2010 around!

I slept in until 2 yesterday, did some online accounting work...then made it to the Beau by quarter to 4 in time for the 4pm Mega rebuy satellite. You know when...or how I should say, that I knew I was going to win? Because I was card dead as hell for 5 levels. Always a good sign!

It took us until 10pm to get from 103 players down to the required 10 that got a seat in the $5k Main Event. Interestingly, not ONE time all day was I ever all in, or had to call an all in preflop by anyone. I am not sure that has ever happened. I was in for $540...which is, in my opinion, about the minimum really. After two add ons I came out of the rebuy period with 16,000 150/300....which is really a good jumping off point.

When we got down to 11 it ended immediately because 11th paid $2282 and this guy wasnt going to be able to play the Main, so he voluntarily took 11th and the money. Nice...a perfect ending.

I bought into a $200 SNG and went to eat in the buffet again. I ate every single fried oyster they had in the tray! Love oysters. Even if they are soaked in BP oil!

Sitting in the buffet reminded me of two nights ago when I had Glenn Butts and his wife sitting next to me. Glenn is a really, really nice guy who I have played with for years. Had no clue he was as old as he is. Him and his wife have been married for...ya ready? 53 years! How incredible is that? And watching the relationship between them, you can tell they are still 100% in love. Glenn is friends with Ron...last name I can't place...but he always wears that hat that says 'Rons Railroad Shop' and is one of the NICEST people I have ever played with. He gets deep a lot! He is also very, very tight.

Well, yesterday I got moved to his table, said 'Hi' to him and noticed that as usual he was nursing a short stack. I literally tell the table "Ol Ron over there is tighter than you all think I am! If Ron raises, Monkey is gone!" I was basically helping build his table image. Or thought I was!

He raises amount that most people would snicker opposed to just shoving his 8 BB's. But I knew as soon as he did it he had a monster. Well...bozo in the BB, who couldn't get out of his own way with a compass and a map, pushes all in on Ron. Ron calls. Ron has QQ. dingle-berry has KQ. Ron flops a set of queens. Done? Not so much. King on the turn, king on the river...and poor Ron just stood up and had the most hopeless look on his face. Felt so bad for him. Its just not fair sometimes how this game works.

Then, on the table behind me? Literally at the same time? My good buddy "Smilin Don Norman" was raising with AK...getting called by 99....flopping an Ace...with nothing else....betting into the guy...having the guy re-raise....Don moves all in!!!! The guy calls!!!! And Don picks up a nut flush on the turn...reducing this guy to ONE FREAKING OUT...the nine of hearts.....and what does he hit on the river? You know it. Don handled it amazing. Just gross. I saw more bad beats in this Mega than I think I have ever seen. Can't believe I managed to fade my monster beat.

So the first $200 sng I play I lose to the biggest idiot on the table, right out of the gate. At least I didnt have to sit there long.

I immediately got into another one. $200 with a $40 last longer that 8 people got into. We got down to 3 players and I asked if they wanted to chop the last longer. To my surprise, neither of them were in it! Nice! $320...ship it! Then, as the small stack I get 10's to hold up against AQ to become healthy...and I get heads up with the other guy. We agree to just chop up $925 each...and on top of my last longer money...I ended up turning a profit on the day, while locking up a seat in the Main Event today. Could not have had a better ending to the week than this. With that Thursday night Survivor win, then another solid day.

Now, if I can just close the deal and Final Table the Main Event...we can head into this fall schedule with some good momentum and a healthy bankroll. I guess that's all I have for you guys. Gonna get ready and head on over to hopefully 'have a day' to remember! Good luck to all of you playing today!


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