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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thru the desert we LA!

Spent all day in bed Wednesday trying to kick my cold. Didn't work.

Got a text from a buddy wanting to buy me in to LAPC mega if I could make it over. Hmmmm. Enticing.

Joe and his buddy Chris Bonita rented a car to drive over so I hitched a ride. After a nice, slightly cramped little 4 hour drive, we arrived. The Commerce Hotel was sold out, so we found a decent price at Embassy Suites 5 miles away, and its a real nice room.

We just arrived at Commerce. Its the first time I have ever been here. I guess its about what I expected. Like a big 'ol Bingo Hall.

Just registered for the last $1050 Mega satellite into the 10k Main Event.

As I look around the room I see a lot of good players. Good! I like that. It would be nice to just blow into town and lock up a seat.

I really hope it doesn't take all night. It would be nice to at least be 'semi-fresh' for tomorrow, should I get in. Plus I'm still trying to shake this damn cold.

If I don't win the Mega, I anticipate just heading for Reno. Maybe take a day here and go hang out with my old NYC roomie/bud Chris Bruno.

Ya never know, maybe someone will fall out of the woodwork and put me in. But I never count on those kind of things.

Joe was talking about a possible invite to some party at the Playboy Mansion Saturday night. That might be worth hanging around an extra day for. Plus, what kind of friend would I be to make him go to that alone!???


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