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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brooklyn Decker is Hot...Tennis anyone?

Andy Roddick is a very lucky man. Okay so am wife is magnificent. But I keep watching these ads for the upcoming Adam Sandler movie..and Brooklyn Decker...who is married to the tennis dude, is the love interest in the movie, and if I had a nickel for every time I paused it and slow mo'd the scene of her walking on the beach.....ohhhhhhh.


Finally managed to destroy the Maggia's massive air fortress on Iron Man 1 the game. Took me 4 days to get past that level. It felt amazing...and I did a lap in the back yard. The dogs thought I had lost my marbles. Maybe I have.


Speaking of backyard. Went out to play ball with Jasper earlier tonight, and it was like it was under lights. Looked up...full moon. And ice beginning to crystalize on the grass...looked like a scene from a Timothy Burton movie. Full moon, eh? Maybe that explains why everyone has been acting so F***ing strange the last two days.


I am entertaining thoughts of getting in my car and driving to Durant, Oklahoma and playing the Main Event at Choctaw. I'm just running like hell down here...all the upcoming events are way out of my current budget guidelines, and the Main Event of 10k...even if I do manage to satellite in, should only be attended by 100-120 players...whereas the $1600 Main Event at Choctaw...also carrying WSOP bonus points....should attract at least 400-500, making the prize pool about the same. It's the drive that has me annoyed. Might just wait for Tunica next week.


Last year on January 16th, our home got burglarized. It was one of the worst days of my life...and maybe the third worst in the lives of Cheryl and I...the first and second being when we had to put our dogs Tuesday and Pepper to sleep. A lot of really kind people helped pull us through the nightmare...and the culprits were later apprehended and await trial. This January 16th, I got my first POY cash of the year...going out 24th...a nice turnaround from last year's ominious beginnning to the year. Hopefully, its a sign of a promising year.


I like stud. Its a fun game. A good game to play if your are combined ADHD and OCD. It requires a lot of memorizing of cards that have visited the table only to retreat to the muck. Which is why I've never understood why really old people think they are the only ones who can play it worth a damn. If you've been paying attention a lot of young players have been winning Stud tourneys the past few years...players including Bobby Toye...Tim Burt...and now you can add my buddy Kai Landry to the mix...having taken down the Stud tourney at the Beau Rivage at this event. The problem with Stud is that it seems to be a dying game, and is really hard to find spread in cash rooms anymore. It would be nice if the elders would start recognizing the youngsters for their accuity in the game.


I don't understand what all the commotion is about the possibility of astrological signs shifting and changing for some. Why? I don't get it. Can someone make it make sense for me? I've Googled it and still am not coming up with the necessary information. Am I still an Aquarian? Or is it possible that I might be a Pisces now? Which...yeah, has a fish as a symbol, but is also rumored to be one of the luckiest signs on the chart.


BOSE continues to have the best customer service of anyone. Started experiencing a short in my left ear this week on my QuietComfort15 headphones...and even though mine were out of warranty, they are still sending me a brand new pair. I wish all companies could be as accomodating as these guys.


Have you taken the time to log on to and check out all the cool stuff they have to buy yet? They are going to be setting up a sales kiosk up in Tunica at the next event...and hopefully I will be picking up some more 'gear' to sport at the table in upcoming tourneys. Don't forget...every time you go buy something, and enter the coupon code MONKEY you will get 15% off your purchase!


Congratulations to my good friend, and business associate Steve "Banger" Anger...from Windsor, Ontario, Canada...who this week welcomed into the world Miss Madison Anger...coming in at 7 lbs, 9 ounces! He has been really stressing out about her arrival...but with her arrival is as happy as I've seen in awhile. I hope to join him this year in the Father Clubhouse.


Why do I hate cash game so much? Because it tears at the fiber of your soul when you lose a hand that leaves you on the bathroom floor throwing up and experiencing 'the spins.' Such was the case with my father-in-law...down for the week and staying with us. Having little luck in the tourneys so far, he has been running fairly well in the cash game. Until last night. Seated at a highly aggrassive 2/5 game he had 'one of those hands.'
He started the hand (of course, or why am I telling this story) with pocket Aces. A couple maniacs get the raise up to $60...when it comes to Sonny he makes it $300...and gets 3 callers. Make a long story short....he did EVERYTHING right, in my opinion, all throughout the betting...but facing a bet of $1500 on the turn after looking at a board of A-4-8-2....with two spades, he moved all in for another $3500 on this guy, who calls...with a flush pair...Queen high...and of course, hits it on the river. He has been sitting on the couch all day with that facial expression that I know only too well. If you wonder why I hate cash game so much...that hand right there pretty much explains it.


American Idol started tonight. Season 10. think I have spent 10 years wasting my Tue/Wed and/or Thur nights watching talentless losers entertain us while being annoyed by the pill-popping vodka swilling Paula flap her wings with her seal clap, Kara spewing her mind-numbing diatribes after every mediocre performance and Randy snap off more 'dawg' references in ten years than the number of porn flicks that manager from Best Buy has downloaded in the last 3 months. And course, the sarcastic, snotty Simon, who has taken his talents where exactly? Not sure. But tuning in and watching before I passed out after about 22.5 minutes, I noticed that not much had changed with the 'talent' that they are putting in front of the cameras on the first few episodes. I did notice that Jennifer Lopez looked pretty hot, and actually came off pretty well as a judge. Steven Tyler looks like he slipped out of a wax museum, and seemed ready to jump into the role of backup singer or injecting himself in duets at the drop of a hat. Creepy dude...but his ability to judge is probably the best the show has ever seen. Randy is still Randy...except now he inherits Simon's chair. Due to that he seems more smug now.


Bears vs. Packers. 3 point underdogs at home.
Jets vs. Steelers. 3 points dogs on the road.
Should be a good weekend.
So much for my Seahawks. So much for my prediction of the
Saints vs. Patriots in the Super Bowl. Can't believe Tom Brady lost at home to those clowns. Especially after all the shit talk from the Jets.
Brady has now lost his last 3 postseason games...pretty surprising.
Am I the only one who hope it snows at both games this weekend?
I think either Super Bowl looks pretty attractive on paper. My Super Bowl Squares are selling at a ridiculous clip. I've already filled up two $25 $100 board has 87 filled...and the 3rd $25 board is already half full. Looks like another record year. If you are interested in getting yourself a square...shoot me an email at


So they go and decide to let anyone 40 and up play the Seniors event this Saturday. Not sure when that announcement was made. I decided to sleep in that day and let the ladies and older folks have their day...then show up later for the evening schedule. When I showed up and noticed that over half of the field was between 40-50 I was a little conflicted. For one, I was miffed that I missed out on the chance to play in a pretty well attended event. But at the same time, I found it a little baffling why they would make that tweak. Then to see it eventually won by Terry Lake Garner? Well....


I have been having the most unusual and vivid dreams lately. Last night, I was involved in a multiple car crash...where I was left relatively uninjured, but in the car ahead of me...a woman was unconcious. I got to her and administered CPR and revived her. The woman turned out to be Carrie Underwood. Needless to say, wonderful things followed. She even wrote a song about me.

In another, for some unknown reason...Squirrel and I decided to get two new dogs. One of them was one of those little yip yip know? The ones who bark at everything, in that high-pitched barking? That dream was way off base!

I don't know where these dreams are coming from...I haven't been taking Ambien or Melatonin at all...just weird.

Then yesterday, I wake up with a 5 inch deep cut on my ass. Freddy Krueger visiting me in my sleep? Most likely Mollie, who sleeps UNDER our covers in our bed...and her eagle talon-like nails was repositioning in the middle of the night and left a mark on my backside.

Hope you all have a nice day.


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