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Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Reader comments...and 4 winning days in a row on Stars

I hadn't checked the comment board in a couple days....good stuff.

First things first. I have been challenged by our resident asshole to publish his comment...telling me I don't have the balls.

Okay, win...I have posted your comment, just to show everyone what an ignorant, no-pussy getting retard sounds like. If you think your shallow attempts at hurting my feelings or offending me are succeeding, buddy, I think its safe to say that I am not the only one laughing at you.  But I will address your silly-ass comment point by point.

Anonymous said...

"You dumb fucking monkey. You think traveling around the U.S. and breaking even, useing some old ladys money, makes you a pro poker player? Those hands you describe are fucking retarted!! Ha! I have played at the table with you about 30 times, and every time you call out someones hand, its not even close! Then every body looks around and laughs behind you back. Your not even 7% at reading hands. And you saying you would rather play with good players is moronic. If all the players were good, you dont ever win a tourney. The only reason you get to chop a tourney ever once in a while, is because you play all 1k and under, where all the bad players are. You play in anything else, and you dont have a prayer. You are one of these assholes who dont figure out how bad they are until they are 55!! Oh yeah, kinda funny how you dropped the robbery story, after that amazeing fairy tale! And its too bad you dont have the balls to post these comments. Guess you know that 75% of the readers will agree. Let your friends keep pumping you up about how good you are. You should be well on your way to another break even chop, play it out for the photo and the trophy tourney!!!!!!!! Idiot."

Okay then...first...such a pleasant tone.  Okay...traveling around the country and breaking even...that first one tells me immediately that you are chained to some desk somewhere, hating your life...and your boss. Your wife is probably at her office job, DOING her boss..and clowning me somehow makes you feel whole. Am I close? Using some old lady's money? Does it make me a pro poker player? Buddy...lets get something straight. That lady? She has about as much ounce of good in her finger (take your pick of fingers) as you do in your entire body. And if SHE believes in me, that is all that matters. If I file taxes as a poker player, have no other profession, and continue to make a living, then YEAH...I guess I am a professional poker it is my 'profession' such as 'collection agent' would be the profession of someone like you. The hands I describe are retarded? You seem to like the word retarded. You've played at my table about 30 times eh? Well, how bout the next time you make yourself known to me, so we can evaluate how much of a man you are? Deal? So my hand reading you say is at 7%? know what is good? If you are at my table so much, and you think I am so should have a really good chance to beat me, huh? Rather play with good players than bad? You think that is moronic? Well, you would. Because you ARENT probably a good player, so you wouldn't be expected to 'get it.' All I play in is 1k and under? Really? Is that a fact? This year alone I have played the Venetian $5k, the LAPC (Commerce) 10k, the $2k Main in well as their $1k...the $1k in St Louis...and another $1k at Venetian. Not that I feel I need to qualify my buy ins to you, you joker...since you don't pay my buy ins. But just making sure the masses know I am taking my stabs in the 'big pool.'  Won't figure out how bad I am until I'm 55? Really? So I have 12 years still to figure that out? Well, by that time, I suspect the 600 acres of oil land we (my family) have in North Dakota will have finally been utilitized due to the rapidly escalating costs of foreign oil and the supply issues we are facing. Then...I will probably just laugh whenever I play and lose a poker tournament....if I am even still PLAYING poker.  Its funny? Funny how I 'dropped' the robbery story? Amazing fairy tale? You know...on the basis of this comment alone, I would offer you $500 to stand in front of me and say that. Without the risk of prosecution after I smashed all your teeth in. For your benefit...I will give you this information.  Investigator Carl Short...Biloxi number 228-702-3115...give him a ring. Ask him if its a fairy tale you asshole. And just to answer your...'dropped' part of the comment. There are only so many things you can say about something, when something bad happens to you. What am I supposed to do? Keep whining about it? The thing is...that makes it really that I know who did it. Someone else who has sat across from me at the poker table. I know his name. It rhymes with 'Toady Stealer' and he lives in Birmingham. He had a team of 4...including 2 former Rounder model of which is sitting in Shelby County jail with about 8 counts of Identity Theft and half a million dollars in bond keeping her in there. And when she finally manages to get bonded out there...Biloxi PD will be waxing her with charges on her little job at my house, and she will be extridited down here, where I can go visit with her plotting, conniving little ass and tell her how much I enjoy being free to enjoy the things that people on the 'outside' get to enjoy. Oh...the evidence against them is pretty sizeable. I won't give you any more details than that. The bottom line is that there is NOTHING I can do because the Feds have priority over the local cops...and once they decide to nab him, his shit bird brother...and the other accomplices, then I can go on about seeking some kind of justice. But're right you idiot jackass...I made the whole thing up. One day, when your house gets robbed, or it burns down...or your wife leaves you (or gay lover in your case) and takes everything...when you have that FEELING of losing everything...and you are sitting there on your couch ( Barney bean bag chair in your case), feeling completely gutted...then you will understand just what a total asshole you are for saying these things you say, you ingrate. Oh what else? Or yeah...I dont have the guts to post your 8th grader mentality anonymous post...because 75% of my readers will agree? You know? For starters...there might be some that will happily pile on to your little diatribe...and I don't care. The joke is kind of on them right? Since I didn't do anything to get them to come and read my blog...but alas, here they are. But something tells me, about 92% of the people who read your comment would line up with me and take shots at knocking your fucking teeth down your throat you coward! Sign your name to your shit, why don't you! And I'll post everyone of them. Now run along...some neighborhood kids outside are waiting for you to come outside and play smear the queer!


My next reader comment is from the guy up in St. Louis who posted the remark about how badly I played the hand against Tim Vance...we traded a few more...and then he posted this...which I have to say, was pretty stand up of him. I appreciated his comment, and look forward to a future meeting with Mr. JoWeeks97. And for the record, I don't think I made Tim's call POST-flop sound all, had I flopped what he flopped, and had his stack vs. my stack...nothing would have ever gotten me off that hand. Him just calling preflop worked out perfectly for him. If I did make it sound pathetic...and I would have to read all the way back, it was more borne of frustration that I got whacked the way I did. But no...he didn't play it badly at all. I wasn't crazy about how he reacted after the hand...but hey, what can ya do?

"Monkey I have no fear to hide behind a computer screen...I will see you around the felt sometime soon and I will gladly shake your hand and introduce myself. I will not hide behind the anonymous title and wrongly accuse the poor kid from Chicago of donking off chips. I was across from Vance in the 5 seat where we both sat long after you left! I never discussed you or your exit at the table, I apologize if I upset you about the way you played Aces. To each their own on that. You just made Vances call sound so Pathetic post flop. Was he not a slight favorite post flop? Anyway, soon Monkey will see you very soon!"  JoWeeks97

Another comment...this one from regular reader Greg Aumann, somewhere in...I think Baton Rouge I think....pretty funny as he needles me for chatting up the upcoming WSOP Harrahs New Orleans event and running the risk of bringing down some of the Turbo Donks from Muddy Shores, Missouri. Pretty funny shit!

Gregory Aumann - jack king off said...


Dude, your blowing our cover. Shut the fuck up about WSOP New Orleans. What, are you TRYING to tempt those mutants from the midwest into making the trek? Needless to say; the very thought terrifies, even the most jaded and hardened of "good players", with the thoughts of horrific bad beats, 9-1 suckouts, and 2 and 3 outters spiking on 5th street left-and-right?! We already have our fair share of clueless donkeys show up for that event as it is! 2 to 4 of these players per table is beautiful. AND necessary. A table full of them...ummm, can very quickly become a nightmare!

Ix-nay the eworleans-Nay alk-tay!

Glad to hear they (the Harrah's Empire, [tongue firmly planted.....]) reinstated your playing "privileges", (aka, i.e.; their right to fleece the players at every step along the way).

BUT, those juicy structures cannot be ignored...........See you there.

And finally, that donkey Lou Salamone read about himself and now thinks he has been immortalized on my blog board. Yah? Really? Okay Lou...and as pissed off as I am at the guy for basically leaving me with a feeling that I wasted that final $560 stab at the Main Event up there...which BTW...if you look at the roster of players who made that Final will notice EIGHT players (maybe it was 7) who are from the St. Louis area. That is hilarious to me. Not ONE person you have EVER heard of. Nor will ever again, probably. Oh back to my Lou rant...yeah pissed off as I am at him for COSTING me $ after sitting down today and doing ALL the payouts for my March Madness pools...he still has another $350 coming to him over the $4500 I paid him already. Know how much I am clamouring to give him that? Oh but I will...why? Because I'm not a douchebag.  Plus...he does always hit me up with delicious deer jerkey and sausage sticks. I still cant figure out why he called with AQ though....dipshit. I'm just going to blame it on the St. Louis in him. So...he was basically begging for me to post his picture on here in his smoke mask...and on top of it all, he was making rumblings of organzing a boycott of their next event there if they don't do something to curtail the smoking near the tables. Sighhhh....ohhh if those were only my biggest issues with poker and the people who put on these tourneys. Okay you are!

                                 Doctor Lou Salamone...aka..."Big Fuckin Donkey"

Okay so where was I? Not sure...just whipped up some Ramen noodles, the cheapest meal on the planet. Why are those so freaking good? Visited the gym two days ago...and would have gone again yesterday but was way too sore. But I did manage to get the yard work completed. Is it just me, or after mowing the lawn...does everyone just sit there and admire it for about 14 minutes before going into the house?

This is going to come as a huge shock...but I have had 4 winning days in a row on Pokerstars. As a matter of fact I am nearly in the top 100 of the weekly TLB right now after this little run. But with only a day left, and Saturday being the 'Day of Mutants' usually, I probably won't break through. But I have managed to run my account from $422 on Monday to $2346 when I woke up today. There have been a lot of deep runs that fell short of big the $11 MTT on Thursday, with 2361 players...I was sitting 4th in chips with 20 left and getting pretty pumped about a $4100 score. But then I go completely card dead...and find no spots to get it in...and when I finally have a chance to do something to snare some blinds...I raise with K10...with 10 left. I get flatted. Flop comes 9 high. Figure its a good place to shove...with two overs...and hoping the guy called with a decent ace...and can fold to a 100k shove. (blinds were 5k/10k) but I was wrong...he played QQ very well. It held, and I was out 10th. What a bummer.

Then last night...after having a day of not doing so hot...I get down to 5 in a $12/180...and my AK loses to A10...and I go out 5th, very annoyed with the $128 cash. But in the final one of the night...another $12/180...I am shortstack with 9 left...but with a bit of patience, and a few good position jams...I manage to get three handed. The chipleader has been running over the table. I get heads up with him. And we end up playing for 30 to 45 minutes in a great heads up match. I get a huge double up. Then take the lead. Then he sucks out on me to take it was back and forth...and I just felt destined for another 2nd place finish in this thing. I have gotten 2nd in these about 5 or 6 times this year...but havent WON one in about a year. Well...that all changed....I raised him with A5 suited. He re-raised me...this was it....time to take a stand...and he gets it all in with me holding K10. The DEVIL! El Diablo!!!! No! I close my eyes...and just wait for that sound that Pokerstars makes when you have either won or lost. It held! I won. $596. Nice! That felt good. And with that...I turned off the computer, called my dogs up to the bed...and we all fell asleep to 'Casino' on HBO...still a great movie.

Time to get back online and go for a 5th winning day in a row! (ThePokrMnky) Lets see what happens!!!  Have a great weekend.



Sofa King We Todd Did said...

Yer shit talkin anonymous dude talks the same no balls nonsense on my page too. He don't stop even when I eventually turn the comments moderation on and stop approving him.

DB said...

Monk, thank you for considering your naysayers, haters and the like. That said......

Personally, and I speak for myself, I really don't give a rats ass what these fucks have to say. Nor dor I want you to spend any time whatsoever addressing these mutants spew.

Why, because it takes you, as well as us, the readers, away from the intent of your blog. Your naysayer responses are well crafted and insightful, but in reality, not deserving of the time or effort you are spending addressing the pointless commentary. Again, personally speaking, I don't care to read their worthless commentary, as it does not positively contribute to, well anything. I much prefer you to keep doing the things that you remain focused on and committed to achieving.

You, as well as anyone else in any other industry or leadership position, will always endure some type of negative attention. The key is to keep that rhetoric out of the way, and stay focused on the objective.

I much prefer you to stay with your stated objectives.

Thank you,