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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Things to Do in a Hurricane....BLOG!

I just finally got bored...tired of these idiots on Weather Channel...who after telling you the only things you need to know, spend the rest of the time trying to deepen the plot with mind-numbing rambling about nothing. And my gawd....if I have to see one more post on my Facebook telling someone to 'stay safe' or hear one more person say 'Hunker Down' I'm going to kill myself. 

So at 2am. I just put my dogs in the 4Runner...and headed up the Redbox to get some movies. Halfway there, I get a text back from Squirrel, informing me that there is a 7pm curfew. Huh? Curfew? Right about the time I read that...a cop passes me. I have a feeling that since I have a white SUV similar to theirs, and with the same black brush-guard on the front...I suppose its possible they think I'm one of them. I had two movies to return. I KNOW I put both of them in the cases. I return the first one. Cool. I return the second one. It kicks it back. And says the movie case is empty. Holy shit! Its IS empty! What the hell? I KNOW they were both in there. I put them IN THERE before I left. I searched the car. Nowhere. 

Okay...I'm really starting to freak out now. Earlier today...I went to send all the people (1850+) on my distro list...promoting my upcoming football pools, and discover...that for the 2nd time this month, my email list was gone. Just gone. Not in the recycle bin. (and for the record, why in the hell does Windows call it a recycle bin>? Seriously...does anything get deleted and then recycled? It's a computer. They were words. They are gone...DELETED.) sidetracked there. So yeah. My email list? POOF! 2nd time this month. How does this happen? Is someone inside of my computer, waging anti-football pool terror tactics against me? Can they be stopped? So I spend the entire afternoon rebuilding my list again.

Then, when it came time to go return and rent some movies...and this movie was missing...I once again found myself feeling like someone was up in my shit!

Oh my god....have you seen this commercial for 'Tag-Away'? Thanks for making me throw up in my late night potato salad! Gross...these people sitting here scrapping off their skin tag...which, I didn't even know what 'skin tag' meant until Squirrel introduced me to the expression...and now they have an actual PRODUCT to eliminate them? 

So on the way back to my house...I pass Melissa Parker's house...and swear she waved. So I went back. Also joining her there was Claudia 'The Claw' Crawford. So I stopped to visit, leaving my dogs in the car and the engine running. Melisssa freaks out about the curfew. Come on! Curfew??

Apparently minutes before I showed up...Melissa was standing at the end of her driveway with Claudia...when a blacked-out windowed sedan pulls up, lowers the window and in very tough-sounding tone...asked them what they were doing. Then tersely told them unless they wanted to go to jail, they needed to be inside of their house. Huh? Scuse me, RoboCop...this is my house and my property...which extends right out here to the street. Pretty sure the curfew doesn't forbid me from hanging out in my front yard. Unless you didn't know guys? Isaac is a storm...not a monster. He isn't going to come try to find us. Did you guys think everyone was supposed to be in their houses so Isaac couldn't find them and would move on?

I mean...seriously? Imagine those two cops drag those girls down to the jail. Tells his captain he's bringing them in because they were standing in their driveway after the curfew. Honestly...which person is in more trouble now? I'm going with Officer Dipshit. Just my guess.

My eyes are driving me crazy. Know that feeling you get when you actually get dust in them? Well I have that feeling...except there isn't any dust in them. It's  like the eyelids are goopie and keep getting stuck together. What the hell is wrong with my eyes?!!! ARrrgghghghggh!!!

We have, at 3:30am a levee being over-topped in Plaquemines Parish. Ugh oh. They sure did spend a shit ton of money rebuilding those levees...sure is going to suck if they have a major levee failure again.

Okay I can't stand it anymore. Going to try to go to asleep so I can close my damn eyes and they will stop annoying.



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Anonymous said...

The thing is, the cop wouldn't tell his captain what actually happened. He'd say that they were in the street, drunk, and resisting arrest. It's the same thing you see in the poker room - defy someone's authority and they'll make up whatever it takes to get you punished.