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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brutal....just brutal

I know folks....I havent blogged in almost 5 days.

There is a good reason for that. I have been too busy getting kicked in the face by donkeys.

I really don't like to write when there is nothing good to write about. And this would be a classic example of that. Oh sure, there was the brief break from misery Monday, when I had chips all day...and made a dinner break finally, and seemed headed for the money, before I went totally card dead...and when faced with a chance to raise or shove to pick up a round of B&A's someone else beat me to it. When I got around to getting it in with AK...and 47 players left (paying 27) I ran into AA and my 9 hour day was over.

But I said, things turned good...for a fleeting moment. I won a $125 SNG with a juicy last longer....and while that was happening, I was winning 3 of 8 Title Game Squares sessions. See, on this board...$50 a square...there was a winner at every 5 minute interval. Very exciting. I won three times, including the FINAL one for a I cleaned up there, winning $2100 in total. And with the SNG win...hell, I actually had a good day.

The rest of the trip has completely SUCKED. The only other good thing that happened was me getting a share of Dina's 7pm win the other night...we swapped a piece with about 30 players left and us both sitting on over 25k in chips. Two suckouts later I was out of that one. And she won without a chop. Sweet.

Once again...I am laying my hotel room bed, recovering from last night's tequilla shower. Thanks to Lou Salamone for that...yikes, I wasnt even going to drink last night. But he is celebrating winning my March Madness the drinks were on him...yeah, its stupid, they charge for drinks up here. Patron? $7 a shot. Oh did I mention they aren't giving us ANYTHING in the way of comps with our buyins? No bufffet, no $10 food vouchure...nothing. Zip. There are a few things that are a little irritating...but I am just going to bite my tongue.

The thing that is MOST irritating though is the degree to which these people up here play. And since I have to kind of hurry now to get to the tourney on time...where I will surely end up in Seat 10 again (yes they are seating us 10-handed) because when registering after it starts thats where you go....and I hate seat 10. Well, I keep forgetting to register before I leave every night. Stupid me, stupid me.

Wow, I didnt even finish that statement did I? I was going to say...I won't go to into detail about how bad these jokers play up here. All I can say is that I have a very good idea that most of the people who caused me to declare that I would never step foot in Tunica, ever again? They make up about 75% of the people who are up here. The gross overbetting, the refusal to get away from a hand with ANYTHING....bottom pair, bad draw, OVERS! Whatever it is....and for some damn reason, they seem to have God on their side in every hand. Yes...its about to make me crazy.

My streak of tourneys without a 'cash' in the ones that start at noon is alive and well. Will it end any time soon? Who knows. I am certainly not pressing or anything.

Okay...maybe the shortest blog of all time! Well, at least for me. I really have to get over there. These bozos really like to give away their chips early, so they can get back to playing horribly in the cash it would be a good idea to be there and try to get some of them.


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