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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Congrats to Frank!

Frank Kassela texted me yesterday....

"Finally bumped into Jack Effel today...talked to him for a bit, he said it was still a no go. Tried. Sorry."

That was kind of disappointing, but kind of what I expected. So this year is pretty much screwed I guess.

So...what Frank DIDNT tell me, was that he was at the Final Table of the Razz tourney. Thats Frank for ya, never one to brag, or gloat. I mean...which friend of your's leaves THAT out?

I didn't know until Dan Walsh brought it to my attention around midnight. I was following along on when finally, at 3:46am, I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Well, I just woke up and discovered that Frank has won his SECOND bracelet in a week. Wow! And a couple weeks ago he took 11th in another big event. Frank, it's safe to say, is having a helluva year. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

And just further evidence that if you have any involvement whatsoever with me...this is your year to kick ass. I'm not positive but I don't think it will work if we aren't already please don't come try to get a piece of the Monkey Magic, especially with me being in my dark mood these days. I just don't think it will work. You likely have to have already been indoctrinated into my screwy little world.

So which one of you is next? Can't wait to see.

Meanwhile, Phil 'who I respect' Ivey took his 2nd bracelet of the summer...and NINTH overall....hey Phil Hellmuth? Can you hear the footsteps behind you? Thats Ivey coming pal. And Men the Master...who I respect very little due to his nefarious shenanigans in the past that include smuggling chips to his room, and stiffing dealers and staff after winning tourneys....also won his 2nd bracelet last night. I have to admit...the guy can play some freaking cards. Doesn't mean I have to like him though right?

Its before 10am...and I have been quickly losing my tan. So I am heading to the get some of it back...then I'm off to play a noon tourney and hopefully get myself a 'W' today.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell ya Monk, but your boy Frank K. is the only repeat bracelet winner so far in 2010. Ivey did not win a 9th, nor did Men "dick-head" Nguyen win his 8th. He did manage a runner-up finish after his 7th bracelet though. Just thought you should know. More rest, less Red Snappers my friend. Regards, D.W. "Lost in Kinder".