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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Really? Back to Back Blogs? Why NOT!

Wow...its like, and this is flattering, there are literally people out there, obviously sit there...waiting for me to they can quickly read, then pounce, throwing up their vitriol. (oops. Big word. Poker Blog. better look that one up) Well, I am just bored enough...and feeling just lazy enough to not go in search of SNG's....and kind of feeling like a bit of a creative smart go ahead and address these last few comments.

What's our community coward has attempted to circumvent the comment censorship by posting his name as (a) Joe Dirtbag...obviously his real name and (b) Pooh Bah....simply not believable at all. Nonetheless...I will let it fly. These comments weren't posted on the bottom of my most RECENT entry, mind you....but under the entry before that one.

One thing I really, really hate 'Blogger' from Google is that you can't copy/paste text into the posting area. And that creates a huge, huge pain in the ass. Especially if you're super lazy like I am.

First Comment: From Ralph Fletcher,

Monk, I would love to see what the d-bag management at Beau have to say about what happened. Why can't they just man up and come clean? I would sue their a$$ off for defamation of character.

Thanks Ralph. For your fire, and your concern. Tough questions there. First let me tell wife works at the Beau Rivage. Hence, suing them? Bad call. Also, I have several friends that work there in management. I have no beef with Beau Rivage 'management.' While I don't always agree with everything they do/say...I like them. They are attempting to operate in a very bad economy right now...and are faced with a lot of challenges. One of those is keeping all their 'important' guests 'happy' right? Well, if some insecure, Noir Card waving asshole goes up the chain of command to carry out a vendetta against me, for whatever reason...who's side do you think they are going to take? Whether I actually did something wrong or not? (a) the minute they pull up my players card profile they see that I represent very little to their empire from a dollars and cents point of view. (b) because there have been past transgressions where I am involved, if/when my name comes up...its just naturally assumed that whatever happended was my fault. It sucks...but its kind of human nature, and I understand and can live with it. As to you claiming I have a solid argument for a defamation case? Not totally wrong there. But its not against the casino. Its against one person. The person who, despite representing the casino, is not acting on the casino's behalf when he decides to openly attack my character in front of the very players who I compete with on a near-daily schedule.

I suggest we just excuse the Beau Rivage from any major wrong doing on this one. Its a beautiful property, they do most things at a Grade A level, and they are an important member of our community. Those who are responsible for dabbling in ubiquitous attacks against me personally? Lets just cross our fingers (when I say us...I guess I mean ME and anyone who isn't a hater of mine) and hope that 'what comes around goes around' and that the dominos will eventually topple, and all those that happen to be in the way will get knocked over. Sound good, Ralph?

On to Joe Dirbag and his nefarious comment:

Curious....After all the times and all the places you have been thrown out of, were they all wrong? And after they threw you out you posted about some 'soul-searching' and promised to 'change you ways' on this blog. Funny. You always claimed you never did anything wrong, but if that was the case, why did you need to change? Just sayin....

Was the incident at BR isolated? Or did several things happen over the course of the event that finally did it? Did anyone warn you?

Hey thanks for you question...ahem, Joe. Actually, I have a pretttttttty good idea who this is. :) In if, in fact it is YOU...these are some pretty rhetorical questions you are asking here...dontcha think? Regardless, I'll play along. To the first point. Were they all wrong for throwing me out? They weren't ALL wrong. I will...for the first time ever, I think...go ahead and detail each time I was tossed, and why. Or at least...why they told me I was tossed.

Spring. 2006. New Orleans. Harrahs. Long day of SNG's. Lots of cocktails. One player I kept beating. 4 handed in a SNG. Nice stack. Floor guy having already warned about keeping the language under control. Agreed to do so. Take ridiculous beat. Walk over to table with friends present, three tables away...utter the phrase..."dude, you won't fucking believe THIS one...." and tell them about the hand. Walk back to table. Guy I had been beating all day...feeds off hearing me over there, insists I be given a penalty. Which...feeling cornered, the floor guy felt he had to do. Was I pissed? Oh yeah. Because the blinds were 400/800 and it was in essence going to result in me getting blinded out. Told the guy if that was the only way he could beat me (obviously) I would just GIVE HIM my last chips...which I picked up and FIRED at him.

He squealed like a pig. I picked up my stuff. Was I wrong. Ohhhh yeah. Floor guy told me I was out of there, obviously. I left on my own. I knew that was a big mistake, and when I returned the next day I was made to leave. It was the ONE thing I have done in a casino that I really, really regret having done. Something like that would NEVER happen these days.

May 2006. Lake Tahoe. A lady named Roxanne Rhodes, feel free to Google psychopath. No longer shows up at poker tourneys. Used to call herself a poker pro and offer lessons, though I'm not sure who would have been stupid enough to actually hire her. Playing in a SNG one night...with a friend of mine dealing...she gets lucky and busts me. I sat at a table two tables away...waiting for my friend to get off work. Some kind of fracas ensued regarding a 3 way chop. Understand...I was no longer in the SNG. Got that? One of the players (who I didn't know) suggested they take some amount and leave the leftover to the dealer. Somehow...this bitch gets it in her head that I am somehow involved in this deal. Huh? She starts hollering about collusion. WTF? Are you as confused as I was? Oh..there is no missing info here. I can't event tell you what the outcome of that was. I told my buddy I would meet him at this cafe...I was going to eat.

Well, the next day, Roxy goes to Jack Effel, who at the time was a tourney director...and tells him a bunch of shit regarding me, the dealer, the other players...and collusion. Yep. I get taken aside by Jack...and get warned to steer clear of this woman. Well, this woman just so happened to be married to some local judge up there. She also was rumored (and seen with) to be sleeping around on him with Miami John Cernuto, who I had played with quite a bit, and actually liked. I told Jack I would stay away from her.

Stupid Monkey. After min cashing a tourney one day...and on my way to leave the casino, I see Roxy, sitting with John Cernuto in the hotel lobby..and instead of just leaving...I decide (bad decision) to attempt to play peacemaker. I often times try hard to resolve conflict when I think it was borne of some misunderstanding. Which is all I was doing. Walked up, excused myself, asked if I could speak with her...and she immediately went spastic. She stands up...and starts hollering at the front desk to call security! Holllllly shit! Next move? Anyone? Push the hyperspace button right? (Asteroids reference) Well, that button was broken. Look at Cernuto...he is shrugging in one of those "hey man, don't know what to tell ya, chief" expressions. Turn to my right....see Charlie Cerisi and Robert Dunning standing there...having left the tourney area to get a smoke...shaking their head in disbelief and recommending I just walk out and keep walking...that they saw exactly what happened.

So...that is what I did. Left. And kept walking. Figured, thank god those two were there and saw everything. I should be okay. Nope. Not okay. She started making a bunch of noise about pressing charges against me for...mmm...what was it? Harrassment? Not sure. When I did return, I was intercepted by Jack...who scolded me for not following his directive of staying away from psycho broad, and told me I was being 86'd from the casino. To just get on a plane and go home. Which I did. tell me, did I do anything wrong? Okay...yes and no, we will agree to that, yes?

Mmmmmnext? Oh I got kicked out of New Orleans Harrahs for the 2nd November of 2008, but that was only a 24hr 86. That was for throwing my hat up in the air...having it get stuck in the ceiling, and never getting it back. That was after the single-most worst day of poker in my life. I had just seen a 10-1 chiplead heads up in a SNG with one winner go up in smoke when this little Asian girl (who was actually adorable) rivered me four hands in a ROW!!!!! I walked from the table...down to the booths, threw my hat up in the air, it never came down, people laughed...clapped and howled, a laid in a booth put my hands over my face...and when I moved them, there was a security guard telling me I had to leave 'for the night.' Instead, I got in my car...and left for the event.

So, funny side note. I went over there for 5 more events. Made 3 of my biggest scores. Made about 6 final tables. Got the bad stench of N.O. run-bad out of my nostrils...and then, about the time I got tossed from Ceasars Las Vegas...and some hater sent an email to someone at Harrahs New Orleans asking why I was allowed to play at THAT Harrah's...when I returned for the next event, I was told I couldn't play there. Yeah, see they had never removed that 24hr 86 on me. Didn't matter that I had played the last FIVE events there. Hahahah. It took a near act of Congress to finally get that fixed! Thanks to Steve Frezer, Jason Lipscomb and Larry Barnett for getting THAT taken care of!!!!

Been thrown out of the Beau, well, hey! Three times now! The first time...I didn't even want to PLAY poker. I was out at the club with friends. Terry Lake Garner insist I come see his 'donkey 1/2 table' for a minute. So I arrive. I watch. He goads me into playing 'a few hands.' Fine. I sit in seat 4. He is in seat 6. Granted, no one ever looked at surveillance. Why would they? That would make too much sense. There was a hand. He basically fucked me out of my whole stack. I wrote about it in this blog. In one of the sentences, I wrote "It would have been nice of him to give me the 'ol knee under the table' letting me know I was dead" like I might have done for him. That...was called a figure of speech. For me to give him a knee I would have had to be Gumby. Didn't matter. The Poker mafiosos at the Beau read that...and decided I needed to be 86'd for cheating. Yeah. You heard me. So....again. Was that MY FAULT? Did I do anything wrong? know what I did wrong? I forgot that the Freedom of Speech Amendment didnt apply to playing poker at the Beau Rivage. I learned to be careful about what I write, especially when simpletons are reading and using it against me.

#2 eviction from the Beau. Knowing that the tourney directors read my blog, and feeling like their 'inside source' who can convey info to them that might be helpful to them in their attempts to run quality event...and, having JUST spoken with one of them in Tunica about the very topic...and to some extent feeling that he was in agreement with me, and the other four players who echoed my sentiments while standing there with me...I had the audacity to write, again, on THIS blog...about the diminishing fields at the Beau Rivage's tourneys, the poor structures, and the attitudes there of some of their fulltime dealers, which was more of a complaint of several other players who asked me to write something about it. No problem, I will see what I can do. Well, what I did was elicit a phone call from Mr. Grooms telling me that he read my blog that day (okay, no shocker always read it...why are you CALLING ME though? Hmmm) and that if I had such a problem with his dealers and/or his structures...that I could just NOT play his tourneys. And just like that...he 86'ed me. Again. Did I do something wrong there? Was I out of line? You, again...can be the judge. Ohhhhh I'm such a trouble maker!

And finally, #3 occurred just this month. Was there 'earlier' incidents you ask? Was I warned? Ugh...yeah...and I addressed that in an earlier post. On the first night there, me and 7 or 8 of my good 'poker acquaintences' played a late night SNG...where we got a little rowdy. OMG. Sorry, we had too much fun. A couple of 'older gentleman' from neighboring tables took issue with our boisterousness, and of course, since I was at the most times, I took the grenade for the whole team. Because why? Because I'm Monkey...and if there is a table, and its must be Monkey's fault. Oh! Mind you...the table was having nothing but a fun time...there was no ugliness at the table at ALL...but holy shit...someone, at 3am in the morning on a Friday a FREAKING CASINO....was irritated and annoyed and somehow offended by our/my they compelled to go bitch to the poker mafioso. Which...of course, resulted in me getting a 'stern warning' the next day...demanding that I 'watch myself' and 'take it down a notch.'

Okay. So I did. Nothing happened the rest of the event. Well, as far as I know. Of course there is always the stuff they want to make up, and not tell you about...but then bring it out later, and use it as fluff to defend their position. Some call this 'covering your ass' material. I call it bullshit. So do most people. So when I was finally told, three days before the Main Event...and 13 days and $8,000 worth of buyins and juice later, that I was being booted for what amounted to a heap of lies, I pretty much ceased caring anymore. Frankly, I am tired of giving those guys my money. And when they find it necessary to concoct a pile of lies...for what reason?

What happened, and I have already written about it...but for those of you who don't have the ability to use the 'scroll' button or the 'page forward' feature...I will tell you again. And I will be real short and sweet. Monkey has 85k in noon tourney with average stack at 22k. I take 4 totally effed up beats. I now have 19k, hate my table, hate the day, and in general, hate my life. Notorious limp with any ace guy limps for 1200. I raise to 8500 with AQ...content to just win a pot and turn the momentum around. Lady downriver....flies off her chair and shoves all in for 15k. First guy folds. I cant fold...if you know anything about poker. I call. She has KK. I spike an ace and beat her. She gets bitter. I say I'm sorry. She doesn't care. She goes over and whines to her husband...who shoots eye daggers at me. Wow. I hide under the table. Okay, I didn't hide under the table. Wanted to.

The next day. In the money. Unbeknownst to me...KK ladie's husband is at my table. I get short. He goes all in. I make a semi loose call with a decent suited ace. He has 10-10. I tell him 'nice hand.' He says..."yeah we'll see."

It holds for him....and out of nowhere...

"Hey Monkey! That is for knocking out my wife yesterday!"

Huh? Your wife? Who is your wife? He tells me the situation. Oh. Her. Well, gee...sorry? I had half my stack in there, was kind of tilting...and regardless, couldn't fold. I even told her I was sorry. What am I supposed to do? Well, this guy obviously was VERY protective of his wife. Zoinks!

So I was out of that one. Next day, maybe two days later...I play the nightly. Not drinking. Just chilling. Watching a movie on my iPad. Have a great table. For the most part. Actually, never get moved...until we brush to 10 for the final table. There are 8 winners...its the Survivor format. I am 3rd in chips. After making a major loose call, the guy in the 7 seats wins a huge pot...and moves to 2nd in chips. Oh...guess who it is? Yep. Captain Caveman. In that 'ol familiar Florida Gators hate. And yes...I am back to hating Florida almost as much if not more than in the days of 'The Visor' Steve Spurrier.

In my small blind...this dude Kevin...who is now 'dead to me' (see previous blog post for details) raises the button, I re-raise...he shoves. I irritatingly fold 99 face up. He shows me 77 and starts talking smack. I silently fume. All while losing 25% of my stack. I am still 4th in chips awhile later...when I get AK and raise to 12k from 2k/4k. Folds to the 'Steaming Gator' in the big blind..who looks at his hand and starts squirming in his seat.

"Ya like your hand quite a bit?"

"I will tell you this much...if you re-raise me or shove on me...its not getting folded."

So what does he do? He shoves all in with 99. I call, as I promised. He spikes a nine. I get that familiar feeling we all get after playing 7 hours and going out near the bubble at the hands of a buffoon. I stand up...turn around...grab my bag off the floor...turn back around...and simply ask him one question:

"Sir...come do you make that play right there? With a middle pair? Three from the money...after I tell you I'm going to snap call your shove? Why?"

Is that attacking him? Is that berating him? Is it? Well if it is...gosh, really sorry. FOUR other players witnessed me say this...and repeated this to the people who decided to toss me.

After saying this...he tees off.

"Yeah...well, looks like I got all your chips with that stupid play didn't I? How does it feel!!!"

Here comes the floor guy. Tells us both to stop talking. I agree to stop talking to him...even though I was already done. But Gator Man isn't done yet.

"How does it Fucking feel MOnkey? I have all your chips...what are you gonna fucking do about it, huh!!!???"

Seriously? I don't say ONE WORD! Instead, I turn to the floor guy...and my facial expression is asking him...."Dude, are you kidding me???"

Now..if that is ME over there in that chair...I just got a penalty. But not this guy. He is just reminded to stop talking. I leave. Some fracas breaks out after I leave...over a chop deal. A player runs out and catches me at the escalator and tells me about it...urging me to come check it out. No thanks. I'm done. Going home. Good luck.

Okay? End of story. So the next day, when I told that I am being booted, I ask if it was because of that tourney and that night. I was told 'NO' that it didn't involve that tourney. Oh...but wait...later on...when it was told to OTHER was cited as the reason. No, they told me..."there were a handful of players who have come to us and are unhappy playing here as long as you are present. That you make their experience here unpleasant. So we have to address the other players' concerns."

Oh. I get it. What I found out...through the very reputable grapevine...was that this asshole and his Noir card went to his casino host...and bitched about me all assholes with money or big 'player card standings' like to do when they think they are better than everyone. And this casino host probably went to Table Games manager Warren Mason...who likely called up Ken and/or Johnny and relayed the story and told them to deal with it. So fearing some reprisal from management if they DIDNT make me leave...they fed me some BS story...thinking I would buy into it...then made the mistake of shooting off their mouth to people who are loyal to me and report everything to me...about the REAL reason for me getting fleeced.

So you might understand my reason for not giving a rats ass about ever playing in that casino again, as long as the two guys running it are still there. All the promoting of their events I have done for them? All the money they have made off of me? What is that worth? ZIlch.'re question, Joe Dirtbag...did I do anything wrong? A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y N-O-T.

Uh....where else can't I play? Ceasers Palace Las Vegas. Although that is subject to be changing hopefully. Now that 'The Little Dictator' has finally been fired for basically not having a clue how to run a poker room, and pissing off half of Las Vegas. Why did I get 86'd there? Oh..the loyalists know this story, and its real fun.

Try to be short. Hard though. Won a tourney at Venetian on a Thursday. Took buddies out to Rhino. Had lots of fun. Drank a LOT. Next day at Venetian was a 22oo. Not wise to play. So didn't. Instead...agreed with buddies to go play the $300 at Ceasers...even though I had been trashing Pedullah and his stupid structures, and idiotic starting times all summer. Had a very fun day. Got hit with the deck. Had a fun table. Continued drinking. No issues. All day. Even had WSOP dealers and floor people in the crowd who were playin in either that tourney or other tourneys who vouched for me that day. The night floor person was a long time friend of mine.

One hour before the end of the night....and me sitting on a very nice stack...they bring a surly, Persian kid from Austin, Texas in his mid-20's to our table. About 6'1 185. He proceeds to call clock on players at our table not once...not twice, but three times. All on hands where he isn't in the hand. Our whole table now hates him. I start getting onto him a little, about the calling of clock. He claims to have 'a date to get to.' I ask him which escort agency he used. People laugh. He gets more pissed. It became a case of whatever you say, I have something funnier, to get him more and more agitated. At one point he stood if challenging me...then I stood up...and at 6'4 245 it must have backfired on him...cuz the table started laughing at him again.

1:38. 22 minutes till the end of the night. We just make the money...with 27 left. Then it happens. He has been raising my BB incessantly. But this time, I look down at QQ...and when he raises, I get excited. Until the guy in the SB goes all in for 52k. I had 142k. Blinds were 2k/4k. Dipshit had about 98k and I was all ready to bust his ass. But this guy next to me? Not only was he a super cool guy...but he was also the tightest guy at the table. The WORST hand he had there was AK...but I had a feeling he was sitting on KK. Well in the 33 seconds it took me to think all that, cockslap calls clock. For the 4th time. At least he was in the hand this time. I kind of come unglued.

Now the floor guy comes over...because clock was called. He asks if I have had sufficient time to act. Dealer tells him its been about 30 seconds. Floor guy rolls his eyes. Other player tells him the guy has called clock now 4 times. "What!???" asks the floor guy. I jerkoff starts chirping. Floor guy tells us both to cool it. I cool it. Then show him my QQ so that he doesn't think I was actually Hollywooding. He nods. I fold...and know the asshole is folding...since if he HAD anything decent..he would have NEVER called clock in the first place...he was just trying to steal my blinds.

I ask the guy on my right to show me kings....and TADA! He shows me KK. Nice! I ask the floor guy to tell the table what I had.

"Monkey had Queens."

Couple players expressed disbelief that I folded there. Hey! What can I say?

Few minutes later....the night ends. We bag our chips. I wait out front...with my back to the poker room, waiting on my buddy who was playing 2/5 to cash out. When from behind, I am run, remember in high school, when the bully would 'accidentally' run into you in the hall? One of those. I turn around...and guess who it was? Yeahhhhh.

"Dude. Really? Man...I have no idea who pissed in your cereal this morning man...but let it go. We had a great table all day, then you show up and kill everyone's buzz. What is your problem?"

Blah blah blah....stupid shit that assclowns say comes out of his mouth......

"Alright look man...I don't fight in casinos. This is my office. Where I work. But if whatever your problem is so immense that it cant be resolved with a cocktail and some porn in your room...then I will walk outside and off property with you and work it out."


Next thing ya know...this joker is running around crying for Jim Pedullah...asking for him by name. Hmmmm...very interesting! Well he was off for the day. So he found another floor person...and tried spinning his tale to make it sound like I had stalked him and was threatening to murder him right there in the poker room.

I laughed. Told the floor guy EXACTLY how the conversation had gone. Told him I had no issue with the guy, didn't care...and was going to my hotel, and would be there tomorrow for the restart. And left.

So I come back the next day. At the front door, with two security Jim Pedullah, waiting for me. To tell me that I was the 'lucky recipient of 27th place money' and that I had been disqualified for threatening a fellow player...and was being 86'd from Ceasers Palace. Ummmm....can you say...."8th grader with a real person's job carrying out a vendetta in the most ridiculously absurd way possible? maybe EVER?"

How do you handle THAT ONE? I had a friend with me..and he started flipping out on my behalf. I told Jim I understand that he sees my name on the players coming back...see that its ME...the BLOG GUY...and hey! What a great chance to hose me. I get it. He claims he knows nothing about my blog. Yeah...okay, this is after telling a 7-Star friend of mine who knows him that he already reads my blog and hates me. Whooops. Do these people think I live under a carpet somewhere? And just come out to play poker tourneys? I deny ever threatening the guy...and tell him that all conversation that I had with the guy was away from the table and AFTER the tournament had ended, anyway. Didn't matter. Tells me he 'conducted an investigation' and that I was found guilty. Comical. I asked the course of this investigation, if he ever thought to take a statement from me!??? The accused? answer to that one. First place that day was $19,000. 27th place was $800. Uh huh!

I was probably not as pissed off as I should have been, due to having just won the Venetian event...and kind of having the satisfaction of finding out that all my suspicions about the 'Little Dictator' had been confirmed.

Well, that mere irritation turned to all out anger and hatred two days later...when I found out the bastard called Jeffery Pollack at the WSOP...and 'suggested' that after he had to 'remove Mr. Souther from our casino for threatening another player...and then looking in his player profile and seeing that he has a history of incidents at Harrah's properties...that they not allow me into Rio to play any of the WSOP events.' Yes...that conversation took place. On the same day...Pollack, who had been on my Facebook friend list...removed himself. Ironic? I don't think so.

The news was delivered to me by my very good friend and WSOP tourney director/floor person Steve Frezer...and when telling me...sounded almost as angry as I was. Keep in mind...I had played the Main Event, and several other events at Rio in 2006, 2007 and in 2008 had already played 15-20 SNG's, 5 noon tourneys...and several nightly tournaments, one of which I won for $19,000. Never did I do anything wrong. No warnings. No penalties. Nothing. In 3 years of playing at the Rio...I have never recieved any kind of reprimand.

However, the Poker Mafioso decided, that based on Pedullah's 'recommendation' they would agree to keep me from walking through the doors at Rio. For the rest of the summer. I then went on to win the All Around Player title at Venetian that I wasn't as upset.

Oh...when I really got upset...was when this past summer, I was informed, by Jack Effel...that I was going to again be kept out! Why? was their feeling that I was an unwelcomed presence at the WSOP...that I was too controversial. So when you ask me if I think I did anything wrong to get excluded from the you think I could possibly say YES to that question? No....sorry, really can't. effect, last summer was the worst 3 months of my poker career.

That is all the casinos that I am unable to play at. And the reasons why. Feel better? Believe me? Got nothing to hide. No reason to make shit up. It is as I have explained it.

Your next question. When I posted about doing some 'soul searching' and 'changing my ways' right here on this blog? Hey...first of all, I am happy to see that you, Joe Dirtbag, are such a regular follower of my blog. Thanks. And are correct, I did say that. And...that was what my primary goal in 2010 was based on. Finding, within myself...the reasons why things that aren't fair or justified keep happening to me like this. What I could do to change people's (who are in a position of authority over me) perceptions about me. Obviously there is SOMETHING about me that rubs people the wrong way. Or was.

I feel like I made a tremendous amount of progress. First, I am overly competitive. Secondly, I am overly emotional. Those two make for a pretty toxic combination when it comes to playing a game where you lose more than you win. So getting on Celexa was a huge benefit for me, and my personality. It has also helped me in my marriage, where I have become a lot more tolerant, a lot more patient in stressful and/or irritating situations where hostilities need to be curtailed. The other thing I thought to work on was masking my disdain for other people's poor play. My sense of humor is often times misunderstood. If you know me well, or if we are friends...then whatever I say is understood, and a lot of the time, welcomed as entertaining and/or amusing. Well, for those who dont 'get' my sense of humor...or are just morons...they see me as an asshole, or a smart ass. And their solution to the problem, since generally they are spineless toads who will never confront me themselves, is to go bitch to a floor person.

So...knowing this...I decided I needed to be more aware of what I say, who I say it to, and how I say it. And for the most part...I just kind of started removing myself from interaction at most tourney tables. Then I bought an go along with my iPod...and a whole other world opened up for that has kind of taken me away from the other players at the table.

To some of you anonymous pricks that like to post comments on here...declaring me to be a loud mouth, blah blah blah...I think that most of you are talking out of your ass. Maybe you sat with me in a SNG in New Orleans three years ago at 2am after I'd been drinking all night with buddies...and that is your 24 hr a day, 360 days a year impression of who I am and what I am all about. And to guys like you? I could give two shits. Honestly. You don't know me.

To those guys who act like they are 'friends' of mine when I see you at a tourney or in a SNG or walking by in the hallway of a tourney...always say hi to me....then while sitting at a table with other players...and me either not there or on the other side of the room somewhere, want to disparage me? You guys? You can go fuck yourselves. I have no place in my world for you. So do me a favor, save your fake hellos for someone else, cool? You and your type are the sort of people that if you ever came to my dogs would start growling at you until I had to ask you to leave.

Wow...I have a feeling this might be the longest blog of all time...since I now have been typing for 3 hours. Oh well. whatever.

Okay...Joe Dirtbag....tsk tsk...yeah...I think I have effectively answered your question.

This next comment from Pooh Bah....well, honestly, the grammar is horrible and I really am having a hard time reading it...but lets give it a whirl:


Also, Please make sure you put my comments up. I did not leave my name up as anonymous. Unless you are to afraid that these comments might tarnish what was otherwise a very good story. The story of you as the victim. That's what gets hits here in Monkey World, huh? Because to tell what happened, and that you may have been complete jerk wouldn't endear you to your blog readers.

Ahhhh...okay okay I think I get it. you think that people always come read my blog when there is controversy going on around me...but that I have to make sure to play the victim role in order to keep my Monkey Army behind me? Is that what you are suggesting? First of all...your reason for NOT posting your name is what again? Oh yeah...your fear of one of my Army hunting you down? Or is it that you are just a cowardly little chump? I will go with option (b). As far as endearing myself to my readers? As much as I would love to sit here and tell you that I wish EVERYONE would just LOVE me...I can't. I don't write this with the hopes of earning everyone's undying love. I really don't. I write this because (a) its a place for me to vent, (b) I provide an insightful, entertaining look into the world of a poker grinder, for some that have to work a 9-5 and wonder what its like. Knowing some like me and what I write, and that some despise me and what I stand for...make up a a good mix of readers. If you hadn't noticed, I am not exactly delusional about it. (c) I like to try and expose things in poker that may need to be addressed and/or changed to make the game better for all the people in the game that I care about.

Trust me when I tell you...if I do something wrong, and my good friends will tell you this themselves, I am VERY good at taking full accountability for my actions. I have no problem saying "I'm really sorry, I screwed up." Being the victim? That shit gets pretty effin old...believe me. I'm pretty sick of it.

Just for the record...those other two comments? I still havent posted those. I have a feeling this one has gotten so long that there is no way I can put those two on here...because when I do...the response is going to be very heated and long.

Im done here...I think I'll go play the 7pm donkfest at Venetian.




Anonymous said...

MONKEY!!! while telling the ceasers story abotu the punk from . u forgot the best part. dont forget i was standing 2 inches from u having a convo waiting on mike. after the pointless immature shoulder and his mouth running and your humorous joke abotu his "date" . when u mentioned seomthign about if he wants to settle it out side ( as u calmly hadnt moved from leaving against the wall) he takes off sprinting through the casino looking for security like a blind person trying to find the corner of a cirlce room!


Christian said...

Monkey i love you and all the haters most likely averaging between 5'4 and 5'8 and 3 and 4 bills worth of LBS....they need to get a life get a job and then hit the dentist to fill their mouths with all those teeth they are missing, how else could they speak so poorly?!...
Gee, i wonder why everyone hates the average American, oh yeah because the average AMerican is at the Beau breathing heavily and forgetting to shower and or purchase toiletries, they seem like the type to buy a florescent colored hat and matching fanny pack instead. so due to there delusional view points of isolated minimal incidents pertaining to you and everything i mentioned just above, they will never get my business, not one cent or any of my horses or close friends because see these people do not know how to run a business or understand how to appeal to people or to make them want to come show up for a poker tourney.
oh yeah i actually have had success in Poker unlike your wombat imbecile haters..dont bother looking up the words you aren't familiar with you minions as they are spelled correctly!!

-Anonymous hahah jk love always Christian

Paul said...

Monkey, if the wuss doesn't post his real name (obv he is scared to death)
then please stop mentioning his posts or his comments.

He should be dead to this blog and never mentioned again unless he posts his real name and it can be verified. It won't happen.

He will now probably post a really fake name or someone who actually exists but is not him. What a life-hating loser that dude is.....please stop responding.
I like reading about the life of a poker player and I hate commercials!

Anonymous said...

Ok so why does does it matter to ALL poker players what happened to will at the beau rivage? For me the integrity of the game , the casino, and their tournament program is in jeopardy. If some black card can go the suits and whine just enough to get a player 86'd. , I am afraid that constitutes a dangerous precedent. I don't have a black card, but I have a few friends that do. Do I think they can intervene for me when i play at the spring break poker classic next month and i want to eliminate some tough competition?
I would hope the tournament directors would do their job and provide a safe environment, watch out for cheaters and collusion, straighten out the mess brain dead dealers create,and don't let the high rollers determine the playing field... Linda Keenan New Orleans la.