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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good assignments

Not sure why it takes them so damn long to get this posted, but it does. I tossed and turned all night. Anxiety I guess. Turns out there aren't 175 left...but 165...which only drives up the average stack even more! Oh then realized I misreported by stack. Isn't 88,500 but 84, I don't have 22 BB's, I have 21!

CLICK HERE FOR the seat assignments and chip counts.

I have a most interesting table draw. First off, I am in seat 5, which I DO love! Seated in the 3 seat...or the button to my BB, is my good buddy Christian, which should make things very, very interesting! Also at my table is a guy I've gotten pretty chummy with, and who has an excellent game, Steve Karp. And then...we have last year's defending champion, Olivier Busquet. So there should be a lot of cameras buzzing about.

To my immediate left is a guy who is even shorter than I am on chips.

I am not feeling hopeless, not at all. Just have to go in, patient, and find a double up. One double up and I am good to go. And hey, if I lose...I lose. I have had a pretty great trip. This is the third consecutive Main Event in the last month that I have gotten deep in and outlasted 85% or more of the I feel real good about my game right now. But am I dying to final table this sucker? Oh hell yes, you KNOW I am.

Look down the list...there are some damn fine players left in this thing. I love it! Nothing gets me fired up like playing with world class poker players! This should be a very exciting day! Keep your shout outs coming....I love 'em!


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