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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vegas Update...3 1/2 weeks...still alive, still going nuts!

Today's bad guy is named Ryan Caskey. But its hard to be too mad at him...since (a) he looks to my blog here for comic relief, and (b) I kind of set myself up to lose. Sort of. After sitting with him the other day at Golden Nugget in the Omaha tourney that I finished 2nd in, and he took 6th...a day after winning their HORSE tourney there...I arrived tonight to him sharing a few laughs with me over one of my recent posts. He informed me that I forgot to include as a 'things that annoy me' item...the people who drag their small children around with them...whom you have to constantly dodge. Yea...I can't deny that its an annoyance.

So...I did NOT play a noon tourney because after losing late last night...going out 12th at Golden Nugget...paying 9...when my AK ran into AJ....dude hits the Jack on the turn...I was below ten BB's after that and had to shove KQ suited...and of course, I ran into AA. Awesome.  Decided to go to O'Sheas and chase my recent deficit at that money-handing facility. Plan did not go so well. I believe I re-bought 5 or 6 times. It was brutal. Every bluff got called, and every hand that I was ahead on after the flop went down in flames. I decided to turn to Jack Daniels and his friend Coke...only, O'Sheas being a Harrah's property...they resist the temptation to bring happiness to our beverage confuming its Pepsi...I hate Pepsi....which might have had something to do with my headache this morning.

Morning? Okay, I woke up at like 2:39. Not that it would have mattered. I had no desire at all to play at noon.

My wife and I celebrated our Anniversary yesterday. I was hoping to cash a top 5 in that big $55 MTT on Stars the other day, then climb on a plane and fly home to be with her. But Pokerstars had other ideas about that plan. Bastards. So instead I played all day at Nuggett and didn't cash. Sweet. I sent her an e-card...boy if you haven't done that before, what a pain in the ass!  Then I did the 'ol Facebook salutes. And finally I sent her flowers. Went through a 1-800-flowers florist, and for about the 2nd or 3rd time of using them...the flowers that she recieved at work were terrible. Really pisses me off. And they got there late. That's it...I am officially DONE with that company!
A year ago, when she came out here and we got married, I ended up going on a monster finish up my summer on a great note. Things this year have been lousy...maybe something will change this week. Last year at this time I won two tourneys in a week.

There are a couple comments on the comment board that I am oblivious to. Something about running AJ into AA? Dobbas? No idea who that is, or what its referring to. Cant recall running AJ into AA....then again, not saying it didn't happen...its been a rough summer. For the most part.

So back to Ryan Caskey. I got up and got outa here around 7:15pm tonight to head over to Aria. I arrived and started getting great hands. First hand...99. Lost. Then, KQ...lost...then 55...won. Then hit a straight on a guy...won. Then 99. Lost. Then made trips out of the BB. Won. Then 99. Lost. See a theme here? See nines, FOLD THEM! Got AK. Lost. Got AQ. Lost....somehow, I still was over the average...when I get AA. This kid Ryan is a guy who really likes to defend his blind. Vigorously. So its kind of hard to ever put him on a fucking hand. Its a major pain in the ass. So when I raised him with KQ suited and was easy to fold after the flop when it came all rags and he was blasting at it. Whatever, right? But when I raised from 100/200 to 450 with AA...and he called (of course) I felt pretty goood about the 3-3-8 flop. He checked. So I checked to try and induce a bet on the turn...and hoping he would put me on AK again. Turn was a 9. He bets out now....600. I raise it, though I thought very seriously about just smooth calling and hoping he bet the turn...but usually, in that spot, most good players will never bet again if the guy flat calls there. So I figured I should probably raise at least a potentially 'call-able' amount.

So I raise it to 1600...another thousand. He calls. Okay. Okay. River is another 9. Shit. Dont tell me. He checks. I bet 1500. Now I had about 8500 behind, and he had about 12000. After I bet, he just instantly shoved all in. Hmmm. It felt like a bluff shove to make me fold. Oh I was well aware that he could have that damn 9...but if so why shove? Maybe one of those famous 'shoves for value?' was a $120 tourney...and now there was a ridiculous amount of chips in the pot...enough to where if I was right, I could pretty much coast to the final table...especially given the softness of our table. So I called....and he turns over..... NINE DEUCE! Yep. 9-2. Wow. I didn't say anything. Nothing at alll...just gathered my shit and went back to the hotel. Was I pissed? Mmmmm...I wouldn't say pissed. I mean...I think I played it okay, but sure, if I had bet the flop..he'd have been gone. But you want to try and get as much value there as possible, right? What I do NOT why he is calling there with 9-2. But hey...he has posted some great maybe I am missing something about playing any two cards. Whatever. It knocked me out...and tomorrow we go back to the drawing board.

I guess more than anything I am just frustrated that things keep going the same way. Slow play a hand, lose. Play it aggressively to take it down...I get no value, or they DO call...with some BS gutshot or bottom pair or something, and miraculously getting there. After a lot of that you really start to let it get into your head, and makes you think there is someone out to get you. know....GOD!??? Just kidding , I know God could probably care less about poker!

I came back to the room and fired up an online poker room. I sat here and lost with Aces about 7 I guess me and aces are mortal enemies today. Screw you aces!!!

Today, my 'Peanut' died. What is a Peanut? Its one of those trimmers that barbers use on you...Squirrel had one cuz she used to cut hair for living. She's been cutting mine since we've been dating. Well, I use it to trim my facial hair. It is now dead. Just dead. So I don't know what to do. I think I will have a panic attack. That might solve the problem.

Las Vegas is the most exciting place to be when you are running good. But when you are running like shit? I don't think there is a place any more depressing. Well, except maybe solitary confinement. I imagine that would be worse. Or being holed up in a cancer ward. That would suck pretty bad. Or a burn unit. Or being 1000 miles out at sea and having your boat spring a leak...that would be a pretty shitty deal too. Being on an airplane...and having a terrorist take it over...climb in the cockpit and lock the door? Yeah that wouldnt be too great. So I guess I should quit bitching. I guess there are a bunch of you probably sitting there at work, in your 9-5 job...reading this as your boss walks back and forth by your office, or cubicle or whatever, and all you can think about is how much you hate the guy...and wish YOU could be out here doing what I'm doing. Is that accurate? So...yeah, I will just suck it up, and get back after it tomorrow.

I have some pretty funny pictures to post. But I'm gonna hold off...until I get about 20 more...then I will just have one big, massive picture posting 'Las Vegas Scrapbook of 2010 Memories' special. Sound good?

My friend Lara Miller, who I stayed with a while out here in November....has decided to sell her company, all her possessions and move to INDIA for a year or so. Or maybe its three years. To go to do volunteer work. Wow. She hasn't even told her parents. I hope they don't read this blog. Well, good luck Lara!

Ive been doing a lot of watching CNN regarding the BP (latin Bastardius Professionalus) oil spill..and its becoming more and more clear that these pricks are just a bunch of greedy pigs. Cutting corners at every turn to save money. Ignoring safety concerns. Lying to employees and the media. Then Tony Hayward takes a 'special weekend' with his family to go watch his multi-million dollar yacht race around England. Dude....are you THAT much of an asshole? Then BP tries to cover his ass. Yo! Check this out're company is spilling 100,000 gallons of oil into our fucking WATER EVERY DAY! There are no FAMILY GETAWAYS while you are killing our Gulf and destroying our wildlife you insufferable prick! I'm pretty sure your family will understand if you can't make the boat race this year. Yep...Tony now rises to the top of my "People I most want to punch in the FACE".

Oh my God...Heidi Klum is on Jimmy Fallon tonight......yes! Finally, something good on TV!

The USA is into the 2nd round of the World Cup! Sweeet. What an amazing last minute goal by Landon Donovan. Granted, another disallowed goal earlier in the game almost fucked us again.  Way to go boys! Keep it going! How about France and their nice little implosion? Wow. Nice team. Nice comraderie. Today, at Wimbleton...these dudes played for TEN FREAKING HOURS! And they are still playing. Suspended by darkness. I'm gonna guess these guys are tired tonight.

Um.....okay, I'm done. I'm going to try and fire up a late night session, and see if I can book a win or two. Good night!


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Anonymous said...

"A year ago, when she came out here and we got married, I ended up going on a monster heater..."

Just an observation, but seems to me that you need to get her out there now, get married again, then head over to Venetian for another heater? Can't hurt to try. Good luck.

Steve B.