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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who's In With Me???

Okay gang. Here we go. The call has been put out. And yeah, yeah, I's Harrah's...who at last check, I'm not even permitted to play in their casinos, for reasons that, well...who cares? The bottom line is this: I live in Mississippi...I have a lot of good friends that work in Tunica. A lot for Harrah's/Ceaser's, and they need help. The floods are coming, and they are coming fast. 

They need help up there, filling sandbags and placing them in places to protect certain valuable areas. And I think if you have ever been to Tunica you know that manpower isn't something in great supply up there. And am I crazy about driving 5 hours to do something that might finish off my back for good? Well...of course not. But sometimes in gotta do whatcha gotta do. Would it be nice if gas wasn't four freaking dollars a gallon? Ugh...duh!

So...all you hundreds of folks who read my blog. Here is the deal. They are running two shifts on Wednesday and Thursday. The times of the shifts are 7am to noon...and noon to 5pm. Volunteers are asked to meet at the front entrance to Horseshoe Casino...and just let security know why you are there. As a late riser...I suspect I will leave here tomorrow (Wednesday) around 3 or up there, arriving around 9 or a good meal, get a good night of sleep at one of the hotels that ARE open...if I can find a room, if not I will sleep in my car....and try to work bits and pieces of both shifts on Thursday.

Anyone wishing to make the journey with me...and maybe cutting the cost of fuel...and perhaps a welcome...until I run out of room in my car. Or you can get a group of friends together and we can all road-rally together up to Tunica. I can promise you one might not have fun...but you will make a lot of people very happy, maybe even yourself. And you will very likely get a really good chance to laugh at me!!!!

So....who's with me?

The Monkey

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Anonymous said...

Good Job Will, this was a very nice thing to do.