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Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday, from Poolside...Blackberry style

Sorry folks. I've meant to update this for days. But I am still running like crap and I just never feel like writing when things are going lousy. The portable bankroll has once again gone from the left front pocket to the wallet. Yes...thinsville!

I'm sitting out by the pool. I'm blogging on my Blackberry. Its very difficult. But then, so is getting a hand to hold up lately. So what's the big deal right?

Spent all day in my room yesterday. Watched Tony Hayward get skewered all day on the Hill, then watched the TV pundits rip him up all night. Watched the Lakers turn a 13-point deficit into a Game 7 victory. I also played online. Lately, in an eerie scene from 'Bizarro World' I continued my assault on the online poker community. (in part I'm sure due to the fact that all the 'real' players are currently mixing it up at the WSOP!) A couple days ago I won another $12/180pp MTT on Stars ($594). I followed that up with a 2nd in a $7.70/180pp. Then in the $7.50 Turbo MTT with 1198pp I took 3rd for $865. Yesterday I had a bunch of min cashes in MTTs and SNGs then in an $80 satellite into Sundays big WSOP satellite, they were paying 14 spots. I get 15th. That really rocked. At 5pm I bought into the $11 cubed (1 rebuy-1 add on) on 'Stars. 980 players.

At 8:55pm, on break and with 90 players left I grabbed a 3-minute shower, got ready and carried my laptop out with me to go pick up Jason Young from the airport. As soon as I start driving I shove 33 shortstack on the button, get called by AK and turn a set. Nice. Then get AA and get re-raised by A8. Double up! AK runs into AJ for another big pot and by the time I picked up JY I was 6th out of 60. We went and checked him into Rio. First time I'd been over there on this trip. Kind of depressing. We went to his room and set up camp. Was really hoping to take it down for $4250, but getting blinded down and raising with AcJc, the table chipleader re-popped me. Me and JY decided it was time to go for it. He had AK. Shit. It held. I went out 11th for $245. Bummer. But still, feels good to run well online for a change.

So I wake up at 8am today and decide to fire up a session. I buy into 2 $12/180's and 3 SNGs. On the very first hand I play I get AA. Two limpers. Guy makes it $100 and gets two callers. Yeah, first hand....I will get a call if I shove. I shove. Get TWO calls. KJ off and 56off. Yup! Flop 5. Turn 6. I'm out. Paying 5 in one of the SNG's I go 6th with QQ vs A9. Paying 7, I go out 8th in another. The other two I just lost. That was enough to motivate me to get back to the casino today. The decision is whether to play the $550 or the $230 PLO H/L at Nugget. Leaning towards Omaha.

Jason was making noise about going to an indoor gun range and shooting machine guns today...but I haven't heard from him today. He had a long flight last night...I half expect him to sleep unti 3pm. Plus I really need to win something.

By the way, anyone concerned with getting money off of Pokerstars due to the legislation with IEUGA going through? Just want to let you know that I have requested (4) different payout checks of $500 each in the last three weeks and 2 of them have made it to my house. I would recommend cashing out in small increments and when depositing do it at a bank where you know the people. Don't cash it, just deposit. A lot of times when you go to cash a check they will start digging around to see where it came from. If you just deposit it, it goes straight to their clearing/audit house where it just gets processed. There's your Monkey Nugget for Friday.

I'm going to jump in the water. Be right back!

Okay wow that was a trip. One day after watching 10 world class athletes run up and down the basketball court in pursuit of a big shiny trophy, I have just been treated to a display of quite the opposite. 5 people on each side of a volleyball net, in the pool. And a big gigantic red ball. Object of game: hit ball back and forth. More than once. Outcome: Forget it. Hit ball over net, too far. Hit ball over net, return volley either hits net or leaves the playing area. We are now going on 10 minutes without one single return volley. Quite possibly the most non-athletically gifted group of people I have ever seen.

We have the couple in their 50's who look like they fell asleep after drinking 12 Long Island Ice teas, on their face, and were awakened 6 hrs later by their burning skin. Both of their backs, bright red. Doesn't look painful, no, not at all. ;)

Then we have the posse of 4 girls, 3 of which are actually, almost attractive...we'll call 'em St.Louis 8's, Las Vegas 5's. But what is killing their whole rep is their 'which of these kids is doing their own thing'  friend who should have followed the 'seen and not be heard' credo our parents mapped out for us so many years ago. She is hollering and gyrating to the music pouring out of the IP's $327.23 sound system. I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Maybe in her case, Mom and Dad should have encouraged her to neither be seen OR heard. Hmmmm.

When you see someone over 45 with tattoos, and they are clearly not from an earlier time and place in their life...what do we call that? I call it 'fucking ridiculous.' I pretty much feel the same way about 50+ year old women who run out and get fake tits to keep their husband interested. Lady, if he's cheating on you with 20-30 year old women its not just because they have a nice big rack. Trust me, you have other issues far more pressing than anything a 5k boob job can repair!

What time is it? My only clock is on this phone. Guessing its getting close to 'go time.' I'm going to do the Omaha tourney, and frankly, as bad as these idiots play, getting there late is a real advantage. You can quite possibly fade 25% of the field by getting there in level 3! I did that a few days ago. Arrived in Level 3...oh wait, yeah I already wrote about that one huh? I remember posting that idiot's picture. Mr. 'I'll Pot it!!!' I'm sure I'll see his dumb ass again today.

Wow, this sun feels great. The last two times I laid out I didn't get
Any results! Why? Cuz I was listening to my wife and using this SPF 14 sunscreen. We left that in the room today. I am feelin the cookage!!! Yaaaaaa! And I shaved my face today. All signs are pointing to a victory today. Then I won't feel guilty taking a day off for when Jason rents a cabana for the day at Venetian's Tao Beach!

One thing about Vegas that drives me crazy every summer...and that I never get aclimated to, and wonder "does anyone who lives here ever get used to?" is the constant 'rockin up' of my nose. Due to the dry air here...I am constantly yanking debris out of my nose...and it never stops. Thank god I have tinted glass in my car. I there anything more comical than sitting at a red light watching some guy dig around in his nose? I don't think there is. Except when its you. I'm guessing this is what its like for coke heads...always trying to get a clear nostril. Its about to make me nuts.

Leaving the pool just now, I see this guy with one arm. One arm..and a 1ft stub on the other. It was kind of weird to look at. But this guy...who I would say is at least 45...has really gone to great lengths to keep the rest of himself looking great. He has the 6-pack abs of a 20 year old athlete. Pretty impressive. Still...Im not sure I would trade my 'not-so-impresive' abs in their current state for his if it was going to cost me my left arm. But I do admire his perseverance.

As for my recent tourneys? Got deep in Wednesdays nooner only to fall short of cashing. I lost three 7pm tourneys in 2 days. That's right, didn't think that was possible did you! At Aria, I flop top two, get it in against a lady who had raised too much with AQ and refused to fold on a 10-9-4 flop with me holding 10-9. Turn K, river J. That was fun. Then I raced up to Binions to try theirs. Out on 1st hand after flopping a set and watching other guy turn a flush. Equally awesome. You can even mix into that shitstorm a losing session of $550 at always reliable O'Sheas. Yeah...its been a lousy ass week for Senor Monkey, but I am now ready to start turning this trip around. I better, I'm not real good at the 'are you folks ready to order yet' way of life!!!!

BP SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! BOYCOTT BP!!!!!!!!!


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