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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And we're off!

Coming to you from Table 38, seat 8. Won three hands so far but doubled up a shortstack (22k) with A10 vs. 10-10. Bad race there! We started the day with 82 and are already down to 73.

There are some notables. But first your chipleaders.

Jason Koon. 205k
Brandon Cantu. 194k
Dan Sandel. 186k
Michael Chow 181k
Dan Lu. 181k
Ben Fineman. 166k

Wow, in the 25 minutes since I started this we've lost 15 players! Just watched Mike Leah take the walk of shame.

Okay I need to get dialed in. I will keep this link open in the event something big happens.

But here are the notables either still in or at least in at the start of the day.

Jeff Madsen. Jason Stern. Justin Young. Bryan Devonshire. Corey Segall. Blake Buffington. Rick Townsend. Nick Ceci. Joe Tehan.

Also still alive is a guy I grew up worshipping when he was a starting running back for the Washington Huskies when they were winning Rose Bowls on a regular basis. Sterling Hinds, who was a big track star out of Canada.  I went over and introduced myself, shook his hand and checked out his Rose Bowl ring. And as a bonus he's a real nice guy!

Okay back to action, we just had a 10 minute break.

77 raise UTG at 500/1000. No action (good!)
KK raise UTG at 600/1200. No action. (Dammit!)

Sitting at 90k with avg at 84k and 62 remaining.

AQ. Cutoff raises. I decide to just call, as he has 52k and I have 90k. SB completes. Nice pot. Flop A-J-5. SB checks. Cutoff bets 3k. I raise to 12k. He ponders. I know he has a weak ace. I really have no interest in having to call his shove and watching him hit a three outer. He folds. I tell him this. He tells me I was dead on as I show him my hand. Nice little 11k pot there!

Okay let's post this.


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