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Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 4....nothing but BAD so far....

Sucks being a bad player who is just here trying to get lucky and win something.


Sucks even worse when you play deep into everything, and still have nothing to show for it. That has been my plight, and I am trying not to lose my confidence, or my hope.

I am enjoying the Venetian as always. I am starting, however to kind of not like the structure as much as I used to. Probably due to Jimmy Sommerfeld putting out these unbelievably great structures, kind of spoils you. I am missing the 150/300 levels here...then a couple others. In their SNG's there are no 300/600. Goes straight from 200/400 to 400/800. That is just brutal.

I skipped the 1k yesterday because I just didnt want to lose that much if I didn't cash. Today is a $350. I expect a big field, since the Super Bowl is this weekend, the people are just flowing in like crazy. This weekend here is going to be huge. Couple of people are working on getting us into some big ass parties on Sunday.

Joe Cutler flies in today. Joe had a great run in Atlantic City at Borgata...and he is kind of my new best poker buddy, so I am looking forward to his arrival. Maybe he will turn my luck around. Event 1 that I played I got just donked by this guy....and then in the 2nd one I lost with 10-10 vs. KQ...but I was short, and the guy who beat me was a real nice Scottish no real bad feelings there, just got unlucky. Then last night in the 7pm $120, I got down to 27 and lost to a guy I had totally dominated...13 got paid. Then lost 3 more SNG's. I am only 1 for 11 in SNG's so far...usually my bread and butter.

Tim Burt is proving to be a pretty good roomie. He has been losing early in his first two tourneys...once on the FIRST HAND...when he flopped top set with QQ and lost to a guy with a nut flush draw. Then he got deep in the 1k before going out right before the dinner break. He's been getting it all back in the table games though, so he's keeping his wits about him! Joe got 5 nights comped at Venetian (how I have no idea) so I may go stay over there with him the next 5 nights...keep paying Tim my meager share for this place...and then come back over here to Bally's. Joe had his girlfriend, who he was about to ask to marry him, dump him right before Borgata, so he is not wanting to be alone out here. Sounds like a girl doesnt he? Oh well, if thats what it takes! I do feel bad for him though, he really was crazy about this girl. But that big win at Borgata should have helped a little! Still, I could win 10 tourneys in a row out here and if Squirrel left me when I got home? I would probably kill myself.

My heartburn is raging and outa control. My wonder drug, Prilosec is barely working. Do I have an ulcer? Or am I just really super stressed out? Not sure. I don't FEEL stressed out. But who knows?

My rental house in Pensacola that I turned over to a leasing company 3 weeks ago, is STILL not rented out. Starting to think maybe I should have gone with the whole FOR RENT by OWNER route...but I guess if I can just hit something out here I won't care as much. For a lot of things I won't care as much. I really don't want another shitty tenant in there...but right now I am just getting bled by that house...ugh.

My Super Bowl $100 board filled, and Squirrel and I got some great numbers. 6-6, 1-0, and 7-0....nice! In our other $25 boards...three of them, we have good ones there too, so I am really excited for Sunday to get here...and hope we can win a few quarters, especially in the $100 one!

Okay...just wanted to shoot you guys something real case you thought I was dead after three days!!! Hope to run good today and at LEAST get us a cash...if not make the Final Table.


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