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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Off we go to Atlantic City

I did not play one hand of poker for a week...and then last night...decided, against my better judgement, to log on for a little online poker. The first five games I got throttled. But in the last one...a little $5 with two rebuys and one add-on, and 831 players, I ended up making the Final Table. I went out 7th, when my AK couldn't improve against QQ...but at least it felt good to get that deep before heading off for AC today and the Borgata.

Got all my errands around the house done. Finished (finally) my backer's spreadsheet and shot her off the good news. And some money! Ordered my fall wardrobe online...then made all the returns and exchanges at the mall yesterday. I feel like I am set for Fall. Now all I need to do is lose some freaking weight so all my other stuff will fit in spring!

I've been hearing a lot of horror stories from Atlantic City...mostly about how attrocious the dealers are. I kind of already know that from my trip there last year...but from what I am hearing, it is worse. I shall get myself in the right mental mindframe for that, then.

I will be sharing a room with Mike 'Carwash' Schneider...a guy I have always liked a lot but never roomed with. Should be interesting. I plan on meeting up with, and partying a little bit with my buddies Jason Young and Christian Iacobellis while I'm there. I would say Joe Cutler...but I have no idea what the hell is going on with him. He just suddenly went incommunicado on me. Then I find out he got married this weekend. Hmm. No invite. No nothing. Very weird. Starting to think I did something to piss him off, with no clue what it might be. Hopefully we will get a chance to sit and talk about whatever it is.

I'm gonna miss my dogs like crazy. Love being home with them. And with Squirrel. She is back to begging me not to go...but damn, with over 1.5 million for first last year...and that structure? And being on kind of a hot streak...its kind of hard NOT to go. I booked a one-way on Air I can pretty much come home whenever I want. Would love to get up there, Mega my way into the on Day 1a, Saturday....get out of Day 1...then hang out with Christian on Day 1b, Sunday...and grind online all day and maybe have dinner...then go back and get deep for a nice cash. Then leave! Sounds like a plan!

I will keep you all updated. I arrive late tonight, about 11pm.


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