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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Next up: Chicago

I know a lot of you are hot on the whole Dog club WSOP event...and I won't crossed my mind. Sure the fields willl be pretty huge. Some good payouts. And being down on the beach around spring break might have been fun. But I have also heard that those players down there are utter maniacs. And on top of that...

I kind of narrowed down my choices to Reno and Chicago. Reno because the Grand Sierra really takes care of its comp dollars on every tourney buy much so that by the end of my trip there last year my hotel room was half paid for by comps. Pretty nice. And its a nice place, least I like it. They are promising better structures, more added money...and bigger fields. But when I went to price airfare...I got hit with sticker shock. POW!

Next up...Chicago. While its not an associated circuit event...its a nice room. Big. I was turned off by the absence of free booze last time there, in fact...huge cost associated with drinks. But now...since I have quit drinking in poker...its irrelevant. Steve Frezer and Charlie Ceresi are running that event...guys I really like, and who do a great job, and who have awesome structures. But my main reason for choosing Chicago...and No! It's not because I love the cold, windy weather and the snow piling up around my hotel! Its the BMW 650i that goes to the overall points champion for the event. Their Main Event is a $3500 tourney...and they have been high carding the table in the cash room for the last week, once every 4 hrs or so...literally giving away entries into it. Like they did last fall for their $1600 Main Event that I took 6th in. You really can tell dead money when you see it...and it will be all over the place!!!!

I want a new car! I want to win that bad boy and drive it home to Biloxi! But if I don't win the car...I just hope I run 'okay' at the very least. And I wouldn't mind having fun while I'm there. Kind of hoping to go to the Chicago Blackhawks game on March 2nd against Calgary. There really isnt anything to play that day except Pot Limit Omaha with rebuys...which I dont screw with. The following day is Mega satellite day.

After this trip...I really don't know what I am going to do, or where I am going to go. There are always possibilities. Borgata spring event. San Diego circuit event. I do know I will play New Orleans in May. Might even entertain the thoughts of going to Europe and play at Bratislavia and/or Latvia if things go well in Chicago. A lot of my buddies (dealers) are working those events...and have been before, and it would be really cool to check it out over there. Maybe even take Squirrel if she can get it off.

My new Team Bustout teammate Don Norman will be joining me in Chicago as my roomate. Speaking of Team Bustout...I have been talking to Chad Brown quite a bit...and so far he hasn't heard back from his doctor about his overall prognosis. But he sure is being upbeat and positive about the whole thing.

Well...its 2am...and I'm going to try and get just a couple hours of sleep before I head out at the asscrack of dawn again. Ugh. For all of you playing in West Palm Beach.....GOOD LUCK! Same to you playing in Reno! And for those playing in Chicago...I will wish 2nd place to all of you!!! See ya soon!


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