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Monday, August 23, 2010

ITS OFFICIAL...the doors to the Beau Rivage are OPEN TO MONKEY!!!!!

Wooooo hoooooo!!!!

Just got off the phone with one of the Poker Honchos at the Beau Rivage...and I am officially allowed to go play poker at the Beau Rivage again! I could not be, what is the word? Relieved? Happy? Ecstatic? Not sure...but I know I just ran out in the backyard and did a big fist pump, ala Tiger Woods...who I am sure is NOT doing any fist pumps TODAY!!!!! Yeah...the divorce is final...thought I was having a bad year??? I think Elin just became the worlds number 1 pursued Cougar!!!!

So my 'attitude' adjustment that I have been working on...and the trip I took to Tunica, with one goal in show the local folks around here that I have indeed 'changed my act' have apparantly paid off. So now...I will go play the Beau event, continue with my personality 'makeover' and hopefully post some good results so I can get this year turned around!

Last night...I really thought I was about to break though...again! While online yesterday...I literally had AA lose 12 out of 16 times. The final time was the most heartbreaking. In Stars' $300k guarantee, a $55 buy in...and over 6850 players...we were down to 122 players and with first place $40,000 I was really starting to get excited. Squirrel had all her friends over for their Sunday girls' night...and I had been exciled to the bedroom.

I thought...won't it be fun if I walk out there at about 3am and announce to her in front of her friends...."Sweetie, I'm taking a bath, I just won $40,000. Bye!"

Well, I did get to take the hot bath. :)

I was in the Top 5 in chips for several my excitement wasn't without good reason. Then I lost a couple of big coinflips...and had to lay down big hands....that left me short. But I got a double up, stole some blinds and was right back to healthy when this guy who had been opening a LOT raises when I have AA in the SB. The BB had a LOT of I kind of was hoping I could bring him along. Should I just complete and hope he calls? Should I go all in and just get it over with? Or should I re-raise light here and hope I get one of them to go all in? I opted to reraise from 8000 to 19000. The BB folded. The other guy flat called. The flop came J-8-4. I won't bore you. He had 88. I was out. 122nd. For $359. I was pretty bummed. For the day, after playing about 30 MTTs I ended up down $20! But I did manage to accumulate a ton of FPPs and WILL make GOLD for the thats pretty great for all the freerolls I can get into...and oh yeah...I get those three impressive stars under my avatar! Just kidding. Sort of.

Okay...I had to share that exciting news with everyone. I really am very, very happy to be coming back to the Beau. And I really look forward to a great event. I know a lot of you are strung out between Council Bluffs, Iowa and over in Thackerville, Oklahoma for the Win Star 'The River' tourney....tourneys that I was eagerly encouraged to travel to and play with some of you; but I was holding out for word that would allow me to get back into my home casino here in Biloxi. So if you guys are at one of those places playing...I wish you the BEST OF LUCK!!!! But if you are going to be at the Beau Rivage this week...then I will see you there!!! With bells on!!!! Lets have some fun!!!!


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Paul said...

I actually watched you in that $55 from about when you were in the top 10 in chips until a few hands after that dude called your all in with his weak kicker/pair. Q 7 I think he had....

I saw the open ender you were drawing on never materialized and then the chatbox lit up!!!! Funny stuff! Had me rolling!

Impressively, I watched you chip back up with about 140 players left....then I went to bed. Sorry to read that it didnt work out.