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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Welsh Responds....on my Facebook Wall

I am constantly amazed at how stupid people are. And on this particular occassion, that person is Danny Dorcey. Yeah, I called him out on here...and obviously someone let him know...and this just popped up on my Facebook wall. Classic.


Hear you like to try and call people out...Mr Monkey, while I was seated right across from u did u even ask me for the 200 i allegedly owe you? Umm no bc you re a pussy. I wipe my ass with hundred dollar cost 200 if I ve had taco bell...also i see u have names for me well i got some for u...old coward u like those bitch...o u got bounties...come to the Nola ima put a different kinda bounty on u...lata bitch. case you folks don't know Danny, he is white. And apparantly, has a penchant for Taco Bell. Can't lie...I am quite fond of 'The Bell' myself. He also needs to get a hold of some much softer bathroom tissue. Ever try to wipe your ass with $100 bills? Its pretty painful. Well, here was my immediate response to the 5'7 tough guy with the gangsta's attitude:


Wow. You're a real bad ass, Danny. When you owe someone money, why is it THEM who should ask YOU for it? A person with some substance....just walks up and gives it to you. No questions asked. So I'm a coward? Why? Bounties? I never mentioned a bounty, I quit doing those. Just said I would be gunning for you. So, its nice of you to threaten me with physical threats right here on my Facebook wall if I travel to New Orleans...kind of speaks volumes about your character, not to mention your lack of common sense. You can be assured I will be turning this over to the authorities. Have a nice day, Danny.

Oh will be happy to know, that as I am writing this and posting it to share with the world what a punk/jackass this kid is, that he continues to post to my wall. Ironically, I have no idea how he got on my Facebook in the first place. I must have approved him way back before he decided to skip out on the Fantasy Baseball league dues when his team went to shit.


i have ur blog with ur bounty accusations as u need my address and telephone for the authorities?

im deleting u sir...ur a mediocre poker player who isnt even allowed inside of harrahs whats that say for u man? over 40 and washed up i know life sucks but dont come at me...and stop [playing online u embarras yourself with every click of the mouse...and keep my name out ur fuckin mouth....

Yes...these are his exact words, and his bad grammar...I am pretty certain you all know I am not capable of this many typos, misspells and grammatical flaws. But I would be remiss NOT to respond to that latest salvo.


You're deleting me? I wasn't even aware that you have SNUCK on my Facebook list. I'm not allowed inside Harrah's? Really? Is that why I have played the last three circuit events? And am 5th on the 1m Freeroll Scoreboard right now? And am heading to Tunica for the next event? Get your facts straight punk. You have my blog with bounty accusations? Okay. Your address and telephone number? Yes...actually, that would be very helpful. Why, when you talk do you lose whatever shred of credibility you may have earlier possessed? Because you talk like some punk/thug who just got done serving a three year stretch in the county lock up? Grow up loser. When you owe someone money...just pay them. Instead of finding the need to disparage THEM for no good reason. poker? Yeah...I suck online. If you are looking for me to defend myself there, sorry, its not going to happen. But a mediocre player? Put your stats (readily available on just in case you aren't aware...its '0' career titles, 9 total cashes, for $44, to mine, which is '7' career titles, 86 total cashes, for $530,062 and you will understand how when I read that comment from you I have to just sit back, take a big swig of my chocolate milk..and laugh til it shoots out of my nose. Keep swinging for the fences Danny boy!!!

It's been 5 minutes and no more posts have followed. I guess he gave up...or deleted me. What a loss. Oh...the moral of this story folks, don't ever loan Danny Dorcey money, do a 'save' with him, let him in a fantasy league...or even sit down with the guy for a beer or a meal. Or do. I don't care.



Brandon Jarrett said...

Monk.... Can I have his spot in the Baseball League? If it's acceptable, can I make payment in the form of Taco Bell Tacos?

Brandon Jarrett aka

Anonymous said...

Dude, can you post a pic of Danny Boy, so we can recognize his punk ass when we see him at a tourney, and remind him what a doosh bag he is.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious... U give the douche to much credit. He'd b lucky to b 5'7 lol. And btw anyone who refers to nola as " the nola" Is either a rapper or one who wishes he was. Nothing against rap.... The dude is from chalmette, and anyone in " the nola " would laugh at that. I'll b sure to snap some photos next time I see him ( barely over the seated players heads ) walkin through Harrahs with his oversized hoodie and 2002 eminem sense of fashion.
Because of this blog I now know the name of this hundred dollar bill ass wiping clown. As for contacting authorities..
No need to go there this dude is harmless.... He's from fukn chalmette

Anonymous said...

never liked the dude he was possibly the worst dealer ever and i cant stand little white punks who wish they were black any way sorry for the rant carry on

Chad said...

doesn't surprise me one bit that this idiot named "PokerMonkey" has pissed yet another person off...seems like that's all he does fucking pathetic...dude is like 45 years old and picks fights with random people constantly on facebook and other sites! GET A FUCKING LIFE U MORON!!!!