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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Year Older

I know I am way behind...on a lot of things. I never posted since my Final Table the other day at Venetian and I need to. Bottom line; I finished 6th. My QQ once again fell victim to the dreaded 'bad ace'...this time A9..and at the hands of the eventual winner of the tourney.

The next day I stayed in my hotel room and played nothing, mainly recovered...from a night where once again, I kicked it with a guy named Patron...and once again mysteriously found myself at a $25 blackjack table with some total stranger who ended up being my real-life brother. It was weird, and again I mysteriously won about $1200...and did/said things I don't remember. Also woke up to bruises all over my legs and a foot coated in blood. That guy Patron is a weird dude.

I played my last day there...Tuesday. Busted the nooner. Played the 4pm $100 turbo and got 2nd place for a little chump change. Then played the nightly, doubling up on the first hand...but then running AA into JJ and watching a guy hit quads. Ended up going out 15th in that...6 from the money, standard for my nightly's on that trip.

I spend all day yesterday travelling home. Coincidently, it was my 44th birthday. Also of note was that for the first time in months, I managed to take an entire trip on Delta Airlines, where my baggage wasn't destroyed. Amazing. Both legs of my trip were packed to the gills, and without the aid of pharmaceuticals don't think I would have ever made it home without losing my mind.

I can't even believe how many wall posts I got on Facebook for my birthday. Really appreciated that. People can be so nice. MMmmmm..quite contrarily, got a 'not-so-nice' message from the little bakehead who was sitting on my left that I blogged about earlier, who didn't want to move over in that tourney about a week ago. Seems my 'take' on him was wrong...that he actually really was a little shit bird. Oh well, just check him off on my list of people I will never invite to the Cause Celebre one day!

Today we travel to Seattle to visit my family for 5 days. Squirrel is in the shower right now, and I am supposed to be checking us in on American online...but instead I'm blogging. Whooops. Meant to do this yesterday, but all I could do when I got home last night was keep falling asleep on the couch while watching the repeat telecast of the Super Bowl. Contrary to what a lot of people said...I thought the halftime show by the Black Eyed Peas was really entertaining. And Fergie looked hot.

Got my Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in the mail last night too. That should provide for some good 'reading' during my flight. Also was welcomed by a mountain of mail/checks from people who participated in my Super Bowl Squares for those of you who won assured, I will be figuring out all that in the next two days and money will be arriving to your mailbox very soon!

Got caught up on American Idol. Boy, once they got to Hollywood, J-Lo finally started figuring out how to be a little more direct and to the point when whacking people, didn't she?

Okay...I better wrap this up! Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes! Off to Seattle for a few days...then I have to figure out whether to go to Reno next....or Chicago for their Chicago Poker Classic. Tough decision!!!


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