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Thursday, January 27, 2011


You know what? I have been getting an avalanche of incredible emails, Facebook comments, and comments to this blog wall in the past week or so...not only in regards to the gigantic wall of ridiculousness that fell on top of me at the Beau...but in support of my decision to cut out the drinking altogether in my poker playing.

To the person who mentioned 'losing some weight' as a side effect....TRUE TRUE!! I have been battling this thing around my waist for over a year the point that its now become my obsession...and as I was working out for 3 hours on dawned on me that maybe the elimination of all those shots would help in that department yeah! I couldn't agree with you more.

I was right, the wife is tickled!

As some of you know...I had a little incident at the Venetian last summer...that really kind of mirrored what happened at the Beau Rivage this past week. I was a victim, basically, of people knowing who I am...knowing I have a 'past' and used it against me when I was drinking it up with some friends and started having a little TOO MUCH the point that the old bastard went and bitched to the night manager in the cash room. It was something I didn't really write too much about because honestly, I was SHOCKED...and fully expected it to get overturned...which it almost did, but then didn't. It really kind of destroyed my whole summer.

I still had a lot of friends at the Venetian...and was absolutely miserable about the decision they made...which came from upper management. But I knew I wasn't going to win...that all I could do was try to change my ways, and let some time pass. I've done both...and now with the decision to completely STOP drinking at the poker table, I am happy to announce that I have been welcomed back to the Venetian. Needless to say, I am ecstatic about that news. It certainly opens up a lot more options to me as a poker, I just really missed playing there. Its kind of been my home away from home for the past 5 or 6 years.

Just reading all these comments throughout the past! I try to respond to most of them, but I know I am missing some of you. I really, truly appreciate you all 'having my back' and understanding who I am, what I am all about, and what I try to be when I am in the trenches with you all grinding it out.
Honestly, for some of these people in the 'Poker Mafia' who just choose to look at me as the problem, to use my name in a negative way everytime they have one of their little meetings...and continue to keep me on the outside looking in, its you people who make me not want to to just give up. Not to surrender to them.

And like they say in life...what comes around, goes around. There are enough really GOOD people working in the poker industry, working their way up the ladder...who I have amazing relationships with...that I know will one day soon be running all of the major poker events. Some of these people in the Poker Mafia...and a lot of you know who they are...are doing things, bad things...that don't just affect me. They affect everyone in poker. And when the shit hits the fan...its going to cover a lot of those people. There will be a lot of turnover in the poker heirarchy...there might even be some convictions. So all I am going to sit back, keep trying to improve myself as a person, and a player...and watch it unfold. And then enjoy the change. And be happy for a lot of good people that deserve a better place in the poker world.

It's a new year. My backer has shown me some unbelievable moral support, as well as committing anything it takes from a legal standpoint, to assure my future opportunities. My backer prefers to remain anonymous...for obvious reasons. She is an experienced trial attorney...and was a damn good one. She also has a very high standing as a 'casual gambler' with MGM and Harrahs...and has friends that are even higher than her. I my heart, that if the BS continues the way it has been going, despite me not doing ANYTHING outside of the norm of expected behavior from casino guests, that I will have her in my corner fighting for me. That is something I can't even BEGIN to try to explain how good it makes me feel.

This is going to be an awesome year! I know it. I can feel it! I am doing, and going to make myself successful. These guys aren't going to be able to keep strong-arming me around. I am totally confident about that. I have avenues available to me if it continues, without any cause whatsoever.

But for now...I will go play poker. I will stick to my guns. I won't EVER drink at the poker table. I won't be engaging people in a lot of meaningless conversation. You won't see me blow up after bad beats. Or stupid ass plays by fishtard donkfreak mutant clowns. No sir. If a dealer two outs me on the river...I will simply say "Thank You Rocco....see you in the next one." I will continue to be the Apple Store's greatest new customer. Netflix will continue to feed me one movie after another. Its going to be a great 2011.

I just woke up this morning...started reading all of your comments...and just got excited. Yeah...I've been running pretty bad in poker for the last two months...but hell...I am really running pretty good in life! And have a lot, lot, LOT of really great people behind me...and that just feels kickass!!!

So thank you! To all of you!!!


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Anonymous said...

Confucius say "lie quietly by river and wait for bodies of your enemies to come floating by you."

Eternal Sexiness