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Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Online tease....then heartbreak.

When I play online poker sometimes I know it's too good to be true. ;( with 21 left I get KK again (9 times). I run smack into AA, and the guy has me covered. I'm out. For $605. Far cry from $38k. I'm just sick. Really thought this was FINALLY going to be my HUGE score online that has been eluding me. 8 hours. Had AA five times, all held, Had KK 8 times without losing, and had QQ five times without losing. Things were just going way too smooth. I knew 'Stars would screw was just a matter of when. Wow! That sucked. Even a top 5 or Top 7 even would have been great. Damn!

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Anonymous said...

okay Monkey, i've tried to be patient and wait for Vegas updates and even though you won at Aria, we need more Monkey Updates and more frequently. I just added you to follow on Twitter, but i see you haven't posted since like Dec 09. It's a perfect way to give us daily, hourly, and minutely Monkey News. How about it? Make an annoucement on your blog that you are going TWITTER on us and then like NIKE...just do it!! D.W. "aka...Lost in Kinder".