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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


As if my week wasn't already going great despite not cashing the Main Event in Tunica...I just recieved a very exhilerating text message from a source out in Las Vegas telling me that Jim Pedullah, the poker room manager at Ceaser's Palace, the guy who had me DQ'd from a tourney last summer, then 86'd from Ceasers...and THEN concocted a story and got Jeffery Pollack from WSOP to buy it hook line and sinker and ban me from the remaining 2009 WSOP events...which also led to me NOT getting back in THIS summer...which obviously has had a major detrimental effect on my poker livelihood, was just FIRED from Ceaser's Palace and ESCORTED off the property.

For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you know the details of how all that went down, and what a shitstorm I have had to endure because of this guy's petty grudge against me for my criticism of his summer tourneys at Ceasers. When his own dealers and floor people defended me in both my assessment of the tourney, as well as the events of the night that he claimed the next day that I had 'threatened another player' even though there was NO report saying anything to support that from a night shift manager. And when asked if he had checked the video, which would have clearly observed the 'victim' approaching me from the opposite direction, and with my back turned, slammed into my shoulder in that sophomoric style of 'accidentally' bumping into someone. No...clear and simple, this guy FUCKED me because he didnt like my criticism of him. Literally told numerous people that he 'hated that guy Monkey!"

When I made an attempt to 'clear the air' with him last fall, and let bygones be bygones, he completely stonewalled me. I have had floor people from various Harrah's property approach me, as well as dealers and tell me more negative things about this the point that I just gave up on trying to make amends with the guy. I just became convinced that I would outlast him. That I would take the high road. I know my problems, and what I needed to change about myself...and I have been working on them. And then just hoped that I would manage to get myself back into good graces with MOST of the poker venues. And I feel like I'm gettting there.

Well this news just put the biggest smile on my face. I just opened the best bottle of pinot noir that I have, and am enjoying it while getting the shit kicked out of me on Pokerstars!




Anonymous said...

YESSSSS, the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead!!!

Anonymous said...

just a rumor, Pedulla's still there

Anonymous said...

let me be the first to say...NICE
that little idiot tryed, and almost succeeded to ruin my career. he got exactly what was coming. Shame on Harrahs, for taking so long to see it.
He had no clue of the poker world at all. Karma, it is real!

Paul said...

Best blog yet PMonk!
Once again, I can relate to the suckout right when your on that final table doorstep, as you say.
That hits home big time! Makes you sick to your stomach.

Paul said...

Whoops sorry Monkey, my last comment was meant for your previous blog.
But while I am here good for you!
Hope to play with you again next summer in Vegas.

Poker Monkey said...

Okay I'm trying to get better about answering comments:

The witch is dead...yesssss, nice isnt it.

But comes word from this second post that it is just a rumor. Dude...I had a person text me that WORKS THERE...who watched him walked out! It feels pretty real.

And to the last guy...sorry he also tried to ruin your career...and I agree, his ability to 'figure out' how the poker world works, and what to do to make that place thrive, is/was non-existent...because I truly feel the poker room there is fantastic.


Kyle Whisman said...

Glad he is gone, his room was a pit. Just started following your blog. We have played a few times(Venentian/Tunica/Harrahs). Probably the best for you/worst for me was after dinner break in a WSOPC New Orleans May 09, it was AA v KK v QQ all in pre, you had the A's I had the Q's, you were doing shots of whipped cream out of the can, LOL GL on the felt.