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Friday, February 26, 2010

Sweeet! Nice intro to Commerce...a seat in the Main Event!

Hey Hey!!!!

Sure it was a long drive from Vegas to Los Angeles. was a cramped drive.

Yeah, it was kind of crazy coming all the way over here to take a one-time shot in the mega...albeit at 8pm...that wouldn't end til 3am.

And yes, I was staked by a very well known player who took an interest and was willing to put up the 1k. Thus saving me the disappointment if I made the trek over here and took some kind of sick beat and lost.

But...none of that happened. And since it's 3am...I won't be giving you a rundown of hands...but just know this...I WON! Yay! My first tourney of any kind in LA, period...never played poker here...and I won my entry into the 10k Main Event here at Commerce, and it starts at high noon. Yikes!

I started out pretty good. My 5k stack got up to 8, then 9, then 12....then a guy moves all in for 3200. I had 99. I called. He had 33. Flops a 3. I turn open ended...but miss. Got me bummed. Then I run KK into AA, held by a short stack. Lose that one...and now I was sitting on only 4500 at  200/400. Great. Looks like its not meant to be.

But then things started to turn around. And I started finding good spots to jam all in and get people to fold. The players here are pretty bad. And pretty easy to read. Not to say their werent good players here, because there are....everywhere. But most of them weren't playing in this Mega. There were around us...playing in the single table 1k's mostly. Saw Negreanu cruise by. And some others you may or may not know.

I managed to hang around until we were down to 30. We started with 209...and it was paying 20 seats...and $9000 for 21st. I get moved to a new table...and there are, I am not lying...7 Asians...and ME! I felt like I was playing in Macau, China.

I made a couple of huge plays...and made guys fold...but the big play that helped virtually lock things up for me, was when the SB decides to get retarded and move all in on me when I looked down at Ak in the BB. Sure, I might lose a coin flip here and be out...but I was sitting on around 12 BB's and needed to snare a double up so I could coast. I called. He had Jd4d. Moron. I flopped an ace...and had my fat double up.

Hovering nearby was my support unit, Joe Cutler...kind of coaching me through everything...which I always appreciate. Helping me stay calm. He was also keeping tabs on all the other stacks. Things were looking pretty good for the home team.

I pretty much played just two more hands from there on out....AK suited and JJ...just pretty much folded my way to the seat. When we ended I had 64k...with the average at 48k. It felt damn good when the last person went out. It took a bit longer than normal to get the seats all processed, but whatever...its a 10k seat right?

Very happy to be laying here in bed blogging to you all telling you that I am in the Main Event with a shot to win probably close to 2 million bucks! Now, time to get some sleep and hopefully kick this damn cold.


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Mike said...

Best of luck, sir!