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Thursday, August 19, 2010

P'Stars Grants me My Wish....

It's very strange the way things happen sometimes. Last week, in a post...I simply posted something that sounded like this:

"I just wish Pokerstars would let me win two tourneys....TWO...after two years of ridiculous deep runs that end with a bad beat. Just let me win two times and I will lay off."

Remember that? Here is my week. Sunday night, after getting the crap kicked out of me...I pull a 2nd place in something for $450. Can't remember what it was. I wasn't even upset. I got heads up with the guy...he had 1,000,000 to my 200,000. And I never got a damn thing that was playable. It ended quick.

Then on Monday...I win my way into the Sunday Million in a double shootout. Then I win a seat in the 100k monthly Freeroll. Then a seat in the Lamborghini weekly freeroll. And to cap it off I win the $11 cubed (2 rebuys, 1 add on)...that only had 95 players...but still was good for $755. A good day. On Tuesday, I play the late night $4.40 MTT along with 1440 or so players...and at 8:41am, finished, in 1st place...for $850.

There it was. My two wins that I asked for. Granted...I kind of had something better in, say...two wins that got me 10 to 15k maybe? Not a couple grand. I was looking like I was gonna snap off the $11 MTT two nights ago too, but with 14 left, I made a bad read on a notorious bluffer...making a hero call with 77 on a J-9-3 board...and watching him turn over 88. Ugh. Out...14th.

Then last night...after 6 hours...and 1483 other players had gone down....with $2400 for 1st on the line...I go out 13th (Yeah, another 13th!!!) with AK against AJ. I took it up a bit last night...playing in $33 MTT, $55 MTT...and a few $54 double or nothings. I have a shot at hitting the FPP level this month that will make me Gold, and get me into those freerolls. I am also getting very close to the Top 30 this week in TLB pts. I'm sitting 150th right now. And in the Monthly TLB I'm 1375th. If you get in the Top 1000 for the month you get to play another freeroll. So I am going to keep after it.

I know that if I want to win anything significant online I simply HAVE to pick up my limits. But I just do NOT trust online poker enough to allow myself to do it. I sit and watch the stupidest beats...and I just don't think I can bring myself to jam $100-$500 into buyins online. Plus...a year ago, I turned Joe Cutler on to the MicroWorld of online poker, and he says its changed his poker life. He went on to win the TLB one week this year. So I know it can be done.

Guess who hit ANOTHER score? This is getting insane! I didn't see or hear from him all summer. Nor did I see him cashing anything in I can assume he was enjoying his summer and playing sparingly. Then, my buddy calls me the other day to tell me..."Did you see your boy who won Bay 101 just won the big FTOPS event?" What? Sure enough...fucking McLean Karr struck again. Snapping off 471 in the Full Tilt FTOPS event. What's odd was just a week ago I get a message on my Facebook from McLean..."MONKEY! Whats up Bro! How ya been?" That's it. So I give him a pretty big reply...and hear nothing back. Oh...low and behold, he just texted me back as to why I didn't get a reply. "Sorry, was traveling, in LA now." So there ya go. Great year for McLean. happy for him.

Wow. Watching Tosh.O. There is a clip on there right now...of two chicks fighting. Listening to Tosh break down the fight is hilarious. The bitch who we thought was going to lose, put this tough bitch in a submission hold and dropped her on her face. I am still laughing. And the other girl (the victor) goes walking away, twisting her pig tails like some girl standing there waiting for the bus to arrive at a bus stop. Awesome! all keep asking me, "Have you heard from the Beau Rivage yet? Are you going to be there next week?" The answer is: No, I have not heard from them yet. Am I getting antsy or pensive? Hmmmm....I would say, not really. They tend to bring me their decisions fairly last I guess I will just sit by waiting on them to let me know. Meanwhile I have had a couple of invitations from Joe 'Luckbox' Groff and Mike 'Carwash' Schneider to join them in Oklahoma for the WinStar tourney there...which happens around the same time. I am holding out for the Beau. So if I get blown off by them, inexplicably, again...then I suppose I will be pretty disappointed then. The next event after that will be Borgata in September.

You all know I have labs. Always have. They are the light of my life basically. Everything they do makes me smile, well...once they get past the stage in their life (0-2 1/2 years old) where they like to destroy everything! Well, if you like dogs as much as I gotta watch this clip! Its awesome. I think these people live out in the country somewhere, and a baby deer was either lost or orphaned, and found its way to these people's yard. And discovered the family lab...Buddy, the rest is classic. CLICK HERE!

Not sure how many of you actually clicked on the link that took you to the rest of my previous I couldn't get this blog editor to clip/copy/paste it here...but it appears on Frank Kassela's blog at and in reading it just now again...I have to say, I personally think, or feel at least, like its one of my better posts in quite some time. I went on quite a rant about the Islamic mosque they are trying to build in downtown NYC. If you DIDNT check it out...maybe have a look.

Did the yard work yesterday. Did not, finally, experience all the side effects of heat exhaustion. Home Depot stopped selling sod about a month or so went with the topsoil/grass seed plan of filling all the new holes that Mollie has dug in the back yard. With me being home so much right now, it keeps her out of the back hopefully the seed will have time to start growing and take before she destroys it again. Crazy dog.

We watched the last episode of Grey's Anatomy. Wow. Some dude who had his wife die, and blamed the hospital, came in with guns blazing...shooting about 10-15 people, including Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Sheppard. It was pretty riveting. But what was stupid was that this one shooter is walking around the hospital...while S.W.A.T. guys were OUTSIDE the hospital? was on lockdown. That means the cops can't come in? Please. Then this guy gets shot...Dr. Bailey is trying to drag him to safety...and the elevators are shut off. So she freaks out. Hey! How bout picking up one of the PHONES...calling 911...and telling them where you are. So someone can come save him? Nope, instead they just laid there in the hall til he died. Nice director. Nice writers. I'm guessing that actor who died must have had a contract they didn't want to renew. Granted, I didn't like the guy anyway...he was a weasel. He got Izzy (Kathryn Heigl) fired from the hospital. So when dude is standing on the SKYBRIDGE...confronting Dr. Sheppard...with his gun pointing at him...your telling me that not ONE sniper was in position...with the guy fully exposed, to take a shot at this prick? Please. Sometimes, TV and movies just piss me off. Other than that was a great final episode, can't wait for the season premiere this fall. Another reason to love football season! Greatest month of the year....SEPTEMBER!

A guy who reads this a lot, and who works in the oil business...sent me a reply/follow up to my rant about that jerk who testified on the hill for TransOcean a month ago. I can't seem to find his email...but he went into some pretty specific shit, in which he made it VERY 100%, crystal clear...that BP is completely at fault for every thing that happened in that explosion. And I take his word for it, since he has been in the business for 15 years and knows a lot of those people. He also shared some things with me that you or anyone else never read about in the news. Pretty good stuff. I wish I could find that email.

That reader who wanted to know my favorite NFL team? I think changing my color scheme and putting a big logo on the right hand side here should answer that question right?

So here are my teams: ALL SEATTLE TEAMS! And of course I now, due to where I live, am a bit of a Saints fan of course. I lived in Atlanta for 10 years so I still pull for them a little bit. In hockey I like the NYRangers. In basketball? Well, they stole my now I really don't care about any of them. So I just root for my UW Huskies in hoops.

Asking when the 20 Questions with Monkey starts? Soon, folks. Very soon. I have some good players lined up too. Christian 'Da Professional' Iacobellis is confirmed. I heard back from John 'November Niner' Dolan, and he is locked up. He is just busy with traveling and playing in Cyprus this month. I have Gabe Costner scheduled. I will likely get something from Jason Young. Plan on hitting up Frank Kassela also, obviously. Maybe I can get McLean Karr, if I can ever get him to hold still for ten minutes. And I will work on others. Like Tyler Smith. Could be a really cool feature. Pressure is just on me, I guess to come up with some great questions!

Okay thats enough for today...I really have to go to Wal-Mart...I mean, we have NOTHING.


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