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Thursday, August 26, 2010 is Mollie, and a guest pose by Jasper!

Okay...I hear you guys...stop dangling the carrot and show us!

Let me say this, its pretty hard to hold the camera AND the 'crack light' at the same time while trying to track Mollie...but I kind of pulled it off.

Now for those asking yourself, "what the hell is Monkey talking about right now?"

I shall clarify. I have two dogs. One a purebred lab retriever who is just beautiful (we think) and one that was rescued by people who threw her in a ditch and is bits and pieces of several breeds...but just adorable. Well, Jasper is addicted to this damn ball. Even sleeps with it IN HIS MOUTH! And Mollie, well, though Jasper won't even acknowledge it, Mollie is like a crack addict when this laser light comes out. Jasper cant be bothered with it. She even knows the drawer we keep it in....if we get near that drawer...she freaks out.

Here, for your viewing pleasure....are my 'kids.'

While its still uploading I will continue to babble....hopefully it DOES fully upload.

Just finished all the chores around the house and cut the rest of the lawn. Just about ready to get things started tonight at the Beau Rivage. In checking out their website I just made a sort of interesting discovery. The nightly tourney starts at 6pm, not a lot of them often times do. That I like. And they are using that Survivor format that they used up in Tunica...where 10% of the field wins. Basically, you get 90 play until you are left with 9. The new wrinkle that I noticed them throwing in, is that it will be a $100 rebuy tourney for the first 3 levels. Hmmm. Interesting. Now that could get costly huh? But what I'm thinking is this: I run pretty good in Megas, and this is essentially a mega. I won the last three in a row up in Tunica. Each for around $1500. Well, had those been REBUYS? How much would I have won then? Probably twice as much. Right? So....I think I like this. Just hope it doesnt discourage a large number of people from playing.

Had yet another disastrous night on Stars last night. Once again AA never held up. Had AA a total of 9 times...lost with it 6. Incredible. THREE more bubbles. Always with the best hand. Tried to pitch a deal with HoldEm Manager to save some money on their software. No dice. Grrrr.

Got a message from a reader here, 'Boonie' suggesting that maybe the reason I run bad is due to my 'tight aggressive' style of play. There are a couple things I would like to say here in addressing that. Or would I? Maybe I don't want all of you knowing just how much I have mixed up my game.

I have dramatically changed up my game both online AND live in the past year. I am 'playing more poker' than I ever used to. As opposed to just playing a game of 'catching cards.' I feel that my skill set has improved a lot. I know there are a lot of you out there who think I am too tight for my own good. I will admit, I used to be. Now there are times when I absolutely MUST get a cash to survive...when I will shift it into neutral, almost reverse, in order to just survive long enough to get some money back in my pocket, and then hope I get lucky and run deep once I get in the money.

Online though, oh...I am anything but tight. I play a ton of hands. Why? Because there are SO MANY horrible players online. And they are generally so easy to pick off. But for some reason, knowing what they have 92% of the time...doesnt seem to matter when everything just seems to work against you. You can have a guy drawing to 3 outs or less on there and its amazing how often they hit. My online game and my live game don't quite mirror each other...but the gap isn't that far. The thing about online the structure is designed so that in the first 7 levels, you can play so many hands. I mean....SO many. And yeah, I realize that the more hands you play the more your chances exist to get a punishing beat. I can live with that. What peeves me is once you get to level 15 and beyond, you have guys...guys who are still firing back those one liners when they make these ridiculously retarded suckouts, like "Hey man...its a $20 tourney!"

When you are looking at a 1st prize of $7800 and you are in the top 20 in chips, that is not the quote you want to read from some jackass who you have no clue as to how he got that deep in the first place. To me...once I cross a certain line...that tourney is no longer valued at whatever the buy in was. It is now valued at whatever I am playing for. Isnt that just a common sense deduction?

Furthermore, Boonie...I have actually gone into little rinky-dink SNG's or MTT's with a Tyler Smithian attitude on how I intended to play that event. Raising 2.5 every chance I got. 3-betting raisers from MP and later just to see if I can get away with it. Oh, I know the 'system' that all these agro-aggressive players are utilizing, don't think I don't. But what we are up against, are complete idiots, who wouldn't KNOW that they are simply being outplayed. They just look at their two hole cards...and if they fall in love with them...they are never getting folded. Period. Tyler Smith, John Dolan, Gabe Costner to a degree....these guys and the style of play they far better suited to live game...and I am pretty certain they would agree with me there. Why? Because there is a certain amount of physical intimidation that comes with playing like that. There is a certain degree of 'do I want to grab these chips here, pick them up, and put them out there' in live game that doesnt exist in online poker. Online...its just...'Hmm, okay.' CLICK!

Hope that makes for a good reply to your question.

This thing says that video is STILL uploading. Damn!

Just recieved, 3rd or 4th warning/reprimand/demand from the wife about my upcoming re-appearance at the Beau Rivage, her place of employment. She is, of course, nervous. Obviously, she hears EVERYTHING regarding me and whatever I say or do. So of course, I am getting the speech from her. "Now Will, please dont be doing anything out of line. You probably shouldn't drink anything." And more. And while yeah, its starting to annoy the shit out of me...I understand. She does have a right to be concerned. Just another challenge facing me in my road to complete my 'Monkey Makeover.'

HEY HEY the video finished uploading! Now....I just have to update my backer and I's spreadsheet (hopefully not too scary) and I will be ready to hit the Beau! Hope to see a lot of you down there tonight and the rest of the week!!!!!


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