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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rude Welcome...Day One Recap

So I'm not good at photoshop! Sue me! Better yet...if you are talented enough...and know what kind of a day I had, either good OR bad...feel free to creatively design some fun little pictures and email them to me...if I use them I will give you a photo credit as well as a delicious cookie when I see you next.

Currently it is 11:02am on Saturday. My day will consist of arriving at Venetian, late probably...which is not a big deal this year...since they have stopped doing the blind off when you arrive late, which means they are literally INVITING me to show up late. See, when you get there late, you get either seat 8 or 5...both seats I delight in sitting in. And with a full stack. Fantastic. Now if we could just do something about their refusing to let players play 9-handed...we would be approaching perfect. The other thing I found out yesterday which brought gloom and sadness to my day was that they are not letting us using iPad's at the table.

Why? I do not know. Back in February...Tim Mix told me they didn't allow them. However, the DO allow the iPhone...which, frankly is nothing but a if its because of its ability to browse the internet, send/recieve email, watch movies, play games that they don't allow the iPad...well, then it makes no sense. Additionally, I saw a person using a Kindle in February and asked Kathy Raymond myself about it...telling her that the Kindle was internet capable like the iPad...she asked Tim if that was the case...he wasn't familiar with it. So...I just kind of naturally assumed that through the process of evolution and information they would remedy the situation by the time I returned for summer. Well, I was wrong. 

I know that their initial told to me by Kathy herself...was that Commerce, in California...wasn't allowing them and a lot of players there were bitching that "they let us use them at Venetian!" (back when they DID allow them) and when the people from Commerce called Venetian to request they stop letting players using casinos sometimes do with each other to kind of foster an air of cooperation (which I certainly respect) Venetian decided to follow suit. 

Here is my question. I am 97% sure they will be allowed at the WSOP. I'm assuming that because they have been allowed at all the WSOP circuit events...and they tend to apply their rules/policies across the board. So...since I really LOVE the Venetian...and want them to get the best P.R. available, and build their image...I know whats going to happen this summer. Players and their iPads will come over from the Rio...pull them out somewhere in the middle of Level 3...and be ordered to put them away...which will result in massive tilting and bitching. Ya hearing me? 

For me it really sucks because I have less than perfect eyes, and big fingers...which make using the iPhone instead of the iPad is just annoying. I was, however, permitted to use it to my heart's content last night while playing cash game (an unmitigated disaster, by the way)...which is funny. If you play in New Orleans at Harrah's you know that iPads and all other music devices are NOT allowed in their cash room...but ARE allowed in their tournament room. A total flipflop. And more of what drives us players crazy in the poker world...inconsistency. 

Okay whoa...I kind of got sidetracked there. But the iPad has become a big part of my life...and peace of mind. If you ever experience the kind of day I did would understand how important it is for me to be able to sit and watch the comedic stylings of Daniel Tosh while getting the crap kicked out of me all day!!!

I'm getting to Day 1. Today...I will be playing at Venetian in Day 1b of their opening event, a $340 buy in...that is featuring two Day 1's. If you enter on Day 1a and lose at some may enter again today. They had 580 players yesterday...and are expecting around 1200. Holy schneikeees! That means we are looking at around $125k for first. Whoa! The bad news? If the play in this $340 is anything like the play in last night's 7pm $120...which now features unlimited RE-ENTRIES for the first four levels...yes, I rebought...twice...then I am scared shitless about today. I won't even get into the hands I watched last night...because I don't need to.  Just imagine the most effed up thing you have ever witnessed online, live or in jail...and multiply that by ten...and that is what I saw last night.  Yep. 


National Circuit Championship $1m Freeroll.  Winner:  NOT MONKEY

I arrived. On time. Met and shook hands with everyone. Finally met Ty Stewart...who is kind of 'the man' at Harrah's/Caeser's and had a LOT to do with me getting back in to the WSOP and making sure I got to play my Freeroll seat. He was very cool, and dressed really hip. Which I found ...mmm, word here, well lets just say I liked it. I went up and introduced myself, and thanked him for everything. 

"Well, you know...there is always two sides to every story, I had never met in fairness, I thought it deserved checking out."

So...kudos to Mr. Stewart...and I look forward to a nice, long postive relationship there. Saw Nolan Dalla, who was also instrumental in getting me back in. Thanked him of course. Pretty much all the big whigs were there.

One of you posted a comment asking what the 'form' was that I had to sign before being allowed to play. For the record...I expected there to be something like that. I was called on Tuesday, a day before Jack Effel. We discussed a few things, one of which was the 'conditions' of my return. He informed me that the third and final 'strike' would be administered by him. And only him. That if he were informed that I have done something that violates the terms of my re-admittance...that he will have the authority to zap me. 

Yeah...I know what you are all thinking. Don't think I'm not thinking the same thing a little bit. He tried to convince me that I have nothing to worry about...that there is no 'conspiracy' to 'get Monkey' and that I should just go on about my business and behave and everything will be just fine. What I would have liked to have happen was a set procedure for dealing with any 'issue' that may arise. Because as it is now...I could be playing, have some random dealer push me a succession of horrible beats in his 30 minutes. I might frustratingly muck my might skip up and land askew...and next thing you know, I'm being pulled away from the table by Jack the next day. 

"I was told that you were abusive to a dealer yesterday...and as per our conversation...this is going to result in you being 86'd"

No witness statements from other players. No reviewing of video surveillance to back up the story. Just a 'report from a dealer' and poof! Bye Bye Monkey. Which was very, very similar to what got me put out of Ceaser's three years ago. Am I a bit paranoid? Yes, hell yes I am. When it's 'his word against mine' I seem to lose every time. I just think when dealing with something as important as my poker career there should be a little better system in place than just a 'I heard through the grapevine that......' and I'm out! Am I being unreasonable here?

So's something I am carrying around with me...and will be all summer.

The Freeroll:

I started great. Was getting great cards the first three levels. The bad part was that I wasn't getting a lot of action. We started with 20k in chips.  On the strength of KK, QQ twice, JJ once, AKh twice, flopping a boat with QJ on a limp...and a couple of pretty strong semi-bluffs...I was sitting on 29k in Level 4. I was really feeling good. Then my table broke. I got moved and everything went to shit. I kept getting good cards...but was now losing with them. I went from 29k all the way down to 19k...then it happened. Like it always does.

Oh real quick...thank you TO ALL OF YOU...for making this month my most viewed month three years! We are well over 8000 hits this month with a full three days remaining. This will be hard to top!

So...this guy with about 75k raises (at 200/400) to 1100. Other guy, who I have played against a lot...calls the 1100. And here I am with QQ in the SB. Do I re-raise? I know how QQ usually ends up when I re-raise with it. Someone inevitably moves all in and I'm in that 'here we go again with QQ' position that I hate. But re-raising would have surely gotten it heads up at the least. And with the guy who DIDN'T have AJ!

The flop comes K-Q-10. And I don't think I have give you the play-by-play from here. I busted. Somewhere around 70th...and 3 minutes after Allie had busted. It was a very sick, sad, lonely feeling...sitting out in the Sportsbook...thinking about all the promise that this event had held...thinking about the blown opportunity it represented to raise 10k through selling shares so I would have my Main Event locked up. Now I have to grind my ass off to get that taken care of. I mean, sure...had I made the Final Table it would have been a moot point...but I didn't, so that is, of course what I am fixated on. Whatever. It's over. A lot of real good players lost yesterday...and it didn't cost me anything. And it was a great experience, and it was wonderful to back at Caeser's Palace and see a lot of friends from there who I missed seeing. I just hate the way my day ended. Stupid damn Queens! Every big tourney I play in I seem to ALWAYS get beat with QQ. Sucks.

So I got in my car...drove to Kaizen, and ate a meal for the first time in over 40 hours. They have amazing sushi...and sitting at the counter alone gave me some time to refocus. And eat. And chill out. Mission accomplished.

Drove to Venetian. Bought into the nightly. And you know the rest there. 116 players. Most of them attrocious. Got down to 35..and was actually starting to think I might just pull it off. Then in a three way all with AKs...I am up against AJ and 10-10. The tens held...and I was out. I lost to a cool dude so it wasn't as upsetting...I hope he ended up winning. 

Went to SNG Land...which BTW...if you are a veteran of the Venetian...has been moved. They now have 150 tables...which is awesome, and the SNG's are being played back where the high-limit slots usually are. Several people feel they should put a sign in the old area telling people where they are currently located...and maybe (hopefully) they will...but if not, I guess the players will just have to eventually figure it out on their own. 

I got into a $130. On the first orbit I called a cutoff's raise with Q10 and asked the dealer, John to please flop me the nuts. He complied. A-J-K. Rainbow. Cutoff check raises me all in. I call! He had AJ. Did not hit an ace or a jack...and I doubled up. And thanked John! Cruised to three handed. It was paying $570 to two there was another $140 in last longer money...with one of the guys not in potentially I stood to win $710. Which would have been a nice way to close out the day. Nope. Didn't happen. Instead...I raise on the button with AQ...this guy jams A8...and hits an 8. That cuts me in half. Then the same guy...who WASNT in the last longer...raises my BB. I have KK this time. He has A3. Clean flop. Nothing on the turn. Ohhhhhh ace on the river...of course! And I was out...third! Again. If you're keeping my last 9 SNG's now...I have two wins...and SEVEN third places...and most of them in disgusting fashion. 

I slithered away from the table...and a play cash game. To try to rekindle my losses for the day.

Bad idea. I can only describe my cash session by comparing it to standing in the street, with two 5-story buildings on each side of you...with about 20 people on each rooftop with slingshots. And matter how much you try to dodge the couldn't. Dodge another...starting to get a little confidence...oh comes 5-9 offsuit....POW! Right off the forehead! Ouch! Bastard!

I rebought...not kidding...SEVEN FREAKING TIMES. Amazingly...I kept my cool the entire time. I finally left. Mainly because it was about 2am...and I wanted to be fresh for today. Also because it had become abundantly clear that this day was not meant to be. And at some point I had my wife accusing me of being drunk...drunk! Honestly...I WISH I was drunk! Because it might have meant I had woke up today forgetting what I had just experienced on my first day in Vegas. But I wasn't In fact...I felt almost...I don't know...woozy or something. Like a boxer who had been punched in the head about 99 times in a row. Maybe it was all the cranberry juices with 4 limes that did me in. Not sure. But I just decided my best course of action was to stop talking to her. So I did. She'll be okay...I just don't think she understands sometimes what this game does to our mental state.

Sweetie, if you are reading this...I am not mad at you. I love you. Have a nice day at the Hard Rock pool with your girlfriends. Yesterday is over. Thank God.

I am very fond of my room. The weather is perfect. I'm happy to be here. I'm still very optimistic. Just a really crappy start. It happens. Time to go kick ass!!!


Yeah...see...the KINDLE! Wi-fi capable...does almost everything the iPad does...and its only $114. Yeah! I have a feeling I will buying one of these in the next week.


Paul said...

Variance sucks Monkey. You're a good player and will overcome it eventually. Although, I do agree it is an awful time for it to happen on your first day back to Vegas. Happens to me all the time...ha

Trust me (and even thought you dont know me) we both have some "run good" coming to us at the tables. Play through it and don't change your game and you will be rewarded eventually.
Peace and good luck.

Brandon Jarrett said...

Good Luck this year Will! Stay focused and you will have a BIG summer! The death of Online Poker plays right into your hands... there will be alot of dead internet $ in all the Venetian Events for sure... Good Luck!