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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Event 1...Final Table....Event 2....Final table...not happy.

I am bed. Its late. Squirrel playing big deuce. We just ate Taco Bell AND McDonalds. I had no idea she made a 'stop' on her way home...and then I made one. Wow...nothing like good junk food late.

Spent last two hours handing out with IP Poker Boss Jim Sterling and Floor guy Jason "Bozz" Boslough as 'Chill' after getting knocked out 4th in todays noon $340 tourney. I went back at noon today to play the noon tourney because I was shortstack in the previous days' $220 tourney...which I made it to the Final Table of.

I only had 60,000 chips...with the blinds at 8k/16k so  would be desperate heading back. I got to the nooner late because I was pretty tired for the night before. Got a couple of nice pots early...then went off to play the Final Table with 8500 left behind.

I found a good spot to cutoff and holding 10d7d. I got called by...ummmmm J2 offsuit. Okay. Thats fine. I flop a 10 with two diamonds! yeah. Terrible flop huh? I win. Nice. Gotta shot now.

I run down in between play my SB...and I get AA. Ricky Kesten raises. I re-riase. He calls. I flop a set. A-8-3. I check,he bets out large. I smooth call. I check the turn. He goes all in. I call. Never saw his cards. Didn't matter. Wow. I run back up to Final Table.

I spent three orbits getting painfully blinded down until Iget Kd10d UTG....and, as much as I hate El Diablo (the devil, K10) I feel compelled to shove with it. I run into AQ. I lose. Damn. Out 9th. $850. Sucks. But oh well. I go back to my noon tourney stack.

Up down, up down...for most of the night. I am a bit hammered right now, and cant remember all the details...and Im kind of rushing cuz I'm about to go try and hit on my wife..... :).....but I did, again make the Final Table...which...for the record is the first time in my poker career that I have ever made, and played....two final tables in the same day!

I was small stack the entire final table...then decided to start drinking Snappers. I was running over the table...going from small stack to chipleader....raising with shit like A3...and getting guys to fold AQ.

Then I get KK. Cut to the chase.....I run into AA. Fahhhhhk. I lose a LOT of my stack. Then I slowly climb back into it. I think I am about to make it all the way back....but the blinds are so big...that I am still unable to JUST raise...I have to ship. And when I ship Q9 on the button I run into HillbillyHarry calling me with A9. It holds. Annnnnd I am out. 4th. Good for $1500. Hey.... disappointed as I I ALWAYS am...when I don't win...I think you average 'run of the mill' poker players would love to have made the Final Table of the first two events, wouldn't you? I nned to learn how to start appreciating these things.

Tomorrow is a $550 tourney. I shudder to think about the turnout. But I will be there. Of course I will. Good night  now folks. I think my Ambien just kicked in!!!!


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