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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Okay...I'll tackle this one.

Well, we have a negative reader comment, finally. It's been awhile. If you scroll down to 'comments' it should post there. Generally, when I get these...I choose NOT to post them...mostly because they are usually assinine in nature. Also, because the poster is usuallly not man enough to sign his/her name to it...which in this instance, is again the case.

However, I have chosen to make an exception to this it addresses something I have been actively dealing with for about two years now.

The nature of the comment is "why cant you just shut your mouth and play poker. have either been banned or almost been banned, yada yada yada...for one thing or another....something about looking in the mirror and seeing who/what the real problem is."

Yeah...I kind of do WONDER who posted this. Not that it really changes anything. Bottom line...I TALK to people. I am EXPRESSIVE. I state my opinions! I am not the type of personality who is capable of taking on DEAF/MUTE status. However, I also know that my emotional outbursts needed to be controlled, so I went to great lengths to work on it. And I have.

So when someone posts on here that I need to just 'keep my big mouth shut' I would simply invite you to go to hell. I know the rules. And I follow them. If I am asked not to say another word to an opponent by a floor person, I abide by their demands/requests. If a guy makes a truly horrendous play against me, and it results in my being dispatched from a tourney close to the money, and having wasted another 7 to 10 hours of my know something? I might feel inclinded to pick his brain and ask why he would make such a play, if for nothing else, or no other reason, to satisfy my own curiousity as a fellow player.

For those of you haters, who think I am not entitled to ever OPEN my mouth and speak about ANYTHING...get a grip. Seriously. You can't keep whining to the poker bosses, or emailing the casino managers forever with your made up stories about me and think they are going to keep 86'ing me...know why? Because now they are all watching EVERY SINGLE thing I do...and if I have done something inappropriate, or acted out of me, one of them WITNESSED it. I feel fairly comfortable with that.

And regarding the other, as a matter of fact, whatever happened after I left, did NOT involve me, in any way. I have already heard from three seperate people from that table who have told me they will go to bat for me if anything should happen to come of that which may affect my ability to play there today.

Honestly, I am not sure why I even responded to this guy's message. I guess because it pissed me off. Next time, how about signing your name to your message, sir.



Adam Etter said...

Get 'em man. I've seen people hate on you for a few years now and I've noticed one common trend amongst them: they are typically running cold, short stacked, and have just created a bad play or been the subject of a good play. People seem to take their frustrations with the game in general out on you, always. I have never seen a big stack who is running well take the time out of their day to call the floor or talk back to you, maybe it happens but I don't see it. Keep doing what you're doing man and I'll catch up with you soon. --ACE

Anonymous said...

Funny how freedom of speech is forgotten in all this! I've played with u a bunch over the years and have never witnessed anything over and above out of line! Ijust my humble opinion! 've seen u frustrated with cold decks and horrible play but your way of venting is just that ur way. By comparison I've witness Phil Hellmuth bust out in the first level of a tournament kicking chairs and doors while calling his table mates F/@&ing idiots. Phil may very well be the most hated player to play with in the game. That said do u see him getting 86'd... I honestly don't get it and maybe I never will?