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Monday, January 31, 2011

Responding to the Spineless Weasel there nothing greater than the asshole, spineless weasel who wants to have an open forum to throw daggers my way, but who...when push comes to shove, is too much of a coward to sign his name to his little diatribes? the spirit of KICKASS...a movie I watched last night, I bring you....MONK NINJA...who isn't quite as cool or freakishly sexy despite being only 14 as 'Hit Girl'...will still come up side your head if you get too close with yo bullshit!!!'s cubicle hider has posted that I am screaming about censorship...yet won't post his stupid, baseless, snide, let us all know what a loser you are and how much you hate your life, ahhhhh pause to gather my breath......comment!'re right. My priority level on posting YOUR post...fell to the bottom of the food chain, based on some other more pressing and relavent items to talk about.

Hell, my dog being up in my bed snuggling with me and my wife right now seems a lot more interesting that trying to delve into the world of 'why Mr. Anonymous is such a hater.'

It's not that I am hiding your comments from the world. Trust me. Its just that I don't think anyone cares. And I am really big on being a MAN...something you obviously have no grasp of. Or is it just that you are terrified, because you know that I know who you are? And that I will go get in a phone booth and turn into Monk Ninja....and fuck you up??? Yeah...that has to be it. should be scared.

Today....we do little go to the bank. Get a haircut. Go tanning. Work out. Charge all the electronic toys. Pack. Then...tomorrow to Vegas. Arrive at 11:25. Rent car. Go straight to Venetian. Win the $340. Meet my buddy Charlie 'Smoke' Oliver afterwards...go get my 'Vegas' on...and then rinse, repeat, rinse for 12 more days.

While I am doing will be sitting in your cubicle, at your $38,975 a year job...hating your life...wondering what you can come up with to throw at me that will make me want to trade places with you. Hahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah.....good luck!!!!!


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