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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some news...ALL GOOD!

Most of you know that I am pretty good friends with Frank Kassela. When I would mention his name here last didn't get much attention. Some other names I would mention, however, would get the haters firing off 'name dropper' slams and other colorful terms. Always fun. Well, now that Frank has had his 'dream summer,' and is destined to become a household name once the Final Table of the November Nine hits the air and him and Grinder start being the focus of all the POY debate every online poker room will be after those two...I am sure that I will now start getting the hater comments..."Oh yeah, guys are friends, uh huh! loser!"

Trust me, I've had a major attitude adjustment this year...and I am now better equipped to deal with you folks. Honestly, the hater comments have really kind of vanished for the most part. Maybe my new attitude is starting to rub off on everyone. I sure hope so.

Anyway...about two weeks ago, Frank contacted me and asked me if I would consider blogging on his new site. He has had the line, Big Kicker Gear for a few years now. He has a whole closet full of shirts and hats in his house in Vegas. So I guess he finally got motivated to get his butt in gear and start trying to market it, so part of that plan was to get more bloggers on his site than just himself. So yeah, he asked, and I was only too happy to comply. I am sharing some of the posts here on his site, and giving him some original content as feel free to check that site out too if you're bored! I've added a link to his site on the right over there.

I am now going to clip/paste what I just wrote for his site: What I do need to this is a little more geared to our Gulf Coast readers, is provide you my 'review' that I came up with during our recent dining experience at 'Jia.' I will do that in the next post...because this one is pretty lengthy. I hope you enjoy.


DAMMIT>>>>> this stupid blog editor won't allow me to CLIP/PASTE stuff...and no way in hell am I writing all of that AGAIN!!!! please click on this link...and read the rest!!!


1 comment:

Paul said...

Hi Monkey....another good blog.

I was the one who asked about your NFL team, when I saw the blue I said hmmmmm "Giant fan too?" but!

Nice wins on Stars Money, did you ever mention what name you play under?

I am always playing those 7pm $11 MTT's they run nightly....