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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Now for the "CASH" story!

Yeah sorry bout that...wasnt meant to be a tease! I just really have to get to this stupid tourney on time if I expect to have any chance. Due to the horrible structure you really need to get to over 20k by Level 5 or your into the shove it all mode. And this people are SO bad. I really have no idea where they come from. I'm not lying at my table right now is two people who don't understand the concept of the SB/BB. Whoa. Should be fun.

They have put up 15 new tables for the Main Event, and they came out with all the Pokerstars room decor today. The tables are the big ones...and they are using them for the 7pm tourney. Thats least we have leg/arm room for this joke. Ohhh...just flopped four to the flush...lets see what we can muster here. Bets 150. I call. No need to get silly yet. This early. Another caller.Turn 5. Spade. Ugh. River...BRICK. See ya. Not bluffing these fools. No river b luff. I WIN WITH KING HIGH!!!! One guy was open ended the other guy has absolutely nothing. And I'm chipleader!

Holy shit! We have the DUMBEST player I have EVER seen at my table. WOW! I just raised to 225 with AQ. Dodo calls. Flop comes AJ5. He announces raise. He is first to act. He bets 500. I raise to 1600. He calls. Turn is an 8. He checks I bet 2500. He calls. WTF? No idea. River is another 8. But a diamond. Flush would be good. He checks. I bet 2500. He calls again. I show. He mucks. Okay. Next hand. I limp with 9s10s. He calls. Flop comes 9-6-5. I bet 200. He calls. All others fold. Turn is a J. I bet 200. He calls. River is a 6. I bet 200. He riases to 500. Wow. Okay. I call. He turns over 25. Offsuit. No shit. Ya. Another winner. The table is now mad at me cuz I am getting all his chips. Holy shit. A guy just bet the flop...THE FLOP...and he folded. He has played every hand. I took that last one off. Here comes another one. Ahh...3-7 off. No good.

I think I will wait til our first break and try to bang out the rest of this....this is just too good to miss a single moment of!!!!!!


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