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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Las Vegas....DAY 1

Well, the trip DID start good, at least. Pullled an all-nighter in preparation for the trip...since my body refuses to fall asleep before 2am. Had to be at airport at 5am. Made no sense to try sleeping.
Had bought a new set of Swiss luggage at Target earlier in the day. Upon my arrival in Vegas I was tickled to see that Delta hadn't destroyed it...yet. My flight to both Memphis and then Vegas were both half I had plenty of leg room and exit rows on both. Actually managed to sleep about 3 hours too, so I wasn't totally a hot mess when I finally arrived at the Venetian at the end of Level 3.
I decided to go check into my hotel first...always like to get settled in, unpacked...and know where I am first. And don't really mind missing those first couple (or few) levels at Venetian. Lots of bad players make sick/insane/stupid plays early that can cost you.
I discovered that Riviera wasn't the hotel I thought it was. That hotel is Fontainbleu...which is STILL just sitting there incomplete, a victim of the mortgage market disaster. So, what I found...was that Riviera is, instead...a really old casino, however...they have totally renovated a bunch of their rooms. I got a sweet deal on which I guess is a portal for Orbitz...that got me airfare (1 day before my flight), hotel and a rental car for 14 days for a total of $1400. Pretty great price.
And the lady at the front desk...upgraded me to a better room for $20. Refreshing when 'non-corporate' hotel folks aren't banned from accepting tips.
My room is great. Nice and big, lots of closet space. A nice view. Refridgerator and safe...and a very comfortable bed...which after losing my third tourney of the day yesterday, I returned to and slept for 12 hours!
Yeah...the nooner. Ugh. Started good. With El Diablo (K10) I rivered a straight on a guy with a bad ace...and he paid me off for a nice pot. Then won with it again. Then made a straight with my 2nd favorite hand...6-7. Was up to about 15k. (start with 12k)
Then disaster struck. A guy who had been raising a LOT behind limpers...did it again, and I decide to call with J9d. Sickest flop ever comes Qd-Jh-10d. Is anyone who reads this ever folding that hand? Especially early in a tourney? Well, there was ANOTHER caller in the hand as well. My plan was to check raise. I had them both covered, but just barely. I check. Initial raiser bets 1500. Second guy calls. Wow. Now there is over 6k in the pot. They both have less than 7k.
I raise to 5500. First guy shoves. Next guy folds. First guy has KK.....with the K of diamonds. Ugh. Blockerville. Turn is a brick. River is a useless 10c. And I was short stacked. Shit. How do you miss that many outs? Well I got it in with 89h. Got called by 66. I flop an 8. He turns a six. Perfect. Bye Bye Monkey.
It was nice to see everyone again at Venetian...they all came up to say hi, shake my hand, and welcome me back. Now its just up to me I guess to keep my head together. Not drinking should help. A lot!
I played the 4pm $100 turbo that they have added. Yikes. 15 minute blinds. 10k in starting chips. Blinds go 100/200, 200/400...and then I don't know what after that....because after my AA got busted by KK I was off playing 1/2 cash game and losing $700. That was delicious.
The fields are down quite a bit, with only 209 players yesterday and the SNG's running very sluggishly. Hate to see that. But it is nice to be back in a casino where they know what they are doing, and the dealers are excellent...and the tables are big.
At 7pm I played the $120 nightly. Shitshow. Old guy who kept raising to 300 at 25/50 finally goes broke when his AA got looked up by 5 people for 300...when this chick with four chins...who eventually busted me in level 7 with my KK raise getting called by her 6-7 off....flop came 7-5-2...she check raises me all in for a lot...and rivers a 7! Of course.
Oh yeah...but old man had that same chin-broad flop a Jack on him, a set...and punch him out. After punching me out...she chuckles, shrugs her shoulders...and says "Hey...when you're running good, you're running good...what can I say!??"
Nothing, would have been just fine, actually.
I said nothing. Just got up got my stuff and went to my hotel. Had another hand before that...where this dork in a STL cardinals hat, who didn't know how to play after the flop....just shoved or folded. I raised UTG with AKc....he tardshoves his AQ offsuit..and you know...he flops a queen. I didn't say a word there either, nothing. Very proud of myself.
One big reason was that I was too busy answering the challenge of a bunch of my friends on Facebook to post some pictures.
That was my Day 1. About a $1400 punch in the grill to welcome me to Vegas. Hey no biggie. Today is a new day. $350 at noon. Its now 11:21am here. I am 1 mile exactly from the Venetian. I might actually be on time today. the way...I would like to thank ALL OF YOU....for helping me hit my 2nd highest number of hits on this blog EVER (that is over 2.5 years) last month! While I do not get paid based on number of hits...I just like to beat numbers...I'm competitive, and watching that number last month was fun! And its pretty cool that so many of you tune in here to follow my craziness!
Good luck to everyone out there...whether its up in Tunica...out in LA, or at Foxwoods or Borgata or wherever you NY/NJ'ers are playing this week!!!!
Oh...the Lucky Monkey Poker Club on Pokerstars (the 2nd club...Red Snapper is full) still has 9 open spots in it for anyone that is interested. The invitation code is 159398 and the passcode is monkey123....or whatever names they give them, password? Club Code. I'm not positive, but those are the correct numbers.
Also, I have now filled FOUR $25 Super Bowl Squares boards...#5 is now on sale. I filled a $50 board...and the 2nd board is now on sale and about a third full. And the $100 board is full and not going to do another one. Five days till the Super Bowl! Can't wait. I think I'm rooting for the Packers. Anyone wanting to get in on my squares...just shoot me an email at
PS: To the clown who is crying about censorship and calling me a bout this moron, you learn how to be a man and sign your name to your post...and I will publish it. Deal? Or you can just keep being a spineless little weasel who hides behind his computer. Your choice.


Paul said...

Calling someone a "pussy" when your name reads "Anonymous" is the exact definition of ironic.

PolerCriminal said...

Monkey, its Allen Matusow DeVoll, I am flying in tomorrow and I am staying at the wonderful IP 12 days for 410.00. I have been following your posts and some are Hilarious! The removal of drinking in your game is awesome because you are a good poker player that doesnt need negative distractions. CONGRATS! Just wanted to give you a little info on the room. See you in VEGAS!

Ralph Fletcher said...

I would love to see what the d-bag management at Beau have to say about what happened. Why can't they just man up and come clean? I would sue their A$$ off for defamation of character.

Joe Dirtbag said...

After all the times and all the places you have been thrown out of, were they all wrong? And after they threw you out you posted about some "soul-searching" and promised to "change you ways" on this blog. Funny. You always claimed you never did anything wrong, but if that was the case, why did you need to change? Just Sayin'.....

Was the incident at BR isolated? Or did several things happen over the course of the event that finally did it? Did anyone ever warn you?

Pooh Bah said...

Please make sure you put my comments up. I did not leave my name up as anonymous. Unless you are to afraid that these comments might tarnish what was otherwise a very good story. The story of you as the victim. That's what gets hits here in Monkey World, huh? Because to tell what happened, and that you may have been complete jerk wouldn't endear you to your blog readers.