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Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Farewell to a Friend...

The longer you live on this planet...the more you learn to grow tougher, and resilient, with the passing of a friend, a family member, or even your favorite pet. Humans are conditioned to feel emotional pain at the loss of those around us. Some hit us harder than others. People offer their prayers to those suffering. I'm not a real religious person...and so, to be honest, the prayers that are offered in times of a painful loss have the feeling of a mere awkward uttering of an obligatory statement. The person serving up their complimentary 'prayers' may intend their wishes in a sincere fashion...but when I think about a parent who has lost their child...and had to sit there and watch them slowly deteriorate in front of their eyes? I can't help but think those messages are passing right through, over, and around them.

A week ago, I posted a blog about a terrible accident involving a guy I've known for many years. A guy I was fond of. Who was the son of a man I also am fond of, and respect tremendously. I asked everyone to reach far as they could reach scratch together money to help cover the escalating medical costs associated with his tragic incident...since his job offered him no insurance whatsoever....all this with twin 3-year old girls, sitting by, probably wondering when their 'daddy' was coming home. 

I sent a plea out to the people on my pool-related email list...and counted no fewer than 7 of my pool acquaintances who made contributions to help out my friend. People who'd never met this young man. Just good people...probably with children, most definitely with compassion in their hearts. I reached out to  everyone on my Facebook, and talked about it on our Sunday radio show. The outpouring of support has been encouraging. When I entered the cause they had raised $6600. As of this morning the number is around $17,000. A goal of $30,000 was originally set. I don't know what the bills will be. I'm guessing much more than that. I think of his two little girls, and what kind of life they are going to have now. I write this...and laying on my left, tucked under my my beautiful, life-altering baby girl, Carley Grace. 

Everyone was right about that bond you form with your child. The look she gets on her face when I come through the door. The way her face lights up when I change her diaper. Or make a goofy face. That sweet little grunting laugh she has invented. On at least 5 occasions just watching her has brought tears to my eyes.  I age 45, get to experience that love that a parent has for their child. When I think about that bond...and I think about my heart aches immensely.

Today...just after noon...after reading a message from his step mom...describing his terribly declining condition...I received a phone call from a crying friend...and through her barely decipherable words...heard what I knew was coming. It was inevitable. But a society who always pulls for the underdog, who always prays for the hope against hope that this phone call won't come. But  then it does. And you just lay back...look at the ceiling, maybe strike up a conversation with God. Ask your questions. Make your requests. Ask him to take care of your friend. Then count your own blessings. Think of those closest to you. Maybe take each of them in your arms...telling them how much you love them.

Today...on August 18th, 2012...our friend, our son, our husband, our father....was allowed, by a power much greater than all of us leave this wretched spend the rest of eternity in a peaceful place, devoid of the daily pressures and frustrations of this life we all live. Today, my friend Casey Jones has stopped hurting. Today, we have given our friend Casey Jones to the Lord for safekeeping. We will all miss him...tremendously. I can't begin to imagine what his family is going through. I wouldn't even try to pretend. 

I talked of a benefit poker tourney for Casey. I called on Johnny Grooms during last week's poker radio show to allow us to stage a tourney during this  upcoming event at the Beau Rivage. I called him 3 times this week, leaving a message once. I haven't heard back. I'm sure he is busy. I hope I hear back from him. Meanwhile, the Bossier City Horseshoe has preliminary plans to host a benefit tourney up there during the WSOP-C event in September. It is awaiting approval...hopefully I hear something back this week some time. Casey's suffering has indeed ended, mercifully. The suffering of his family continues...and promises to get worse. He will need to be transported back to Texas, for burial. Bills will need to be paid. And hopefully...a fund can be set up for the care of his girls Sadie and Kennedy.

For those wanting to make a contribution...please...look to the top right corner of my blog page here....and simply click on that link. Like I've been saying all throughout this ordeal....every bit helps. We will never erase the pain the Jones family will feel at losing Casey. But collectively, we CAN ease the pain from the burden this has and will continue to place on their family from a financial standpoint. Before you dismiss this as 'just another tragedy' and people asking for a donation? Ask yourself this question, please. If this happened to YOU? Would you NOT want those people in your life to come together to help you and your family?

Rest in Peace, Casey....I will miss you brother.

William 'Monkey' Souther


Jeni Ezykowich said...

This is probably the best blog you've ever posted Monkey. I am sure Casey is up there looking down on you and thanking you for being such a good friend and for everything you've done.

scottyclark said...

Times like this Monkey, I am proud to call you a friend. Rest in Peace Casey, and my condolences to the Jones family.

Joe Beevers said...

I didn't know Casey personally but like him I have beautiful twin girls (mine are age 6) and I feel the pain his family must be going through at this sad, sad time. May god give you strength.

If you would like a picture added to his Hendon Mob Database profile ( please send it to me personally at