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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Annnd my AA gets cracked by Tim Vances A10. J-9-8-7. Really?


joweeks97 said...

You failed to mention how horribly you played AA preflop! I was at table and surprised someone of your caliber would make such a mistake! And for the record I had xanax at table. But why would I want you to calm down?

Anonymous said...

JoWeeks, you must be the assclown from Chicago who was in Seat 2. I was at the table as well and your comments after Monkey busted were hilarious. If it wasn't clear who the donkey at the table was already you made it pretty clear by revealing your thoughts on the hand. By the way, congrats on being a card rack, yet managing to chip down. You may want to play a little less obvious. Monkey, I busted the 5K after about 6 hours and normally I am crushed after a terrible circuit. But I have never been so relieved in my life to get the hell out of dodge. I'm glad I discovered your blog yesterday and I look forward to reading in the future.

Poker Monkey said...


Wow, now that I see that second comment, I think I know exactly who you are. It always amuses me when I bust...then later hear the comments. What you bozos dont realize is that I do know a lot of people...and your comments often times make it back to me. Also, while you are saying them at the table, you are usually so oblivious to the fact that you are making yourself look like a complete donktard when you are saying them. See, I don't really care what you say...its like a mental patient calling you crazy. But the backstabbing aspect of it? Thats the part that makes me sick...because it means you aren't any better than your internet punks who play the 'tough guy' role from behind their computer while playing online.

Thanks for reading my blog.

joweeks97 said...

Monkey I have no fear to hide behind a computer screen...I will see you around the felt sometime soon and I will gladly shake your hand and introduce myself. I will not hide behind the anonymous title and wrongly accuse the poor kid from Chicago of donking off chips. I was across from Vance in the 5 seat where we both sat long after you left! I never discussed you or your exit at the table, I apologize if I upset you about the way you played Aces. To each their own on that. You just made Vances call sound so Pathetic post flop. Was he not a slight favorite post flop? Anyway, soon Monkey will see you very soon!