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Monday, May 23, 2011

Marriage+Debate= I Lose!

Well...that took all of what? Less than an hour? I clicked on PUBLISH...walked outside to throw Jasper the ball...looked at Squirrel sitting at the kitchen table reading my blog post on her computer...and KAPOW!

The debate started with..."as your wife...I kind of don't appreciate having any input on this idea of yours to sell off pieces of yourself in this Freeroll" and continued from there. 

Her points were supportive. She wasn't ugly about it. And as a guy who is becoming a better husband, I think...I let her win this battle. So...all of which you just read about selling off pieces of myself? Forget it. 

The sale is those three people who already ordered shares...I apologize. I will be going to Vegas...playing for 100% of myself in the Freeroll...and using other 'means' to get into the 10k Main Event at the Rio. 

Case Closed. Score one for Squirrel. Maybe she knows something I don't! Hope so!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just caught up on the share-selling post and while it has been rendered moot, wonder if you had taken into account federal income taxes that you would be responsible for on any decent score.

IMO, that's a major issue that has to be accounted for with respect to any backing and/or share-selling arrangement. Hope you have that figured out.

Good luck in Vegas,