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Sunday, February 6, 2011

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY...who do ya like!???

I think its pretty damn cool that me and the Super Bowl were both born in the same year...1967! So in case Alzheimers sets in and I forget who I am and how old I am...all I need to do is ask which number of super bowl we are on! How old are you Monkey? XLV....well, I will be hey wait a second. I'm 43...and will be 44 on the 16th. is it Super Bowl 45 if it was first played in 1967? Dammit, now I am all confused again!

Its SUNDAY...SUPER BOWL of, if not THE favorite day of the year! Last year...I had tears in my eyes after Tracey Porter picked off Peyton Manning...went the other way for 6...won me ALL my bets at the window out here in Vegas...AND made me and Squirrel the 4th quarter winner on our big $100 board with the numbers 1-7....I won a TON of cash last year...and OUR TEAM won! It was a perfect, magical day!

I have sold the most ridiculous number of squares EVER! In doing these for 7 years now...I had a record (from last year) of selling (1) $100 board, (1) $50 board, and (4) $25 boards. Guess what this year looks like? (1) $100 board....though could have easily done two....(2) $50 boards, and (7)....yeah SEVEN $25 boards...and I just put a last second $25 8th board on sale....33 minutes ago...and there are already 60 boards filled...right now...its probably going to be full by the time I end this blog! Its incredible how much people love these squares. I have a ridiculous 80 squares on the $25 boards....then another 22 squares on the others....a total of 102 squares...out of 1100. Roughly 10% of all the squares. I had better win SOMETHING!!!!!!!

I still don't know where I am watching the game or with whom. Not that I'm all that worried about it. And I still don't know WHO I am rooting for! I have both hats here in my room. A Green Bay Packers hat AND a Pittsburgh Steelers hat! I will get 'the call' in awhile telling me who to root for! However...I have become a bit of a 'Monkey the Greek' in the past few years.....most of you will remember me HOLLERING at anyone who would listen last year to BET THE UNDER in the FiRST HALF with as much money as you can get your paws on!!!! N.O./INDY under 28.5 was the bet of the century. I put $1500 on it myself. It won. It wasnt even close.

And my predicted final score...and if you don't believe me...thats why we have ARCHIVES here folks....go look for yourself! I predicted a final score of N.O. 31-INDY 21. I think. Something close to that. Don't have time to go back and look. Final Score SAINTS 31-COLTS 17.

So...with my fearless prediction for SUPER BOWL XLV........I give you....drum roll please......



YES...I like the OVER! 45.5. High-scoring Super Bowl.

Side note: What the hell is wrong with my Washington Huskies basketball team? Our two tough losses came against who I thought in Kentucky and Michigan State were two elite teams...and I turn on my TV today and watch MSU get blasted by Wisconsin. And Kentucky has been losing to some not-so-great teams lately. Then my Dawks go to the state of Oregon and lose to BOTH teams...who both suck. WTF! Now we might not even win the Pac-10 title. Hey might as well just keep losing and miss the Big Dance altogether you putz'!

I love my hotel room...but the king size bed has sheets that are too small, so if I even do the slightest amount of moving around, it pulls them up from the mattress, leaving the mattress exposed. I hate that. Also, they seem averse to changing the sheets. Thursday, I never left my room, laid in bed all day, watching TV, not playing at my favorite online poker room napping and eating trail mix, which of course got all up in my sheets. You can never REALLY get alll of that out of your blankets and sheets. So now...I come in last night, room is made up. Or is it? I was pulling pieces of trail mix off of my ass all night. Nice. And when you shave in the shower...and the tub doesnt drain very well....guess what happens? Yeah...all that stubble is left in the tub. Did they clean that? Hell no. COME ON MAIDS AT RIVIERA...get with it!!!!!

I had a guy in my tourney yesterday...I had to stop looking at him. Super Dark glasses and NO LIPS. With the tough guy, super intense look on his face....ala Chris Moneymaker, but pathetic, and a lousy poker player. It was almost comical...except he was so ugly, it was creeping me out.

Dwight "The Duke" Pilgrim has had a worse day than me the last two tourneys. We both got deep. And neither of us cashed. He got a wee bit deeper than me in both. Night before last he went out 37th, paying 27. And last night...paying 36...he goes out 37th. Ouch. And 5 from the money he had 205k I was told...which, ahem...was a LOT. I have no idea how it happened, I havent talked to him yet today. But ouch, what a punch in the grill.

I had a weird day. Card dead all day. Gambled with 66 against an UTG 4 other callers. Flop came 5-4-2. Original raiser checked. I bet about 80% of my paltry stack. All folded to UTG....he put me all in with KK. Oh shit! Ouch. No problem...running 6's for quads. Sweet. I then hovered around 20 bb's for the next 6 levels. Then...with 75 left...I raise with AKs. Old fat guy who plays a LOT of hands and has a LOT of chips...looks me up with KQ one heart. I flop K-10-7...two hearts. I decide NOT to check raise this time. I bet out....40% of my stack. The guy puts me all in. I call. Turn. Heart. River. Heart. Monkey. GONE. FML!

But...there was some GOOD news in poker for Senor Monkey yesterday. I moped and sauntered over to SNG Land....where I proceeded to play two $130 sng's, and WIN two $130 SNG's. So...while I am walking around with only $300 cash on me today...I have a shitload of $100 tournament lammers! maybe that's a good thing. I know they don't take 'lammers' at the Rhino!

Today is a vacation from Poker by the way, online or otherwise. Its SUPER BOWL SUNDAY...a National Holiday in MY world!

Hmmm...lets see how many squares are full NOW on Board #8 since I've been writing this post. HOLY SHIT! 91! Unfreaking believable!!!!

Oh...hey, wish to congratulate my good buddy 'Smilin Don Norman from Illinois...NOT St. Louis! He is up in Tunica and managed to win $14,000 in a tourney there yesterday. He called me so happy and so drunk that I couldn't even begin to understand him! I know he was frustrated with all his deep runs that failed to result in a 'W' me, I know that feeling only too well, as do a LOT of us! So I am really happy for that guy! Way to go Donnie boy!!!!!

Is that enough for today? I really gotta figure out what to do for the game today. I'll end it here! Hope you all have a great day!!!



Mike said...

Why are the SB #s different? Ya ain't born 1. ;) Enjoy the blog. Best of luck in all you do.

Anonymous said...

The pools were so much fun AND addictive can't
Wait for the next one. The 2 winner quarters make it a lot more interesting. Great idea. Hey monkey have to go to
LV next week, what do you think of the poker room at the aria? Thanks. Linda k