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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Level 12 just ended. On last hand with BB sitting out, cutoff raises a LOT. I smell 'steal' then see 99 on button. I reraise 4x. He insta-shoves. Shit. I tank. Think. damn. And fold. Now have 55k. Ugh. Blinds 1200/2400 now. 2 more levels today.

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JS said...

Hey Bill, this is Jean-Sebastien (JS) ( guy who got knocked out by MiamiJohn at NAPT main event at your table with TTT99 vs his river Q hit giving him QQQ99. Just to let you know if you ever play cash with that asian chick with the man-bitch you talk about in your your blog she is full of shit and bluffs bet size pot with air...Played with her few times and she has no idea idea what she is doing besides knowing how to look slutty. She will call all-in shoves with bottom pair over and over again and eventually loses her unethically accumulated big stack...seen it a few times already("I am sitting at this stupid table, stuck about $400, as this Asian chick at our table is hitting every single hand she plays. It is absolutely nuts. If I wasn’t sitting here watching it happen, I would think the shit was rigged. The really super annoying thing about her…is this dork of a boyfriend she has tagging along behind her. She is listening to music on her iPod too, and he is glued to her back…rubbing on her…and just generally looking like a complete man-bitch. I really want to just turn and slap this guy and tell him what a joke he is. And with every hand she wins she gets more and more cocky. Okay. Its official, I despise her. She bought in with $300 like an hour ago. She is now sitting on $1400. Unreal.")