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Sunday, February 20, 2011

HAPPY SUNDAY! lets go racing boys!

When Squirrel and I met I had never been to a NASCAR race....then for my first race we kind of lucked/backed into an experience on the infield in Atlanta, on top of a RV...with pit passes. It was a killer experience, and I kind of fell in love with the sport. Got to meet the drivers...who were all really cool and see and hear the cars up close. It was cool.

As the years have passed, and the cars have become more and more like carbon copies, and my favorite drivers have moved from team to team...its lost some of its appeal to me. But every the Daytona 500 approaches...there is that excitement that comes with the start of any season. But in NASCAR its extra special because they start out the season with their 'Super Bowl' which I have always thought was kind of strange...but still cool!

So this we mark the 10th anniversary of the passing of racing legend Dale Earnhardt, they get things revved up to race around a track that was just totally resurfaced, at the cost of $20m! Dale Jr managed to win the pole...which would set him up for a nice run to honor his old man...but then crashing his car in practice sent him to the back of the starting pack. Regardless, its the kind of track that he can make up the margin if things go his way.

I am going to go ahead and predict that Dale Jr brings it home today...mainly because I think his Dad is going to make sure it happens!


Yesterday I told everyone about Chad Brown and his shocking news that hit him this week. I had a couple guys message me that they had JUST seen him at Commerce the day before. Yup! They had! That's Chad for you...not one to panic. "Oh! I have a tumor? Wow, that sucks! Well, guess I will just wait for the doctor to get here to remove it, and in the a tournament or two!" And if you can't figure out why he wasn't letting everyone know that he was suffering from a stomach tumor the size of a volleyball...well, then you don't know Chad very well.

Well, yesterday I got a lot of messages from people who were pretty shocked. The whole BUSTOUT POKER team responded...and I heard from Chad this morning and he was very appreciative of everyone's support. I also got a couple of pretty encouraging emails from some players who have been through some similar challenges, guys I truly respect and admire, who I had NO idea had faced such adversity. In times like this, I think it is really important for people to pull together and let each other know we are here for each other. A few people contacted me, wanting to know how they could reach out to Chad and maybe send him something to let him know they are thinking about him. That is really cool of y'all.

I don't think posting his hospital room number is such a swell idea right here on my blog....but I will tell you he is at Ronald Reagan Medical Center (click here for information on the hospital) on the UCLA campus in LA....and if you get ahold of will let you know his room number. But I'm guessing you can just contact the hospital and they will help you out.


For those of you grinding the big Sunday major's on either Pokerstars or Poker on Full Tilt...I wish you happy grindin! Myself, I will be taking Squirrel up to the Pass to check out SNOW! Yeah...this little hick from Alabama doesn't get too many chances to see snow, so we are going to go have us a snowball fight! Then maybe take my Mom by the local casino and play some blackjack with her! Then later on I will continue the assault on my delicious Washington State oysters...which I had 6 of yesterday...and they were INCREDIBLE!!!! Yes, Jenn.....SIX!!!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


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