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Thursday, January 27, 2011

HEY! Who wants to come to Lafayette!!!???

Wow. Almost forgot about this. I have two options for the next two days...continue to sit at home, on my butt...and splash around playing online poker. Or...I can get in my car...and drive what? 3 hours? 4 maybe? Due west...and do something for charity. See some people I haven't seen a good long while...and frolic with a bunch of you blog readers? little Private poker room on Pokerstars has been quite a hit, and quite coincidentally the only place on 'Stars that I have been winning lately...we filled up the max 50 members on the RED SNAPPER POKER CLUB in less than a day....and the 2nd club, LUCKY MONKEY'S POKER CLUB has 33 of 50 spots filled. If you want one of those last 17 spots...go to HOME GAMES, click on JOIN A CLUB...enter the Invitation Code, which is passcode, which is monkey123...and way for me to ACCEPT you into the club.

Last night, I got heads up with Tripp Donaldson, a real nice guy who sends me like 8-10 funny emails a DAY...and he was wanting to make a it was only paying one winner, $80. Well, I don't have chat functions on 'Stars for another 24 days (don't ask) so I couldn't respond to him. Granted, I had him by a 5 to 1 margin and to do a deal was pretty stupid. But I would have done something. Well, I had no way to talk to him...and after I beat him he demanded that I remove him from the club...ouch. Then he just removed himself. That sucks. I felt bad. But hey...what could I do!???

Anyway...Bill from the website asked me to write a little something about the Acadiana Poker tourney that is being in Lafayette...TOMORROW...thats Friday, the Lafayette, at the CajunDome Convention Center. The tourney is $80...but features $40 rebuys for the first two hours. It runs from 6pm til midnight'ish. There is approxiamately 50% going into the player prize pool and 50% going into a fund for the United Way of Acadiana. Two years ago they raised $67,000. But then last year...they only raised $30, it sounds like they need some help/support!

So...I will pry myself off the couch, fill up my empty gas tank...pick up a movie from the RedBox...and head west at around noon tomorrow and arrive just in time to do something good for someone in need. And heck, who knows...maybe I will run good and come home with some money in my pocket, too. Guess I will need a place to stay over there as it looks like I have somethings to get after today.

If anyone that lives in the Gulfport/Biloxi area is interested in heading over there with me...either as a passenger or part of a road rally me (if you have my number) or email me at and we can get organized. Lets all see if we can get this thing back on track and raise these folks some money by showing up and doing what we do like fools!!!!!!


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