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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tragedy Knows No Boundaries....

I'm 45. I now have a life that I am responsible for. I have a wife that I need to make sure has as little stress on her as possible. If I have a good day at the poker table, I try to give her a monetary, stress-reducing gift. Since she moved from swing shift, to day shift, her earnings have been cut in half or more. But she doesn't complain. She has Carley. But I know its a struggle.

Back in September last year...knowing I was going to be a daddy, I bought a life insurance plan for both Cheryl and I. I lost some weight, got on the right cholesterol medication...and after getting a better checkup in an even BETTER policy. Carley is now here. I feel a sense of relief, knowing that if something does happen to me, Cheryl, or god forbid, both of us...Carley would be in good hands...both financially, and with a family that loves her on both sides...and would undoubtedly take care of her for her whole life. Cheryl has insurance through her job at the Beau...which kept us from facing astronomical costs associated with having Carley, and keeps us feeling relaxed now about trips to the doctor.
Some people are not so fortunate. If you are a poker player...there is a good chance you know Casey Jones. Casey is the son of Dennis Jones...who has been working in some capacity for the WSOP for years now. Dennis is one of the good guys. And Casey has always been one of my favorite guys. He started out as a dealer. His silent demeanor, and dry sense of humor have always drawn me to him. He is one of those rare types that are intelligent beyond its usefulness in his chosen field...which have always made for entertaining conversations with him.
Casey has worked his way up the ladder in poker. At this summer's WSOP, he could be found working as a floor supervisor during tournaments. Casey is on the cusp of 30...just 29 years old, and three years ago had two beautiful twin girls; Sadie and Kennedy.
As exciting as working in the poker world can be is a harsh reality that the number of employees that enjoy medical benefits and/or any other benefits through its employ is a very short list. I don't think there is a single dealer who has benefits, and know several of my friends that are floor supervisors have none as well. This was the situation for Casey Jones, as well.

On Thursday, August 2nd, Sadie and Kennedy essentially lost their Daddy. While returning home to Texas...him and Trish stopped in New Mexico for the night to rest up. Shortly after going to sleep...Casey was hit with a mysterious medical condition that I'm not sure has even been determined yet. But it rendered Casey unconscious, and by the time medical responders arrived, he had slipped into a coma. A coma he has not come out of. It has been determined that there is little to no chance for recovery. 

What happened? No one really knows. Why do these things happen? Casey sits in ICU in Las Cruces, New Mexico...with medical costs skyrocketing. His two little girls face an uncertain and troubling future. I can't even imagine the pressure being placed on Casey's family. I was asked by a few people who know I have a lot of good people who read my blog to talk about this...and to try and help. 

Joanne Douglass has set up a fund to benefit the care of Casey and subsequent bills that are sure to follow. The benefactor of this fund is Casey's father, Dennis. I am attaching the link to the well as placing it on my page as a permanent place for people to click and donate. I have made my donation. I wish I could give more...I'm sure we all wish we could give more. But everyone giving what they CAN afford to give...whether it be $10 or $1000....adds up.


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